High Time to Be Wary of High-Yield Market

There is substantial and sudden downside risk in energy-related high-yield bonds right now.

Bond Market’s Fallen Angels Flying High Again

The bond market's fallen angels are flying high thanks to the comeback in commodity prices.

Brexit Panic Putting Already Cheap European Stocks on Sale

The Brexit vote has created fear across global capital markets creating a slew of buying opportunities, particularly in assets that were already cheap.

Stick With EM Stocks, Cut Back Junk Bonds in Second Half

The S&P 500 Index is up 2.6% so far in 2016 with utility stocks leading the way.

Low Rates, Rising Oil Prices a Joy for Junk Bonds

High yield bonds have bounced back since mid-February as oil prices have recovered and negative interest rates abroad have pulled foreign funds into the market.

More Room to Run for High Yield, Munis Says MainStay

Stocks have not been the only asset class to bounce back since mid-February, high yield bonds have also made a rapid recovery.

Why Index Funds are Far Better Than Smart Beta

Smart-beta funds fall somewhere between index and active management because they are rules-based.

Fed’s Dovish Talk a Tailwind for High Yield

High yield bonds have made a massive comeback in the past month, especially considering the pressure that still remains on the energy issuers.

Emerging Market Debt Holders Beware

Investors hunting for better yields amidst rock bottom rates in established markets have caused the amount of emerging market corporate debt in the global market to explode.

High Yield Could Get Much Worse

Things could get far worse before they get better for high yield bond investors, said Collin Martin, fixed income director at the Schwab Center for Financial Research.