Surge in New Issues Making Municipal Bonds Even More Attractive

A surge in new municipal bond issuance is creating an opportunity for buyers, said Jim Grabovac, Portfolio Manager for the McDonell Intermediate Municipal Bond Fund.

4 Closed-End Funds Worth Jumping Into: JMF, BTA, ETY and MCC

Investors seeking to increase their exposure in the beaten-down energy sector should buy the Nuveen Energy MLP Total Return (JMF).

Munis Still a Bargain Despite Bumpy Start Says Eaton Vance Manager

Muni bonds saw a healthy dose of volatility in the first quarter due to new bond issuance, but overall the market remains a bargain versus Treasurys.

Munis Remain a Relative Bargain Says Schroder's Fund Manager

Municipal bonds have rallied in the past year, yet they remain inexpensive compared to Treasuries.

Muni Investors Need to Watch Washington for Transportation Bill Clues

Municipal bonds are a good buy, yet investors should keep an eye on Washington as states wait for funds from a national transportation bill.

Bond Buyers Beware! Don't Stretch for Yield Says Schwab Strategist

Investors should not aggressively chase high yields in places like emerging market fixed income funds or junk bonds because they could lose big on the principal.

Munis Still a Relative Bargain Despite Rally Says Eaton Vance Manager

Municipal bond prices have had a great run over the past year, but they still remain cheap compared to Treasury bonds.

Munis Will Pay Off But Won't Repeat Last Year's Stellar Performance

Investors should not expect munis to repeat last year's stellar performance, but they can expect to collect a decent coupon in 2015.

MainStay: Munis Remain Attractive, Beware Uninsured Puerto Rico Paper

Be wary and get bond insurance before stepping into Puerto Rico municipals, said David Dowden, Portfolio Manager for the MainStay Tax Free Bond Fund.

Nuveen: Closed-End Muni Bond Funds Set Up for Another Strong Year

Closed-end funds offer potentially higher distributions than traditional income investments because of their unique closed structure.