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Treasury Bonds  

Here's What We Need to See to Be Convinced the Market Has Turned

The 'crowd' remains at historically levels of fear.

Man on a Mission, No Easy Recessions, Real Rotation, Retail Capitulation?

Plus, all US big banks pass the latest Fed stress test despite tougher standards, and a quick look at Dollar General.

Baltic Powder Keg? Telltale Treasuries, Cringy Congress, Lost in Fed Translation

Despite Wednesday's hit, XLE remains the only sector SPDR ETF still up year to date (+34.8%).

Market Psychology Data Positive as Insiders Buy with the Crowd Very Bearish

After Tuesday's rally, we could use some more convincing.

Think Friday Changed Things?

The bounce was nice but downtrends are still intact.

Searching for Signs of a Market Bottom

Here's what we're looking out for.

How Far Down? Inflation Torment, Sign of Relief? Bewitched, Trading Chip Stocks

there was a high level of professional participation on Thursday and almost all of it was on the same side of the market.

Fed Reaction and Takeaways: The Statement, The Projections, The Balance Sheet

I have never seen a market downturn end on its own, without the Fed turning dovish as a catalyst or in response to some crisis-level situation.

Can Equity Demand Finally Overcome Supply?

Charts and market breadth still need improvement.

The Fed Is In an Unenviable Position -- And So Is the Market

Here's what to expect from the central bank Wednesday and how markets may react to their decision.

All Indexes Break Support to Near-Term Bearish

Caution is warranted right now.

Respect the Market Trend Until Proven Otherwise

All index charts break support and turn negative.

What's Next for the TLT Treasury Bond ETF?

With the TLT trading around $112 early Monday morning let's check on the charts again.

It Is Becoming a Bit Unnerving Out There

Something is going on behind the scenes, and I am back to very nervous on risk, including bonds and commodities, not just stocks.

The Worst for the Market Is Likely Behind Us

Investor fear remains a potential positive catalyst.

The Thin Green Line, Market Fairness, Treasury Demand, Mortgages, Meta and Musk

We've never unwound a close to $9T central bank balance sheet before, let alone do so as the entire economy skates on the thinnest ice seen in these parts for quite some time.

3 Major Stock Indexes Take a Bullish Turn

Sentiment has moderated, but remains bullish.

Investor Fear at Historic Highs Bodes Well for Markets

Let's check the charts and data on the market dashboard.

A Pause Before Further Strength?

Two equity indexes have now taken a positive turn.

New Gang of ETFs Is Back on the BondBloxx

If you're looking for yield and are OK with risky junk and other below-grade debt, then check out these three funds.

Where Are We Now? The Week Ahead, EU Oil Ban, Waller's Words, S&P 500 Earnings

This may be a short week, but you know what they say...

How I'm Approaching Stocks and Bonds After the Fed Minutes

I see three key takeaways from Wednesday's FOMC release.

Is It Time to Put Money to Work?

Two key indexes have come off their previous negative implications.

Don't Underestimate the Fed

Chairman Jerome Powell is focused on bringing down inflation, and that could bring down the economy with it, which won't be good for stocks.

Investor Sentiment Remains at Historically High Levels of Fear

Here's where things stand in this volatile stock market.

Overnight Blood, Didn't It Matter? Snap's Whammy, Trading Bank Stocks and Zoom

There was the 'momentum play' on Monday and not much else as portfolio managers resisted temptation to increase risk exposure.

A Tide-Turning Rally Is Becoming More Probable

The crowd is essentially entirely on the bear side of the boat.

Pressure Keeps Building for a Significant Market Rally

Here's why we believe some selective buying is currently warranted.

Index Supports Fail as Data Say 'Buy'

Insiders continue buying as traders extend short leverage.

No Place to Hide, Assessing the Beatdown, Dragon Breadth, Just Warming Up?

We ran, we ran all night and day... right back into U.S. Treasury securities, once again flattening the curve.