I'm Spying a Play on Graf Industrial via the Company's Warrants

The warrants are trading at a fairly heavy discount.

Traders Should Be Careful With DiamondPeak Holdings

Let's review the charts and indicators.

Be Patient and SPACs Will Reward

Here are two plays on special purpose acquisition companies I'm watching right now.

U.S. Investors May Be Offered TikTok Stock Within a Year

An IPO on U.S. markets is in the cards if a proposal to form TikTok Global wins approval in Washington and Beijing.

Capital Raising in Cannabis Falls 67%

Only five companies went public during the first half of 2020 versus 13 in the first half of 2019.

Biotech M&A Picks Up: Lessons for Investors and Potential Targets

The euphoria in biotech stocks Monday was a nice change of pace. It also brought to the forefront some lessons about M&A in this industry.

Nvidia Could Reach New Highs as We Move Into Autumn

NVDA has been a great performer for investors.

Is It Safe Now? Wall Street Bets on Science, Joy in Metville, Citi's Selloff

Electoral risk remains the monster under the bed, and it only grows as our legislators intentionally choose the blame game over honest cooperation.

TikTok Ditches Microsoft, Tries Ties with Oracle

TikTok tries to satisfy the Gordian Knot of Trump push and Chinese pull through partnership deal with Larry Ellison's Oracle.

Spate of Deal News Juices Start of This Week's Trading

We've become accustomed lately to gap-up opens on Mondays, but some fresh acquisition agreements are helping drive this Monday's action.