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Rates and Bonds  

Making Sense of the Disappointing April Jobs Report (And How I Traded It)

When government data seems strange like this, it is more likely to be an artifact of sampling or some other one-off reason.

I'm Mining for Opportunities Amid Inflation Fears

Here's a play in an exchange-traded fund for gold.

Inflation Could Rise, but Don't Bet on It

Why? It's not a good wager -- and there are better places for investors to put their money if the economy booms.

With Inflation on the Rise, Will Markets Get Spooked?

The only place to hide will be and has been commodities, as they are truly inflation protection assets.

Does Jerome Powell Really Believe Inflation Is Transitory?

It probably doesn't matter. He's dead wrong. As always, the numbers don't lie.

Economics for Dummies, Fed Recap, Fun With Jobs Math, Amazon, Buying ServiceNow

The differences in approach between the two most basic strategies for how to grow an economy are as stark as the division they cause among economists.

Trading the Fed

We expect three themes to emerge from this week's FOMC meeting.

A Big Picture Look at Tech Stocks and Treasuries

Trends spanning over several months can be thwarted by a trend that spans over years.

Boom -- We'll Get One, but How Big Will It Be?

Let's see what could turn a 'boom' into a 'pop.'

Treasury Auction, Earnings Season Kickoff, Watching Nvidia and Microsoft

As we fast approach the unofficial kickoff of earning season, I think it is key to note that expectations are running extremely high.

What Is Consensus?

This is a perfect time to make sure you haven't strayed too far into the mainstream, which has been the wrong trade for well over a year.

March Jobs Report: What Stock and Bond Investors Need to Know

On Friday alone markets added half a rate hike to 2023.

Deceptive Monday, Archegos Fallout, 'Impending Doom,' Trading Kratos Defense

The main story unfolded along with the passing hours on Monday, and continues. The ending of this tale perhaps remains far from untold.

Oil - It's All About Seasonality

There is no shortage of oil, there never was.

The Week Ahead: Bond Yields, Personal Spending, GameStop Earnings and More

We are nearing the home stretch for the first quarter, so here's what's on tap.

Inconsistent Market Action Plays Havoc With Traders

Two things are making it complicated for stock-pickers.

The FOMC Is Oblivious to Actual Facts

The removal of the SLR exemption is seen as contractionary.

Bonds Are Throwing Their Weight Around and Stocks Are Getting Hurt

The market is trying to price in the great likelihood that we will be in a rising interest rate environment regardless of what the Fed may do and say.

If the Dollar Has Bottomed, It Will Push Oil and Interest Rates Lower

Here's a hypothetical trading idea.

Oops, Did the Fed's Powell Say Something Wrong at the March FOMC?

The Fed is stuck between a rock and a hard place, and at some point this liquidity train will have to stop.

The Bond Market Never Forgives

Focus on the trends in the bond market, and realize that, in the short term anyway, prices are much more important than yields.

Hall of Mirrors, Connecting the Fed Dots, National Debt Q&A, Amazon Disrupts

As a very wise man once said: 'I'll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today.'

Jim Cramer: In Jay We Trust

Here's why the Fed chief will probably be proven dead right in his views of inflation.

Fed Meeting Begins and Ends With Inflated Expectations

We're starting to really learn what Average Inflation Targeting means and what it would take for rate hikes.

Market Taking Comfort in Fed's Rate Hike Message

Market players can work on putting the flood of liquidity to work.

Jim Cramer: Are You as Sick of the Linkage of Bonds to the Nasdaq as I Am?

The linkage that's ironclad - it's revolting, it's wrong.

Markets Anxiously Await the Fed Announcement

Interest is even higher than normal as there was some aggressive selling the last time Powell spoke about rising rates and inflation.

Interest Rate Worries Undermine Stock Picking

The market is hoping that Fed Chair Powell will offer a program focused on shifting the yield curve to address the inflation issue

Prepare for Higher Yields - Again

There are several things the Fed could do, but would it matter?

My Bet Is Against the Fed

I've got a list of short-Treasury exchange-traded funds that you should consider.