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Treasury Bonds  

Data Scream 'Go!' While the Charts Say 'No!'

As September ends, a complete check of the market dashboard is in order.

Don't Fixate on the Latest Inflation Numbers as They're Already Old

It won't be surprising to see the data begin to tilt toward lower inflation in coming months.

Wham Bam Thursday, Fed Hammer, Currency Warriors, Tradeable Bottom Near?

Plus, Meta Platforms plans to cut back on staffing levels, and PepsiCo reportedly may do the same.

Don't Central Banks Get That They Are Making the Problem Worse?

Their moves threaten to make inflation a problem for years to come.

Lightning Rally, U.K. Squeeze, The 'R' Word, Ian's Ravage, Browsing for Boeing

Wednesday's run for the roses felt like a bear market rally provoked by an external event.

Support Levels Hold But Trends Remain Bearish

Near-term downtrends should be respected.

Whether You're Talking Stocks or Bonds, It's Hard to Fight the Bear

The bear clearly has the upper hand, though that doesn't mean it isn't worth stalking bullish reversals in both asset classes.

Apple Heartbreak, Bond Breakout, They Asked Evans, Trading Tesla, Going Nuclear

Treasury yield spreads continue to move if not into a healthy configuration, at least a healthier-looking direction.

Market Volatility Soars as U.K. and Apple Deliver More Negative News

But the latest bad headlines might be what are needed to set the stage for a better oversold bounce.

Is AT&T's Dividend Worth the Risk?

The recent slide in high-yielding dividend stocks has us wondering.

Rays of Hope Appear, But Here's What Would Make Us More Confident

Most indexes hold support but remain bearish.

Charting the Indexes, When We'll Find a Bid, King Dollar, 3 Stocks I'm Trading

The FOMC continues to fiddle despite evidence inflation is peaking or has peaked and while all of Rome is burning down around them.

Market Data Are at Multiple Bullish Levels

Our latest look at the stock market's charts and numbers.

Rising Rates: A Break of a 40-Year Trend Should Not Be Ignored

With 10-Year Treasury yields, it isn't where it's been, it's where it's headed.

Think Ahead, Don't Trade Ahead

Charts slide further and lack reversal signals.

Forget a Soft Landing, We Have Now Run Out of Runway

It's time for investors to keep it simple and keep it safe.

Point of No Return, Punishing Mistakes, Gnarly Bond Spread, 2 Possible Catalysts

Plus, we take looks at Eli Lilly and Raytheon Technologies after positive news developments for both companies.

This Contrarian Indicator Has Only Been More Bearish 5 Times in the Last Decade

The Fed hike broke chart support levels.

Fed's Fearful DM, GDP Be Damned, Sorry Spreads, Charting S&P 500's Slide

Plus, Thursday's trading saw every select sector SPDR ETF lose ground after Jerome Powell's utterances after the latest FOMC meeting.

Indexes Pass Another Test, But the Hardest One Is Wednesday Afternoon

Here's what to look for after the Fed announcement.

It's Going to Take a While for This Market to Find Solid Support

The primary problem appears to be a continued rise in bond yields.

Nickels and Dimes: Finding Small Opportunities Amid the Chaos

One of the (small) silver linings of rising rates is that cash yields are rising.

2 Indexes Getting 'Hammered' Offers Hopes of a Washout

Downtrends persist ahead of Fed announcement.

Sellers Keep Near-Term Chart Trends Negative

Patience is advised.

Pay Attention to the Bond Market for an 'All-Sell' Signal

The stock market is always the last to know.

The Day After, Energized By APA, 3-Day Rule, On the Rails, 'Checking' on Walmart

How alarming is it that six months after inflation had apparently peaked, we now see prices heating up in parts of the economy that had not been as hot as others?

Charts Cracked, But There's One Green Light on the Dashboard

We are not sellers.

Ugly Market, Critical Situation, Treasury Markets, 5 Ways to Proceed

Headline inflation is stabilizing where it is, and core inflation is actually still heating up. That's problematic.

The Fed Isn't Draining Liquidity, They Are Soaking It Up With a Q-Tip

Where will all of this money go now?

Charts Finally Confirm What the Data Have Been Saying

Here's why some further market strength is in the offering.