FS Insight Weekly Roadmap: Nvidia Earnings and Jackson Hole Key for Market

Rising yields have exacerbated the usual challenges associated with August.

Tom Lee: We See Market Selloff More as 'It's August' Than Start of a Larger Rout

In any case, it is still too early to 'buy the dip.' Next week should provide better window for a low.

3 Key Factors Weighing on the Market Right Now

As the market drops, the bottom-callers will grow louder.

Anatomy of a Market Downtrend

The primary things to watch for are failed bounces and selloffs on higher volume.

I Keep Telling Myself It's August, but the Market's Behavior Still Seems Strange

It appears to be a time to be cautious as equities this month seem to fade throughout the day.

Tom Lee: Higher Probability of Fed Cuts Supports Stocks in the 2023 Second Half

August keeps us wary, but in past week, the risk of recession is lower and visibility of lower inflation greater. The market increasingly needs to consider the Fed could cut rates in early 2024.

Mixed Inflation Signals, Treasury Bonds, China's Economy, Hot Oil, Week Ahead

It's still earnings season, and we do have some significant names reporting this week.

The Indexes Are Looking to Bounce, But Trust Levels Are Low

One of the biggest shifts in the market has been a sharp increase in longer-term interest rates.

Inflation Dilemma, Fed Dove's Hawkish Talk, Stealth Stock Selloff, Oil Boils

Plus, the United Auto Workers apply pressure on the legacy automakers with the union's big wage demands in their contract talks.

The Old Cliche That Stocks Follow Bonds Is as True as Ever

Let's see how the bond market really can't be too bearish or too sensitive to fears of inflation, and how it can tell us a lot about the stock market -- if you pay attention.