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Corporate Bonds  

Stick With the Shorter Side of the Yield Curve in This Market

This is why rates rose the day the Fed made such strongly dovish comments, and how you should manage your fixed income portfolio in response.

How to Allocate Your Income-Generating Assets Now

My 'Hopium/Doomium' model has stood the test of time.

Don't Go With the Flow: There Are Better Places to Invest Than High Yield

What I would rather invest in to get similar yields.

3 'Flextensions' Very Evident in This Market: Tesla, Oil and Bonds

Brexit is not the only big issue getting kicked down the road lately.

2019 Is the Year of the Debt Diet

Fear-mongering over risk of BBB credits was immensely exaggerated and hurt many people's returns.

Stock Market vs. Bond Market: Is One Right and the Other Wrong?

Let's take a look at what each market is telling us.

Why GE Earnings Are Extremely Important for Income Investors

This is one report where the real driver will be what the company says and the tone they take when saying it.

Netflix Flies Higher Amid Blockbuster Bird Box Release

Shares have risen in morning trading as the market digests Bird Box's blockbuster numbers.

Buy Tech Company Bonds Instead of Their Decaying Stocks

Thursday's stock market rout is just another reminder that flat yield curves and equity investing do not mix.

Inflation, the Fed and How to Position Your Portfolio Around the Latest Numbers

The evidence that inflation Is slowing Is mostly circumstantial.

Why 2018 Looks a Lot Like 2005

Apply the lessons of that boring trading year to today's market.

What a Softening Corp. Bond Market Means

If money's already tight, long-term rates may have already peaked.

6 Top Tips for Income Investors in the Current Environment

From overweighting dividend stocks to avoiding high-yield bonds, this is how I'm playing things here.

3 Reasons I Like Netflix's New Junk Bonds

The $1.5 billion of 10-1/2-year debt will reportedly pay 5.75% to 6% interest.

Novice Trade: JNK High-Yield Bond ETF

A bearishly biased out-of-the-money long put 'shooter' expiring in January.

What Does This Market Remind Me Of? You May Not Want to Remember

This market volatility reminds me of two other manic and headline-driven times.

6 Core-Plus Bond Fund Options in the Face of Inflation

For income seekers, these instruments may be a 'prudent approach' to diversification.

4 Things Rising Yields Mean for Income-Seeking Investors

Investment advisors are watching the rate-hike outlook, the equities market and commodities vs. the U.S. dollar.

Inflation Is Making a Comeback; Investors Need to Take Shelter

The bond markets are still not fully pricing in the nascent inflation.

What Bond Bear Market? 6 Trades You Should Make Now

China's buying and selling of Treasury bonds is entirely related to managing their currency.

3 Crucial Trends for Bonds in 2018

I like outright shorts on Treasury bonds with three-seven years to maturity.

I Hated Tesla Stock in October and I Don't Like It Any Better Now

Elon Musk's approach to cash: Burn, baby, burn.

Corporate Bonds Will Be the Winners of ECB's Asset Purchase Taper

With volatility on the rise, corporate bonds could be "buy-the-dip" opportunity.

What to Watch for in Emerging Markets as Fed Starts Winding Down QE

No repeat of a "taper tantrum" in emerging markets does not mean risks are off the table.

Euro Corporate Bonds Are Still a Good Bet, but Risks Lurk

Euro-denominated debt can still squeeze some return, but watch out in 2018

Emerging Markets' Local Currency Debt Takes the Spotlight

Emerging-market bonds are not as scary as they were in the past.

Central Banks Will Find It Hard to Take the Punch Bowl Away

Central banks' talk of taking the punch bowl away will increase bond market volatility.

How Have Bond Funds Done This Year?

They may not be for everybody, but I'm sticking with bonds.

The Bad Consequences of ECB Bond Purchases Become Visible

A bubble in corporate bond prices and equities has heightened financial instability.

Cramer: Here's Why I Ranted at the Fed 10 Years Ago

I "lost it," screaming that the Fed seemed clueless to what was really happening in the country.