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The Fed Is Driving, and He Can Hit the Gas, or the Brakes, as He Likes

Will it be two or three rate hikes, or five or six? Buckle up, because the Fed needs markets to believe that anything is possible.

Rallies to Resistance Levels Are Looking Probable

Data strongly suggest near-term market strength.

An Important Buying Opportunity May Be at Hand

Insiders gobble up stock as charts register key reversal day.

As Indexes Slide, Intensifying Data Suggest Rallies to Resistance

We are keeping our eyes open for the indexes having a notable recovery from intraday lows.

As Bears Pound the Bulls, 2 Indicators Strongly Suggest Relief Is on the Way

They are extremely oversold and at levels coincident with notable market rallies over the past year.

Be on the Lookout, Less-Than-Average Averages, OK Treasuries, Poor Peloton

Plus, in a tough market the semiconductor sector takes a particularly hard whack to the head.

If You Own Smaller Stocks, Your Portfolio Could Be in for a Whole Lotta Oof

Rising interest rates are crushing small stocks, so keep an eye on the bond market.

Disappointing Wednesday, Nasdaq Line, No Fear, Glimmers of Hope? Fed Dreamin'

The longer the Nasdaq remains below the 200-day line, the easier it becomes for risk managers to compel portfolio managers to reduce exposure.

To Unlock Where We're Headed in 2022, Spend Some Time on Consumer Spending

Let's talk inflation, Fed rate hikes, consumer confidence, and why last Friday's Retail Sales report is fishy.

Charts: Some Hammer Levels Hold as Others Fail

The McClellan 1-day OB/OS Oscillators are now in oversold territory.

Big Bang Theory, Economic Activity, Bond Yields, Markets, ARK, Oil Stocks

Plus, Ford and Rivian, and SoFi Technologies' national bank charter.

The Indexes Finally Crack as the Bear Market Progresses

All eyes will be on bond yields once again.

3 Factors Driving the Markets and How I'd Be Positioned

For the first time in over a year, I think the market and the Fed are more concerned about inflation than they should be.

A Subscriber Is Concerned About the Direction of Interest Rates

Here's what to avoid for now.

Spiking Yields, Catastrophic Miss, Welcome to Week 3, Bat Signal? Walmart Crypto

In short, Friday was simply an absolute disaster for the U.S. in macroeconomic terms.

2 Major Themes Are Causing Significant Market Disruption

Now that rotational action between growth and value is picking up steam, the disparity between index and individual stock performance is even greater.

Charts Are Testing Monday's 'Hammer' Levels

We believe that Monday's action likely placed a near-term bottom for the indexes.

Tech Beatdown, Technical Tightrope, Treasury Spreads, Fed Out in Force

Plus, many economists don't seem to understand the term "full employment" and earnings season kicks off.

Inflation's Kick, Market Reacts, Treasuries, Apple on Deck?, Trading Wells Fargo

I do think that the Fed is on the case. I do not think that the Fed is as late as so many seem to.

'Hammering' Home a Technical Point: This Pattern Was a Very Good Indicator

The markets have responded to the wash-out of sellers in the prior session as noted by 'hammer' formations.

Monday Reversal, Powell on the Hill, Macro Watch, Trading Lockheed and Northrop

The outright removal of potential liquidity from the economy earlier than expected scares the living heck out of everyone who understands.

We're Looking, but Have Yet to See Bottoming Signals

Given the depth and velocity of the declines, we are keeping our eyes open.

The Nasdaq Holds the Line

Markets continue to try to stabilize from the panic earlier this week.

Jobs Report, Fed Psychology, Bullard's Grenade, Notes of Note, Fresh Fresca

Plus, a look at rising mortgage rates and why SoFi Technologies is a stock for which I continue to hold out hope.

Jerome Powell Speaks and the Markets Are Very Worried

Here's what happens when market sentiment shifts.

Here's Why It May Be Too Early to Buy

We've got our eyes on this chart after Wednesday's damage.

Shots Heard Around The Street, Fed Minutes, What Now? Yields, Rules of the Game

The market may be preparing itself for a much tougher environment that if not met with the necessary level of finesse, could be somewhat lengthy.

Fed's New Year's Resolution May Include (Quantitative) Belt Tightening

The newly released minutes from the December Fed meeting show just how it plans to handle the quantitative easing portfolio -- and how far it could go.

Turbulence Enters the Picture

The market is displaying split performance and mixed signals.

Rotating Back to Normalcy? My Take on Equities in 2022

Here's what I see playing out this year and how to position -- and why to avoid FOMO trades.