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Junk Bonds  

Debt-Laden Netflix Slips as Analysts Trim Price Targets

The entertainment giant's mounting debt load is giving analysts pause about the potential of its share price.

This Holiday Season Is No Vacation From Volatility

Here is some advice on what we can expect next from the Trump administration -- and how to position your portfolio for these wild swings.

Inflation, the Fed and How to Position Your Portfolio Around the Latest Numbers

The evidence that inflation Is slowing Is mostly circumstantial.

Junk Bond 'Star' Isn't All That Bright

The SPDR S&P 500 ETF outperformed Diamond Hill Corporate Credit Fund, so why take the latter's risk?

6 Top Tips for Income Investors in the Current Environment

From overweighting dividend stocks to avoiding high-yield bonds, this is how I'm playing things here.

How to Play a Coming U.S.-Chinese Trade Deal

Four steps income investors should take now, as Presidents Trump and Xi will likely play nice.

Novice Trade: JNK High-Yield Bond ETF

A bearishly biased out-of-the-money long put 'shooter' expiring in January.

Intermediate Trade: HYG High-Yield Bond ETF

A bearishly biased, out of the money vertical put spread expiring in October.

High-Yield Bond Funds for the Current Environment

Income-seeking investors are best served focusing on total return, not just income.

Intermediate Trade: HYG

This is a bearish trade on the high yield bonds ETF.

Like Communism, the Issue of Interest Rates Was a Red Herring

The fear of interest rate hikes was only the catalyst that blew up the short volatility trade.

There's Zero Panic in Bonds

On Tuesday, bond traders started to come out of their caves and make markets.

New Eurozone Securities Could Ease the Effects of ECB Tightening

Securitizing eurozone debt would get around Germany's opposition to joint bonds.

Intermediate Trade: JNK

I prefer a bearish trade on the junk bonds ETF.

Why I Am Shorting Bonds and You Should Too

Here's why I believe a bond selloff and yield overshoot is possible in 2018.

Cramer: You Mean to Tell Me Bitcoin Is Not a Bubble?

You think Bitcoin is a safe place, a reasonable approximation of value?

Momentum Slowly Leaking Out of Market

People are starting to notice.

Why High Yield Bonds and Small Caps Are Underperforming: Market Recon

These GOP tax reform plans limit the deductibility of interest payments.

Rev's Forum: The Uptrend Continues, but the Hindenburg Omen Is Spotted

The "omen" is an arcane technical warning, and it is receiving attention in light of the narrowness of the market

Are You Undersaved or Oversaved?

Strategic approaches for both types of investors in a low-interest rate world.

With More Signs Fickle, Don't Leave Yourself in a Pickle and Consider Selling

Review your portfolio to assess your exposure to and appetite for risk against an increasingly uncertain market backdrop.

Are Junk Bonds a Momentum Market? You Bet

Right now, waiting for the junk bond market to back up a bit before buying might be a losing strategy.

Are Junk Bonds a Momentum Market? You Bet

Right now, waiting for the junk bond market to back up a bit before buying might be a losing strategy.

Don't Let the Fed Put You Off Corporate Bond Investing

The Fed's tightening is so gradual that corporate bonds still offer good returns, a bond expert says.

Performance of High-Yield Bonds Likely to Cool in Second Half

But investors should not worry about the end of the business cycle, as defaults are low, says fund manager.

As Interest Rates Rise, Beware of the Default Risk Trap

Bank loans are seen as a great way to diversify away from interest-rate risk; they are not, says a credit expert.

Fed Rate Hike, What Rate Hike? High-Yield Bonds Still Attractive

Junk-rated bonds are seen delivering good returns in the second half despite any Fed interest rate hike.

Did Tuesday Reverse the Trump Trade?

Certainties have deteriorated amid GOP infighting and Russia issues.

Intermediate Trade: High-Yield Bond ETF

As if the ticker symbol isn't enough of a clue, JNK is also tied to oil junk bonds.

Conditions Are Ripe for a Correction of Consequence

With various sectors peaking and GDP estimates in decline, it would not be a surprise to see the markets give up some ground.