This Is Not Your Father's Alternative Investment

Don't let the blandness of the term 'Regulation A' fool you -- this exemption allowing private companies to offer securities to the public can make for a great, high risk play.

The 'Arrival' Is Coming. Is the Excitement Warrant-ed?

Shares of CIIG Merger Corp. are driving higher after it said it would buy electric vehicle company Arrival, so let's look under the hood.

What's Been Holding Social Capital III Back the Past Month? Options

This is one where I would simply buy the stock below a certain level and have all the upside potential.

On the M&A Takeout Menu: Small and Mid-Size Restaurants

For starters, Cracker Barrel remains a top candidate.

Acquisitions in Restaurant Land Go On and On

There are plenty of others I've served up as potential M&A candidates that have not come to fruition...yet.

Earnings News Will Provide a Respite From Covid and Election Uncertainty

There is little reason to anticipate a sustained bounce at this point, but there are positive aspects to the price action.

Throw a Line Out for Jaws, Other SPACs

Plays in these hated special purpose acquisition corporations might seem a bit boring, but will reward strategic players.

Jim Cramer: Bank With Advanced Micro's Lisa Su and Go Along for the Ride

If you don't know Lisa Su by now I am tempted to say don't embarrass yourself, she may be the foremost executive of our time.

For AMD Traders Now, It's Fundamentals Vs. Technicals

I love the Xilinx deal, but the technical picture is a concern and should be followed closely.

Advanced Micro Devices Lisa Su Does It Again, and Here's How to Play It

AMD reports great Q3 results, and what their acquisition of Xilinx means.