Demand for Treasuries Won't Go Away

Not all investors require a currency hedge. Besides, if yields rise a bit, demand comes back.

High Yield Energy Bonds Are Very Attractive

The former pariahs are now highly sought-after alternatives to low interest rates.

The Fed Cried Wolf Too Often

Despite the good jobs data, few people think it will raise interest rates.

Bank of England's Mark Carney Borrows Mario Draghi's Bazooka

Rate cuts and purchases of government and corporate bonds on the menu in the U.K.

We Can Withstand a Rate Hike, but Won't Get One

International economic data will likely be a broader reasoning for holding.

As Earnings Kickoff, Scout the Action First

There will be much better opportunities after this week in terms of volatility and potential large moves

Brexit Volatility Creating Opportunities for Bonds

Given all the post Brexit volatility there is no better time to be in a long/short bond fund, according to one portfolio manager.

iShares Adds High Yield ETFs, Treasury Fund Powers Ahead

The iShares 20+ Year Treasury Bond ETF is up 10 percent so far in 2016, more than triple the three percent return of the S&P 500 Index.

Buy Munis and Stay Flexible Says Payden & Rygel

U.S. stock and bond markets are fairly valued, if not somewhat overvalued given the current macroeconomic backdrop, says Payden & Rygel.

IndexIQ ETFs Are Hoping to Bring Smart Beta to Bonds

Smart Beta strategies have overrun the world of equity exchange traded funds (ETFs) as investors seek ways to spice up their old index funds.