Kass: It's Now Time for the Fed Hammer, as Opposed to the Fed Put

The important bottom line is we have the fess up, in print, from a guy in the know that the Fed really does target stock prices.

Why the Recent Market Correction Is Probably Not Over

Most indexes have broken support with no signs to suggest consolidation is complete.

Fed Minutes, Terrible Transports, Eye-Popping Debt, Bond Yields, Defense Stocks

You are more likely to encounter an albino deer in the forest or shake hands with a friendly sasquatch than realize that interest rates have hit neutral territory.

Market Consolidation Continues as Support Levels Fail

Market breadth weakens.

Fed Sledgehammers, FOMC Minutes, CPI, Bonds, Markets, 5 Steps to Victory

One must accept that the FOMC is probably very close to being quite aggressive and being so aggressive quite unanimously.

The Fed Suddenly Matters Again

On Tuesday, Fed Governor Lael Brainard spooked the market with comments about the likely path of Fed policy.

Land Mines Abound as the Second Quarter Begins

From rising interest and mortgage rates to high food and fuel prices, there are reasons for investors to be concerned.

Charts and Data Suggest More Consolidation for the Markets

Forward earnings estimates for the S&P 500 have gotten a lift.

Labor Markets, Bonds, Freight Stocks, Fed, April Optimism, China Listing Rules

Investors were aggressively selling the stock of any company that moves freight. Not typically a good sign.

Stick to Companies That Reward You From Their Positive Cash Flows

Leave the dreams to Cathie Wood and the misapprehensions to the Fed.