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Rates and Bonds  

A Simply Stunning Jobs Report: What You Need to Know

Anyone at the Fed worried at all about job and wage-driven inflation will have to talk hawkish now.

Positive Price Action Rolls Over the Bearish Narrative

Bearish logic combined with short squeezes and poor positioning is producing jet fuel for more market upside.

Fed 'Truce' Talks, Market Reaction, Powell's Disinflation, Meta's Mighty Moment

Plus, the most important thing that Powell said on Wednesday and why it's both good and bad.

IMF Beacon, Turning Point in 2023? Fed Steps to the Plate, Cover and Alignment

This is the kind of day where even seasoned traders can make careless mistakes.

Overcoming Microsoft, S&P Levels Off, Bank of Canada Wisdom, Mucho Data on Tap

Plus, a look at Wednesday's wishy-washy market action, the Treasury yield curve, Chevron's coming earnings and Lael Brainard's possible exit from the Fed.

EXCLUSIVE: Billionaire Investor Leon Cooperman

Watch this hour-long private event with the legendary investor as he shares his views and outlook on the market, the Fed, stocks, crypto and much more!

Market Hot Streak, Breakout or Rejection? Davos Risk, China, Earnings Parade

CEO speak will be as important as anything the Fed Heads say this week or anything that spills out of the clown car in Davos.

The Battle Between What the Fed Wants to Do and What It Will Be Able to Do

Bulls face a big hurdle, but there a few things helping their case.

Fed Rally Slayer, Powell's Speech, Charting the S&P, Trading Halliburton, SLB

If Raphael Bostic's intent was to put the rally back in the box, then mission accomplished. If this is how the broader FOMC thinks, then uh-oh.

House Drama, Santa's Late Rally, Fed Minutes, Microsoft's Drop, Amazon Layoffs

Much of the truly horrendous and contractionary macroeconomic data over the past three weeks or so were released after the December Fed meeting.

The Market Is Struggling to Discount the Impact of a Recession

Technically the market is in miserable shape.

Doug Kass: What If David Tepper Is Wrong?

The hedge fund manager may have projected 'group stink' and too much 'first-level thinking.'

After BOJ Move, Expect Further Declines in Japanese Stocks

Let's check the Nikkei Average and the broader Topix Average.

The Stock Market Is Falling for All the Right Reasons

If you think that a 425-basis point increase is not contractionary, I would advise you to finance something like a house or a car. It's simple math.

Fed Madness, Powell's Ongoing' Mistake?, Confused Traders, Trading Coca-Cola

The Fed should have used a scalpel in executing recent policy adjustments. It chose to use a sledgehammer.

The Market Wants to Celebrate Slowing CPI, But the Fed Could Spoil the Party

The S&P is around the same level it was at the end of the day on the last CPI report.

Glorious Wednesday, Powell Lights Fireworks, Data Downer, 3 Trades, Salesforce

Put plainly, professionals were buying stocks hand over fist on Wednesday, in what was very nearly a state of heated panic.

The Macroeconomic Picture Is Poor, But the Setup for Holiday Trading Isn't Bad

The holiday cheer is likely to be temporary, as the statistics for the Monday after Thanksgiving are not very positive

Why I'm Very Bullish on Bonds and My 'Complex' Outlook for Stocks

How did I get so bullish on bonds? Several factors.

What the 'Confusing' October Jobs Report Means for the Fed and Markets

Jobs, in all likelihood, will be the LAST shoe to drop in any economic weakness.

If TINA Is Dead, So Is the Era of High-Flying Stocks

There are two ways for a market to work off froth: time and price.

Too Big to Disappoint? Let's Check 3 New ETFs From Capital Group

Capital Group has taken aim at building out the fixed-income side of its product suite with the launch last week of three new bond exchange-traded funds.

Fed Misdirection, Powell's Bait and Switch, The Fallout, Good News and Bad News

Higher for longer is how hard landings are built. The U.S. economy is now on a collision course with destiny -- unless more sentient heads prevail.

Stagnant Economy, Week That Was, Fed Slowdown? Earnings, 2 Notes of Caution

This week will see more earnings, the FOMC policy decision on Wednesday, and the October Employment survey data on Friday.

Market Does a Head Fake and the Fed Can't Be Happy About It

A big runup into the Fed decision is going to create a very dangerous technical setup for the bulls.

Doug Kass: Why the S&P 500 May Stay Resilient Even in the Face of a Tech Wreck

The broader market is benefiting from several factors that are counteracting FAANG +M.

Facebook Flops, Credit Suisse, Markets, US Dollar, 3 Takeaways, I Bonds

Meta will be tradeable. On that, there is no doubt. Is the stock investable? We'll see.

Big Tech Sees Big Declines, With Big Names Apple and Amazon Still to Come

The concern is that these big-cap tech stocks are a warning of much broader economic weakness.

'Bet Your Bottom Dollar' We've Seen a Top in the Greenback

A top in the dollar is not only possible, but probable -- and a weaker dollar would unhitch the plow on nearly all assets.

The 'Everything' Rally?

All this Fed speculation is not a pivot. It's simply practical.