Fixed Income Investors Should Look at Munis, Investment Grade Debt

RBC Wealth Management's Craig Bishop likes corporate debt and munis, but avoids high yield.

Don't Overreact! Munis Will Hold Onto Their Gains

Bonds have sold off in the past month sending yields higher. John Dillon of Morgan Stanley Wealth Management, said investors need not panic because munis will hold onto their gains.

Overseas Investors Boosting Muni Bond Market

Municipal bonds have regained their safe haven status as volatility returns to the stock and bond markets. They have also been getting a boost from yield-starved, go-anywhere overseas investors.

Don't Expect Muni Bonds to Fall this Autumn

Municipal bond prices plateaued this summer after a year of slow and steady ascension, but that does not mean the good times are over

Fed Rate Hike on Hold Until 2017, Says RBC Wealth Management

Fixed income investors shouldn't worry about a Federal Reserve rate increase until 2017 according to RBC Wealth Management.

Muni Bond Demand Strong Heading into Second Half

Municipal bonds have shined year-to-date as evidenced by the three percent return in the iShares National Muni Bond ETF.

Brexit Volatility Creating Opportunities for Bonds

Given all the post Brexit volatility there is no better time to be in a long/short bond fund, according to one portfolio manager.

Rescue Bill for Puerto Rico Looks Set to Win Final Approval

A restructuring bill for Puerto Rico's debt passed a key vote, which increases the likelihood that it will be approved.

Muni Bond Demand Likely Won’t Slack Off in Second Half

Municipal bond yields could come under pressure in the near term if the steady cash flows into open end mutual funds slows.

TIPS, Munis Trump High Yield as Fed Stays on Hold

The yield curve continues to flatten as the Federal Reserve stays on the sidelines, making it hard for bond investors.