Munis, Corporates Best as Rates Remain Stuck

Short-term rates are likely to stay low for another two years, and even when short-term rates start to rise, bonds will probably not “get killed" because yield curves will flatten.

High-Yield Muni ETFs Remain Excellent Buys

Jim Colby of Van Eck Global says investors are best off diversifying their municipal bond portfolios instead of buying individual Puerto Rico bonds for their high yields.

Richard Ravitch Dishes on Detroit, de Blasio & Fixing NYC's Finances

Municipalities that simply match their revenues with their expenses do not get into fiscal trouble, says Richard Ravitch, author of "So Much To Do".

Short Supply, Detroit Settlement Will Keep Lifting Muni Bonds

Municipal bonds have rebounded smartly in 2014 after selling off last year. Roberto Roffo, portfolio manager for Advisors Asset Management, expects the bull market to continue.

Thornburg: Best Munis Are Deeper Now That Yield Curve Is Steeper

The steepness of the yield curve is rewarding investors for upping their interest rate risk, says Nick Venditti, associate portfolio manager for Thornburg municipal bond portfolios.

Best Way to Play Emerging Markets Right Now May be Bonds

Bonds may be the best way to play emerging markets right now, according to TCW's David Robbins.

Stocks, California Munis & MLPs Make for a Nice Mix

Investors should be cautious on stocks in the near term but positive in the long run, says Darell Krasnoff, Managing Director at Bel Air Investment Advisors.

Bob Doll's 2014 Economic and Market Predictions, Part 2

The U.S. dollar will appreciate in 2014 as U.S. energy and manufacturing trends continue to improve, says Bob Doll, Chief Equity Strategist for Nuveen. That's one of his ten predictions for 2014.

Detroit Bankruptcy Masks Attractive Investment in Municipal Bonds

Detroit municipal bonds make up a fraction of the overall muni market, and Nuveen Investments' John Miller tells TheStreet's Joe Deaux market participants haven't realized the potential in munis.

Detroit News Spotlights Municipal Bonds

Motor City mess is the tip of pension underfunding iceberg.