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Treasury Bonds  

Don't Underestimate Yellen's Impact: What it Means for Your Portfolio

The former Fed Chair stole the show last week. Here's what it all means going forward.

Janet Yellen, Interest Rates, the Fed and the Tapering Threat

Yellen will likely oversee a massive increase in government debt. How much is too much?

Jim Cramer: I Pick the Bulls

My trading strategy? Figure out who is the favorite and calculate the 'line.' Here's how that works out today.

It Is NOT Too Late to Refinance Your Mortgage

And don't forget to check your local banks.

Despite Conventional Wisdom, Treasuries Are Likely Bottoming

Let's consider a few more compelling arguments for higher Treasuries, and lower yields, in the coming months.

Wednesday's Woe, Biden's Plan, U.S. Dollar, J&J Vaccine, Trading Intel

We are going to live again. You will dance in the aisle at some concert whose performer I have never heard of, and you will cheer for your favorite team in person again.

Just How Much Juice Is Left?

Here's my take on how to approach the stretched valuations in the credit market -- and how the action might be relevant to stocks.

Market Themes, Yield Spreads, Treasury Auction, JNJ Vaccine, Trading Medtronic

If all goes well, JNJ could be able to immunize a billion individuals this year just by themselves.

Why the S&P 500 Is Pinned to 3800 Till This Friday

Perhaps after that, the market will be open to move more freely... the real move.

Room of Nightmares, Political Reality, Bitcoin, Trading Boeing and Microsoft

What you have seen over several weeks is a market reacting to improved prospects for increased fiscal support reliant upon deficit spending.

Clearer Picture for Stimulus, Covid Response Emerges

Additional help now appears as a certainty and so does a beefed up effort on tackling the pandemic. Here are my takeaways.

All Eyes Soon Will Be on the FOMC

The Federal Open Market Committee's next meeting is still three weeks away, but its next moves will be watched carefully by all asset classes.

Rich Guys' Romp, a Breach of Self-Discipline, Trump Countdown, Small-Caps Sizzle

Plus, a preview of the coming Consumer Electronics Show and quick news hits on Micron and Boeing.

Capitol Offense, Market Reaction, Shift in Equity Leaders, Roku and Netflix

I had thought markets were smitten with the idea of gridlock. Now, they seem laser focused on looser fiscal policy as a catalyst.

Here's What Georgia's Runoff Results Mean for Rates, Fed, Economy

Let's check the odds of getting $2,000 stimulus checks in the mail, how much to expect rates to rise, and whether we should really expect to see 'Modern Monetary Theory' in play.

My 10 'No Doubt' Predictions for 2021

From Amazon to Zoom, here are my prognostications and best ideas for the new year.

Santa Claus Rally Explained, Leaders & Losers, Peak Housing?, My Holiday Message

Do you hear what I hear? Check the guy on your left. Check the gal on your right. Check the house across the street. They may need something that you can provide.

What the Fed Did Wednesday and What It Means for 2021

Why is Powell talking such a big game but doing so little?

Broad Rally, Tipping the Scales, What to Expect From the Fed, Trading Apple

The Russell 2000 is now up 7% for December, twice the increase for the Nasdaq Composite.

Sell High Yield -- And Buy Leveraged Loans

Here's why I see leveraged-loans as the way to go, and the exchange-traded funds I've got my eyes on.

Charts Send Mixed Messages

Some psychology data have turned very cautionary.

What Will the Fed Do Now?

What the Fed really needs to do is ignore interest-rate tools and focus on their confidence tool.

Redfield's Dire Outlook, Cybersecurity Stocks, Bond Spreads, Growth Stalling?

At some point, there will be a fiscal support package passed -- but only when both sides think they can take the credit.

Want a Clearer Signal on Treasury Yield Moves? Block Out the Noise

Yields waved higher on Tuesday on manufacturing survey data and stimulus headlines, but we've been here before. Here's my take on the move.

Jim Cramer: This Crisis Is Bigger Than Politics

Many American workers need help -- and they need it now. Will Pelosi, Mnuchin and lawmakers give them a hand so they can make it across the Covid finish line?

It Has Been Quite the Month, but I'm Preparing for the Next Market Hiccup

The strong rally in equities in November has been welcome, but there are abundant reasons to be cautious going forward.

Mnuchin's Bomb, Yellen's Call, and the Data Deluge: Let's Make Sense of It All

Big headlines dropped this past week, including that funding for several emergency lending programs would not be renewed. Here, I'll sort it all out.

Big News Is Followed by Little Moves

A lot has happened over the past couple weeks, but little has changed. Let's dig in.

Want to Sleep Better? Then Gain Bond Market Exposure Through the UBT ETF

Given the leverage inherent in its structure, UBT can be used offensively as well as defensively.

I'm Not Expecting a Big Plot 'Twist' in the Fed's Covid Response

Here's my case why there's little reason rates should fall -- and why they might go higher.