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Rates and Bonds  

Debt-Ceiling Deal, AI's Revolution, Charting the Indexes, Wild Week Ahead

Business has always been cut-throat. This will take the cut-throat nature of business to a whole new level.

Dancing on the (Debt) Ceiling, 'Productive' Progress? Fed, Zooming In on Zoom

If only this were a drinking game and 'productive' was the keyword.

Debt Ceiling Countdown, Buffett's 13F Filing, Household Debt, Catch This Train?

For the first time in 20 years, U.S. consumers did not pay down some credit card debt during the first quarter.

CPI's Goldilocks' Moment, Inflation and the Fed, Google AI, Trading Alphabet

Unlike our friend who visited the house of the three bears, don't get too comfortable. That's how expectations become unanchored.

Shorting Banks, Bank Insiders Buy, April Jobs Data, Microsoft-AMD Dealings

A bank industry official urges the SEC chief to investigate certain bank short selling "that appears disconnected from underlying financial realities."

Less Hawkish Hike? Fed Language Changes, Powell's Word Salad, PacWest Watch

What could be forcing futures traders to price in such an aggressive pace of policy easing despite absolutely no signaling in that direction? Simple.

Not Quite Dovish, Not Quite Hawkish, the Fed Is 'Don-ish' With Hikes

Here's my take on the Fed meeting and press talk, and what it ... sorta ... means.

Market Catalysts, Fed on Tap, Yellen's Missive, IBM on AI Replacement, FDIC

Recent banking news, while positive in terms of relief, is most likely a negative going forward in terms of future credit creation.

Japan's Central Bank Announces Review of Its Longtime Easy Money Policy

The Bank of Japan wrapped up its first interest rate meeting under new Governor Kazuo Ueda, who will go slow with the policy review.

What's Really Going to Light a Fire Under This Market?

There's a lot to think about between T-bills, the debt ceiling, 0DTE VIX, geopolitical risks, the demise of the dollar and earnings, but are any worthy of a 'rant'?

I'm Worried About the Yield Curve and You Should Be Too

'Sell in May and Go Away' is likely to loom large this year.

Low Volatility, But Why? Kolanovic's Caution, Apple Savings, Trading Apple Stock

I don't think a single trader would deny that bull markets are easier to maneuver than bear markets.

Lower Inflation and the End of Hikes Doesn't Mean Stocks Are Ripe to Rally

The age of ZIRP, TINA and FOMO was very different than now.

Does This Market Believe the Fed?

Investors were startled by what was revealed in the Fed minutes. It'll be interesting to see how markets react now.

Here's the Problem (and My Strategy) If You're Playing the Game of Risk

Analysts are often reluctant to update forecasts, or just don't bother to update them, so they have a built-in 'lag' effect.

Economic Weakness, Storm Cometh, Bond Yields, Semis Hit, AI Wars, Costco Sales

In perhaps the most overt signal of a coming economic contraction, the Treasury yield curve continues to warp.

Rotational Action Hits Hard as Recession Worries Climb

No longer is a slow economy viewed as a positive because it is anti-inflationary.

Opening Day, Bulls Still at Bat, S&P Key Line, Bernstein's List, Yellen Warning

Market participants are starting to believe that the banking crisis is under control. Whether or not that is true remains to be seen.

Deutsche Bank Shares Are on the Ropes: Here's What the Charts Tell Us

Traders are acting like traders -- sell first and ask questions later.

Floating-Rate Debt Helps Lift This ETF

The American Century Multisector Floating Income exchange-traded fund stands out in this economy.

The Most Important Thing Powell Needs to Do Wednesday

This will determine where stocks are by the end of the week.

Four of the Most Important Concerns for Investors and the Market This Week

Things are moving fast, and believe it or not there's even some 'good-ish' news out there.

Algos Gone Wild, Credit Suisse, Macro Misses, Fed Funding, Trading Meta and AMD

Does the Fed end up fighting inflation? Or does it pour kerosene on the fire in order to prevent some kind of economic armageddon?

Say, Shouldn't the Fed's Prime Mandate Be to Prevent Runs on Banks?

The central bank's obsession with reining in inflation seems to have come at a cost of putting bond portfolios in the tank and thus some banks at risk.

Japan's Longtime Central Bank Chief Departs, Leaving Strong Legacy

Haruhiko Kuroda has overseen his last interest rate meeting, keeping the country's controversial super-easy monetary policy in place.

The Cure for High Treasury Yields Is High Treasury Yields

A lower dollar and lower yields will encourage money to flow into equities, precious metals, and even most commodities. Here's a way to play it all.

What Powell Said, Fuel for the Fire, Biden's Budget, Bond Yields, Trading AMD

Why get excited about the ADP print when by Friday morning, regardless of outcome, your brain will immediately discard it as meaningless?

The 2-Year Treasury at 5% Looks Hot, Maybe Too Hot

If you buy the 2-Year because you're afraid stocks will fall further, you could be end up buying stocks higher later. Here's my take on this Treasury play.

Where the Fed Is Headed, Damaged Markets, Heavy Profit Taking, Bank Selloff

Powell launched an uppercut to the markets after having stunned the algorithms that control price discovery with a right cross to the jaw.

Bulls Suddenly Become Wary of the Hawk Circling Over Wall Street

For most of the year, the stock market worried little about toughening talk on inflation, but now the idea of half percentage-point hike later this month is giving investors the jitters.