Wells Fargo Muni Expert Says Puerto Rico Default Could Prompt Reforms

Puerto Rico’s debt default earlier this month may lead to government reform on the island nation, which still faces a major cash shortfall.

Stick With Munis, Beware High Yield and Emerging Market Bonds

Earnings season has been erratic thus far, but overall corporate America is healthy and that bodes well for high grade bonds.

Chicago Munis Will Recover With Economy Says Wells Fargo Fund Manager

The recent lack of movement in Treasury yields has caused municipal bond fund prices to stagnate.

Munis Will Fare Just Fine During Rate Hikes Says Eaton Vance’s Metzold

Municipal bond funds may slightly be feeling the effects of negative headlines coming from Puerto Rico’s financial problems.

Municipal Bond Market Buoyant Even as Puerto Rico Sinks

Beyond the headlines about credit troubles in Puerto Rico and Chicago, there is a lot to like about the municipal bond market.

Puerto Rico’s Debt Problems Won’t Infect Municipal Bond Market

Puerto Rico’s problems are not systemic and will likely remain contained inside Puerto Rico unless retail investors overreact.

Chicago Won’t Drag Down Muni Market Says McDonnell Fund Manager

Most fund managers agree that economically strapped Puerto Rico won’t drag down the entire municipal bond market. Neither will Chicago, says portfolio manager Dawn Daggy-Mangerson.

Apple Launches Streaming Music Service; Stocks Recover From Monday's Selloff

Stocks edged up slightly in midday trading Tuesday over hopes that an 11th hour debt deal may save Greece from default.

Munis, High Yield Are Best Bonds of the Bunch

The yield on the benchmark 10-year Treasury bond may only be 2.4%, but it has come a long way toward fair value in just two short months.

Munis Offer Value, Stocks Scary Says Sierra Core Fund Manager

The yield on the benchmark 10-year Treasury bond has climbed above 2.3%, up from 1.7% in January.