Microsoft and Alphabet Put a Sorry End to the Nasdaq Party

Disappointing earnings and guidance from the tech giants dash the bullish momentum that was building in the Invesco QQQ Trust.

'Bet Your Bottom Dollar' We've Seen a Top in the Greenback

A top in the dollar is not only possible, but probable -- and a weaker dollar would unhitch the plow on nearly all assets.

Until ARKK Builds Bullish Momentum, I Won't Be Climbing Aboard

The ETF trades like it wants to lead equities lower, so it will remain on the "do not touch" list along with Chinese stocks.

The 'Everything' Rally?

All this Fed speculation is not a pivot. It's simply practical.

Market Clouds Continue to Dissipate

Indexes respond positively to Fed pause news.

Could This Popular Bond ETF Possibly Be Probing a Bottom?

It certainly is worth tracking to see if that's the case.

Thunderstruck, Fed Damage, Bond Yields, Energy Stocks, Earnings, Defense Sector

The complexion of this entire earnings season will likely be cemented one way or the other this week.

Why Friday's Market Close Is Huge

Pay attention to index support levels.

Poor Earnings Are Causing Problems, But Bonds Are the Primary Issue

It is surprising that higher bond yields are not already causing more rotation out of equities and into bonds.

Two Indications That a Near-Term Market Bottom Has Been Established

Buying weakness may now be appropriate.