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Treasury Bonds  

A Classic Sell-the-News Setup, But Watch for Aggressive Dip Buyers

Traders looking for this news to hit are now in a position to lock in some gains.

Dancing on the (Debt) Ceiling, 'Productive' Progress? Fed, Zooming In on Zoom

If only this were a drinking game and 'productive' was the keyword.

Fed Hawks Squawk, Rates Rate New Odds, Trifurcated Thursday, Found Ukraine Money

Plus, there are more voices of optimism that a debt ceiling deal is close.

Here's How to Play What Could Be the Long-Awaited Bottom in Regional Banks

Wednesday's powerful move in a popular regional banking ETF may set it up for more gains to come.

Debt Ceiling Algo Paradise, Regional Banks Pop, Trading ServiceNow, Nvidia, AMD

Traders are likely leading investors. Investors remain less convinced, while traders are taking advantage of (or intentionally creating) momentum.

TLT Could Go Tilt if Buyers Don't Step In Soon, and So Could SPY

A breakdown appears imminent if traders don't begin hitting the buy button for the iShares 20+ Year Treasury Bond ETF, and the S&P 500 Index could follow.

Debt Ceiling Countdown, Buffett's 13F Filing, Household Debt, Catch This Train?

For the first time in 20 years, U.S. consumers did not pay down some credit card debt during the first quarter.

Is the Debt Ceiling Merely a Distraction?

Rising inflation with weak growth has a name: stagflation.

'Sell In May and Go Away' Rarely Has Been More Appropriate Advice

The combination of little earnings growth, a deeply inverted yield curve and a likely credit crunch ahead makes it a good time to take a break from trading.

Decelerating Inflation, Accelerating Claims, Debt Drama, Elon's Twitter News

Plus, defense chiefs testify before Congress about hypersonic weapons and the ability of the U.S. to defend itself against them.

Budget Talks Accomplish Nothing, CPI, Markets, Druckenmiller's Take, Fed Data

Both political sides seem disinterested in doing something temporary or shorter-term about the federal debt ceiling to avoid a default.

Unleash the Bull? What the SLOOS Said, A King's Sage Advice, Trading PayPal

The Nasdaq Composite has spent two days knocking on a door. Open that door and the index will go.

A Wild Week, Job Creation, Fed Funds Rate, Earnings, Markets, Berkshire Reports

The macro this week will be focused upon the release of April data for consumer level inflation (CPI) and for producer level inflation (PPI).

Let's Take a Close Look at the Jobs Report

On the surface it was a strong report, but let's dig into the numbers, the revisions, and broaden our view out to banks, bonds and fiscal policy.

Shorting Banks, Bank Insiders Buy, April Jobs Data, Microsoft-AMD Dealings

A bank industry official urges the SEC chief to investigate certain bank short selling "that appears disconnected from underlying financial realities."

Less Hawkish Hike? Fed Language Changes, Powell's Word Salad, PacWest Watch

What could be forcing futures traders to price in such an aggressive pace of policy easing despite absolutely no signaling in that direction? Simple.

Fed in a Pickle, Messy Markets, Recession Fears, Action in Treasuries

What does the Fed do next? Maybe we should focus on the present and the near-term future.

A Major Equity ETF and Popular Bond Fund Diverge, but Will That Continue?

The biggest concern for bulls is the 2023 correlation between TLT and stocks.

Market Catalysts, Fed on Tap, Yellen's Missive, IBM on AI Replacement, FDIC

Recent banking news, while positive in terms of relief, is most likely a negative going forward in terms of future credit creation.

The Fear Was Real on Wall Street Last Week. But Have the Clouds Parted?

Wednesday was a nail-biter and then Thursday and Friday brought relief. But we're still far from safe. Here's my take on stocks, the economy, Treasuries and commercial real estate.

My 'Druckenmiller' Investing Game Plan: 3 Ways of Adjusting to the New Reality

Here is how I plan to play a sideways market should the hedge fund manager's views turn out to be prescient.

Playing It Safe by Hiding Out In Yield Plays

Here's my strategy right now, including a 'no-brainer' move, and three individual plays.

What's Really Going to Light a Fire Under This Market?

There's a lot to think about between T-bills, the debt ceiling, 0DTE VIX, geopolitical risks, the demise of the dollar and earnings, but are any worthy of a 'rant'?

I'm Worried About the Yield Curve and You Should Be Too

'Sell in May and Go Away' is likely to loom large this year.

Low Volatility, But Why? Kolanovic's Caution, Apple Savings, Trading Apple Stock

I don't think a single trader would deny that bull markets are easier to maneuver than bear markets.

Lower Inflation and the End of Hikes Doesn't Mean Stocks Are Ripe to Rally

The age of ZIRP, TINA and FOMO was very different than now.

Stocks and Bonds: Only One Market Is Telling Investors the Truth

Growing credit crunch concerns are revealing a lot of about the direction of the economy.

IMF's Easing Rate Outlook, Yellen Watch, Fed Head's Nonsense, Deceptive Monday

Plus, semiconductor stocks of various stripes had a decent day Monday despite Taiwan Semiconductor's awful March.

Job Creation Decelerates, Rapid Economic Slowdown, Treasury Yields, Week Ahead

As we head into earnings season, the Technology and Industrials sectors are the leaders in issuing negative guidance.

Apple and Microsoft Suddenly Become the Focus of Traders' Eyes

Questions arise as to whether the two mega-cap tech stocks can continue to support the Nasdaq and with it the Invesco QQQ Trust.