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Treasury Bonds  

The Fed Is Doing Exactly What They Said They'd Do

Here's a challenge to the bond bear thesis.

Nasdaq Hits New High, But What About the Rest of the Market?

The 10-year Treasury yield remains in a downtrend from its March peak.

Which Direction Is TLT Headed Next?

Let's check out the Treasury bond ETF for the latest clues.

Much of Thursday and Friday's Tech Stock Action Looks Questionable

Many stocks with nosebleed valuations shot higher in response to Fed policy becoming more hawkish, while many quality cheaper names sold off.

Market Rotation Continues: What's Up and What's Down

Once again, there is bifurcated action on the charts.

This Market Is Totally Out of Its Mind

What's the setup for the second half of 2021? Well, first one has to analyze the first half.

Decoding Bonds' Message, Whacked Commodities, Season of the Witch, 2 Faves Pop

Advanced Micro Devices and Nvidia score solid gains on Thursday as the tech sector enjoys a nice day.

Some Charts Weaken, Others Hold in Reaction to Fed

Data remain mixed.

A More Hawkish Fed Generates Little Market Response

The strength in the Russell 2000 is a positive sign for stock-picking.

Inflation's True Level May Be Hard to Determine, but Its Presence Is Being Felt

From cab rides to coffee to housing, prices are rising dramatically and likely will continue their ascent across the economy.

Dow's Trend Goes Negative Ahead of Fed Announcement

Despite FOMC jitters, the 10-year Treasury yield was unchanged at 1.5%.

It's All About the Fed

Stay patient, and we will see how things develop when the news hits this afternoon.

Are Bond Yields Sending a Warning Signal to Stocks?

Whether this move was driven by a short squeeze or by a new buyer, in the end, it doesn't make a difference.

Data Cast Shadows as New Market Highs Reached

Insider buying interest remains absent.

The Week Ahead, Protectionism, Software Stocks, Economics 102, Bond Investment

Ever hear of the Cleveland Fed's median CPI? Trust me, every kid sitting at the FOMC table is glued to this indicator.

Bonds vs. Equities: The Markets Seem Disconnected

Is the Fed ready to help markets start its rehab program or will it continue to feed the junkie?

Meet the Flation Bros. (In, Re and Stag), Dealmaking Dreamers, Chewin' on Chewy

Plus, a look at the unnatural reaction to higher consumer prices of the yield curve and equity markets.

The Word of the Day Is 'Transitory'

The CPI report is likely to be hot but will the market embrace the theory that it's temporary?

How the 10-Year Treasury Yield Slip Tripped Up Investors (Like Me)

When a trade veers from what you expect, it's crucial to find out whether you have a bad thesis or it just hasn't played out yet. Here's my take.

The Stealth Bull Market Continues

Data are turning more cautionary.

Dancing With Shadows, Curve Compression, Small-Caps Uncapped, Oil Floats Higher

Plus, the Senate passes a big, fat bill to promote the nation's ability to compete on the technology innovation front.

Have You Noticed the Stealth Bull Market?

Some of the less 'popular' averages suggests a continued improvement of the underlying market structure.

Tradeweb Markets Could Pullback Before Longer-Term Gains

Let's review the charts and indicators.

Behind the Bitcoin Veil, Fiat's Crypto Evolution, Striking While the Iron Is Hot

Plus, questioning MicroStrategy Inc.'s plans to sell a bundle of debt to add to its Bitcoin long position.

This Index's New High Adds a Positive Tone to the Markets

Valuation continues to appear extended

The Labor Shortage Is Real: Here's What That Means for the Fed and the Market

Powell can no longer assume there will be many months of strong labor gains before wage pressure becomes a serious challenge.

Some Index Charts Turn Neutral From Positive

Let's take a look at the latest index charts and market data.

Don't Be So Sure That a 2% 10-Year Yield Is Inevitable

Here's why the 10-year note could see 1% before it sees 2% -- and how to play the move.

Underlying Market Structure Improves

Evidence increasingly suggests markets will resolve themselves to the upside.

Market Consolidates as It Ponders How 4 Themes Will Play Out

The themes involve inflation, fiscal stimulus, cryptocurrency and whether we're at peak growth.