Muni Bond Demand Strong Heading into Second Half

Municipal bonds have shined year-to-date as evidenced by the three percent return in the iShares National Muni Bond ETF.

Brexit Volatility Creating Opportunities for Bonds

Given all the post Brexit volatility there is no better time to be in a long/short bond fund, according to one portfolio manager.

Rescue Bill for Puerto Rico Looks Set to Win Final Approval

A restructuring bill for Puerto Rico's debt passed a key vote, which increases the likelihood that it will be approved.

Muni Bond Demand Likely Won’t Slack Off in Second Half

Municipal bond yields could come under pressure in the near term if the steady cash flows into open end mutual funds slows.

TIPS, Munis Trump High Yield as Fed Stays on Hold

The yield curve continues to flatten as the Federal Reserve stays on the sidelines, making it hard for bond investors.

Buy Munis and Stay Flexible Says Payden & Rygel

U.S. stock and bond markets are fairly valued, if not somewhat overvalued given the current macroeconomic backdrop, says Payden & Rygel.

Stay Defensive Due to Pricey Stocks, China Slowdown

Investors should expect low returns over the long-term as valuations for most risk assets are stretched and yields remain low.

More Room to Run for High Yield, Munis Says MainStay

Stocks have not been the only asset class to bounce back since mid-February, high yield bonds have also made a rapid recovery.

High Yield Munis Better Than Stocks as Economy Slows

The Dow Jones Industrial Average may be back above 18,000, but the bell weather equity index does not reflect the true problems underlying the economy.

Prudential: U.S. Bond Market Set Up for Strong Q2 Returns

The Barclay's U.S. Aggregate bond index was up three percent in the first quarter after a flat 2015.