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Treasury Bonds  

Index Trends Remain Split

Forward earnings estimates dip as the 10-Year Treasury yield rises.

A Peculiar Week, Political Maelstrom, Q3 Earnings Season, Time to Sell Nvidia?

The real crisis is not that the Evergrande story will be back, but that China isn't able and politically willing to be the global driver of economic growth it has been.

As the Third Quarter Comes to an End, Bulls Will Keep Pushing

When the market fails to embrace the negative thesis, folks with idle cash slower put it to work.

Large-Cap Indexes Rally to Resistance -- And That Could Be Problematic

There is a reasonable possibility, in our view, of the recent rally failing near current levels.

Bonds Finally React, TINA Sticks Around, Booster Confusion, Salesforce Love

Plus, a look at where central bank policies appear to be heading.

The More I Know, the Less I Understand

Can you please name me an industry that isn't impacted by this inflationary monster?

Bottoming Signals Have Yet to Appear

Index charts all remain in near-term downtrends.

Monday May Have Been Just the Start of a Deeper Correction

All index charts are in near-term downtrends

Jim Cramer: I'm Worried About the Crypto-World

If you own crypto of any form I think you should, if you have big gains, take some off the table.

The Fed Is the Least of My Concerns

In response to the Evergrande situation, look for China to further its domestic focus at the expense of its global focus.

S&P 500's Trend Turns Negative

Positive chart and data signals have yet to appear.

To Taper or Not to Taper? All Eyes Are on the FOMC

When growth starts to slow and inflation moves higher - that's the most unfavorable set of conditions. And that's exactly the market's nervousness right now.

Inflation May Not Be Exactly as It Appears

Consumer prices look like they are not growing as quickly. But let's take a closer look at a key area to watch -- and see how the Fed will likely respond.

Charts and Data Suggest Potential for Further Market Weakness

Selling pressure and weak breadth continue.

Ugly Tuesday, Risky Marketplace, Fed Tapering, Trading Wells Fargo and Entegris

Does the cooler core CPI print give the fiscal doves a leg up in negotiating the size and scope of whatever they'll end up passing, probably later this month?

Will Early Market Strength Evaporate Again?

Charts and breadth have weakened further.

3 Reasons Why We Have Lowered Our Market Outlook

The weight of the evidence had shifted sufficiently.

A Day Never to Forget, Red-Hot Debt Market, Moderna Marches On, Biden Thumbs Up

Plus, Zscaler largely delivers for its owners with its latest results.

Evolution, Charting the S&P and Nasdaq, Debt Ceiling, Found Money, Trading RH

All life, all learning, from parenting to aging to investing is about adaptation -- the ability to evolve.

Get Ready for Spin City

We are entering a critical phase of the Biden administration.

Index Charts and Market Breadth Weaken

Only the Nasdaq Composite, Nasdaq 100 and DJIA remain in near-term uptrends.

Data Sending Mixed Signals

Market data saw a few shifts Friday.

Where to Now? Asking a Prussian General, Job Winds Change, Seasonality, TINA

In isolation, rapidly slowing economic growth coupled with rapidly rising inflation would bring about stagflation, a phenomenon most younger Americans don't seem to understand should be feared.

What the 'Messy' August Jobs Report Means for Investors and the Fed

This payroll result should be a reminder that just because there aren't a lot of new legal restrictions doesn't mean consumers won't change behavior.

Chasing May Not Be Smart Right Now, Market Data Suggest

Keep a close eye on the MidCap 400 index.

What's in Store for the Market as September Begins?

Something unusual occurred in Tuesday's action.

The Fed's Next Delicate Dance Is Figuring Out When to Raise Rates

And Chairman Jerome Powell in his Jackson Hole speech offered clues as to what could trigger an end to the Federal Reserve's zero interest rate policy.

More Indexes Are Now Joining the Fun

Multiple positive technical events happened Friday.

Support Levels Hold: What's Next for the Market?

Most data remain neutral.

A Senseless Sad Day, Fed Taper Talk, COVID and Kids, To Vax or Not to Vax

Plus, a look at Dollar General and Peloton Interactive, which both disappointed with their announcements on Thursday.