What Is the Price of Panic for the Fed?

The Fed has to take some action: No matter how you slice it, 7% CPI is an unacceptable inflation rate. Here's my take on inflation and what's ahead.

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The market may be preparing itself for a much tougher environment that if not met with the necessary level of finesse, could be somewhat lengthy.

The Fed Has Created the Monster Market: What's in Store for 2022?

The last two years has seen an 'everything bubble.'

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I remain more comfortable trading than investing until there is at least one notably upward trading day on notably higher aggregate trading volume.

Evergrande Warns on Debt as Smaller Developer Sunshine Defaults

The spotlight is back on Evergrande after it filed a stock-exchange notice that it may not be able to keep up with its debt obligations.

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The tech sector's tumble might have more in common with the events of 1987 than those of 2000/2001. If this proves the case, some buying opportunities are forming.

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Was this a good report or a bad one?