Tom Lee: Why a 'Hot' CPI Does Not Necessarily Hurt Stocks

A 'hot' August CPI will raise the level of skepticism of Fed progress. However, of the last six CPI 'misses' (hot), equities gained four of six times.

August CPI, Consumer Level Inflation, Economic Underperformance, Treasuries

The economy is roaring, 'they' say. You sure? Certainly not at the household level.

Curiosities Abound in a Market Just Milling Around

Can we finally get a nice whoosh and some panic into that much anticipated oversold condition? I'd like to see it.

Apple Wonderlust, S&P Head and Shoulders, Consumers on Thin Ice, Trading RTX

In what may or may not be a key development, Nvidia stock experienced a downside piercing of both its 50-day SMA and long-term trendline of support.

Here's Why I Continue to Be Very Cautious on Stocks

It's hard to get too excited about stocks when risk free short-term Treasuries are paying 5.5%.

The Market Is Struggling to Discount Deteriorating Economic Conditions

Opportunities will develop, but it is going to take time to sort out the economic mess that is developing.

Tom Lee: September Is Off to a Weak Start, But Key Data Are Still to Come

In terms of the inflation trajectory, it really is housing and autos that matter most. Bottoming of US PMIs strengthens the case for Industrials.

Economic Headwinds Are Swirling and a Dangerous September Is Lurking

One of the most worrisome things about this market is that the economic bulls are becoming so complacent.

The Economist Who Cried Recession

The villagers ultimately lost their flock because they didn't listen when they should have.

Global Economic Softness, Stormy September? Dollar Strength, Charting the Market

The overall economy may not be in an overt recession, but there is no denying that S&P 500 companies are now in a nine-month-long earnings recession.