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Rates and Bonds  

Powell Finds Everything's Not Easing Come, Easing Go

Here are my takeaways from the Fed meeting and why the chair is struggling with messaging as we're getting closer to seeing Quantitative Easing purchase tapering.

Is the Fed Getting Trapped in a Catch-22?

The Fed hopes its efforts will lead to sustainable GDP growth, but if inflation starts to run away too quickly, then Powell and company's hands could be tied.

It's All One Big Macro Trade!

And don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

Bad Omens and Chasing Ghosts on the Yield Curve's Slip: Here's My Take

The market's 'narrative' around falling yields isn't internally consistent, suggesting we have several competing narratives playing out at once. Here's what they are and how to position.

Cross Asset Analysis: Who's Right?

Is this a short term deflationary setback or the start of a more ominous trend to emerge?

Prices Are on Fire and Powell Is Getting Grilled, but I'm Keeping Cool

Here's my take on the scorching CPI report as the Fed sits on the hot seat on Capitol Hill.

Powell on the Hill, Inflation and Treasuries, Budget Deficit, Apple, Trading WW

If you are not in the market for a vehicle right now, inflation is right where the pros thought it would be.

Did the Reflation Trade Pop?

What happened to this sell-side investment bank theme we had heard so much about? Let's see.

The Inflation Decision Tree

Decide what you think the inflation story is going to be and position accordingly.

Kass: Bonds Are Now Criminally Overpriced

I remain short bonds based on the view that current yields are too low and don't accurately reflect the likely trajectory in inflation and economic growth.

From Correlated Selling to Correlated Buying

We have gone from fear of inflation and higher rates to fear of slower economic growth and lower rates.

The Very Severe Rotation Action Continues, Making Trading Quite Challenging

At least for now the issues that lead to the big moves in bonds and the reaction in equities have been set aside.

The Market's Blistering First-Half Pace Was a Mirage

It makes sense to buy things that are undervalued and sell things that are overvalued, but take the temperature of all markets at all times.

As Fed's Feathers Darken, Powell Drops Clues in June Minutes

Here's my read on why we're seeing the hawkish shift.

Question Marks and Market Implications: Interpreting the June Jobs Report

Here's what the numbers mean and how the market will likely evolve from here.

Which Direction Is TLT Headed Next?

Let's check out the Treasury bond ETF for the latest clues.

As the Fed Spreads Its Wings and Circles, Keep Your Focus on Bonds

The Fed is more hawkish, but what does that mean for investors?

Much of Thursday and Friday's Tech Stock Action Looks Questionable

Many stocks with nosebleed valuations shot higher in response to Fed policy becoming more hawkish, while many quality cheaper names sold off.

My Fed Reaction, Hawkish or Late? Projections, Taper Timing, Stagflation Threat

The change in the FOMC's projections in just three months' time tell us one thing: those sitting on the committee just do not know any more than do the rest of us.

As Time Runs Low, Fed Keeps Eyes on 'Speed Limit' for Jobs, Prices

While it remains highly uncertain when interest rates will actually lift off, this FOMC meeting shows we're probably getting closer.

A More Hawkish Fed Generates Little Market Response

The strength in the Russell 2000 is a positive sign for stock-picking.

Fed Day, Economic Projections, Inflation, FTC, China and the Materials Sector

What's going on inside the head of the Fed Chair or anyone sitting on the committee (FOMC) as they roll into Wednesday afternoon's block party?

Are Bond Yields Sending a Warning Signal to Stocks?

Whether this move was driven by a short squeeze or by a new buyer, in the end, it doesn't make a difference.

Bonds vs. Equities: The Markets Seem Disconnected

Is the Fed ready to help markets start its rehab program or will it continue to feed the junkie?

The Word of the Day Is 'Transitory'

The CPI report is likely to be hot but will the market embrace the theory that it's temporary?

The Labor Shortage Is Real: Here's What That Means for the Fed and the Market

Powell can no longer assume there will be many months of strong labor gains before wage pressure becomes a serious challenge.

How to Switch to Safety With Bonds and Bond Funds

Let's see how to invest in bonds as a way to maintain safety amid threats of rising rates.

Nowhere Man, Day Trading AMC, Damn the Fed Torpedoes, This Vaccine's for You

It was one thing to be Melvin Capital earlier this year. It would be something else altogether not to have learned from that hard lesson.

So, Let's See What the Fed Really Said in April

Looks like there was some chatter about 'talking about' tapering of quantitative easing and about speculation. Let's dig in.

Jim Cramer: Why Powell Is Right to Be Stubborn About Inflation

Let's talk about cycles and what will occur if the Fed Chair decides inflation isn't transitory and gives up the good fight to keep rates low.