So Much for a Red Wave, Crypto Rescue, Weighing Obesity Drugs, US-Taiwan Talk

Plus, the Treasury yield spread moved in the wrong direction Tuesday, signaling possible economic hardship ahead.

Midterm Election Markets, S&P vs. Nasdaq, Uninverted? Seasonality, Disney on Tap

The S&P 500 has posted a positive return for the 12-month period after a midterm election 19 consecutive times. That's a pretty nice batting average.

Here's Where the Market Stands After Friday's Bounce

A key contrarian indicator has turned very bullish.

I'm Monitoring a Cannabis ETF That's Showing Signs of Bottoming

It's a dicey play as the price action isn't defined as yet and the ETF still could break lower.

Let's Chart a Near-Term Outlook for the Stock Market

Trends are a mix of neutral and bullish.

Most Indexes Are Near-Term Bullish Despite Fed-Related Slide

Wednesday's carnage left some stripes on the charts

Market Dashboard: Where the Charts and Data Say We're Headed

Is this is a good time to buy?

3 Stocks to Stalk While We Kill Time Ahead of the Fed News Conference

One is a semiconductor giant while the other two are solar trades.

Overhyped Overbought, Yield Inversion, Fed Forecast, Oil, Biden and Windfalls

The tradable bottom of October 13 stands firm for now. At least until Jay and the gang re-emerge from their caves.

Market Indexes See Multiple Bullish Technical Events

Friday's positive action strengthened the overall outlook for the equity markets.