Wallowing in a Bear Market

Embrace the fact that this is a bear market and don't try to fight it.

Recession Blame, Bullard Speaks, Real Yields, Mortgage Rates, Trading Lockheed

It was what the St. Louis Fed President said regarding short-term rate targets that left the deepest impression.

Sorry, There Are No Signs That the Market Correction Is Finished

All the indexes are in near-term downtrends -- except for one.

Inflation, Fed's Brainard, Ruby Tuesday, Markets, Ukraine War, Defense Stocks

We're probably not that far off from another bear market rally. That said, trading this market is going to be like doing the booby trap course at Camp Lejeune at night.

Is the Market Correction Over?

Here's what charts and data are telling us.

Markets, Russia, China and the Fed

I am more concerned, for markets, about quantitative tightening than rate hikes.

CPI Day, Runaway Inflation, Bond Yields, Trading Microsoft, Nvidia, AMD and More

The march toward positive real yield territory has put the whammy on equities, primarily on tech or "growthy" type stocks that have run at higher valuations.

The Market Is No Longer Ignoring a Slew of Negatives

The mood has shifted sharply in the past week.

Firmer Footing, China and India Play Nice with Russia, Under O'Reilly's Hood

The indexes manage to register a mixed day on Thursday as St. Louis Fed President James Bullard speaks on the fed funds rate.

This Exchange-Traded Fund Tracks Your Tax Dollars at Work

Uncle Sam loves to spend, and the Emles Federal Contractors ETF has a novel way to make money off of companies that rely on federal dollars.