Top Five Municipal Bond Market Plays For 2016

Expect high-yield municipals to spring ahead of investment grade muni bonds in the first half of 2016, but fall back in terms of relative performance later on this year.

Treasury Yields to Stay Low and Range-Bound Says Prudential Strategist

U.S. treasury yields are likely to remain low and range bound this year, and spreads right now look cheap to fundamentals in many cases.

Sell Pricey Munis, Buy Corporates as Hawkish Fed Flummoxes Bond Buyers

A large number of investors have never seen the Federal Reserve in a hawkish mindset and that will create bond buying opportunities this year.

‘Gradualism’ the New Paradigm for Bond Market Says Chilton’s Horan

Federal Reserve Chief Janet Yellen did more than simply raise interest rates this week, she ushered in a new paradigm of gradualism.

Junk Bond Problems Isolated to Oil Patch Says MainStay Manager

The problems roiling the junk bond market are isolated to the energy sector and investors should use this selloff as a buying opportunity.

Muni ETFs Better Than Closed-End Funds as Fed Rate Hike Nears

The leverage imbedded within many closed-end funds (CEFs) will create even wider discounts to their respective net asset values as the first Federal Reserve rate hike nears.

Boost Your Income With These 4 Fantastic Closed End Muni Bond Funds

Nuveen is merging eight closed-end funds down to two and this will greatly benefit shareholders of the Dividend Advantage Muni Fund 2 (NXZ).

Treasuries Overreacting to Bad Jobs Number Says Nuveen Bond Chief

The disappointing October jobs report knocked the yield on the 10-year Treasury bond back below 2%.

Municipal Bond Investors Can Find Opportunities, Despite Puerto Rico

Despite scary headlines of financial problems in places like Puerto Rico, Illinois and Detroit, the municipal bond market is a safe market for investors.

Avoid Puerto Rico Munis, High Yield Bonds and Troubled Drillers

Investors may be too wrapped up in the slipping U.S. stock market to notice Puerto Rico’s troubles, but the Island’s problems are worsening.