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Mergers and Acquisitions  

Slogging Through the Deep-Value Valley With Valhi and NL Industries in Tow

Shares of the related companies are struggling, which can be the norm for investments in out-of-favor businesses.

Here's How Big Blue's Charts Shape Up on Cusp of Red Hat Deal

IBM is very oversold based on its charts, but that is not a reason in itself to go long; indeed, shorts should consider covering their positions.

Forget October, Bring on the Rest of the Year

This month has been lousy, but there are factors that could still produce a year-end rally.

IBM's Pricey Red Hat Deal Helps Put Pep in Market's Step

There is much talk that IBM is overpaying for Red Hat, but this deal is a net positive for the market as a whole.

Small-Caps No Longer Own Bragging Rights Over Their Big Cousins

Smaller stocks had outperformed large-caps for much of 2018, but now find themselves down for the year to date after a tough couple months.

Fiat Chrysler Shares Accelerate on $7 Billion Deal to Sell Parts Maker

The carmaker will receive a cash infusion as its focuses on value creation and self-driving vehicles.

Jim Cramer: This Is What Larry Culp Must Do to Get GE Back in Action

The problems at GE are all about hubris and hurt feelings.

Expect More Acquisition Deals to Take Out Restaurant Chains

This week's go-private move by Sonic Corp. extends a run of restaurant deals that probably isn't over.

Comcast Charts Still Send Positive Long-Term Signal After Winning Sky Bid

The media giant's dip on its successful bid to buy a big chunk of Britain's Sky television isn't likely to trigger a protracted decline in its stock.

Jim Cramer: The Market Thinks China Will Blink First in Trade War

The 20% decline in the Shanghai index could portend that the Chinese may be on the verge of giving in.

Nike May Have Nuked Itself, Plus the Latest on Zoe's Kitchen and Vera Bradley

Thoughts on the Colin Kaepernick "Just Do It" choice, the bid for Zoe's and Vera Bradley's earnings.

$300 Million Takeover Bid for Zoe's Kitchen Seems Half-Baked

I'm hoping someone tops the $12.75-per-share offer, but I'm not optimistic.

Jim Cramer: The Semis Give-Up

It's awful to 'lose' a leadership group. But I would add that it's been being 'lost' for ages.

Here's How to Play Canopy Growth If You Missed Wednesday's Big Pop-Up

Odds are good that you'll make at least 8% in 37 days using this put play.

How to Play Canopy Growth Using Put Options

Odds are good that you'll make at least 8% in 37 days using this play.

The Tesla Top

Tesla is in no way, shape or form better as a private company.

Did Musk Stack the Deck in Favor of His Tesla Take-Private Plan?

Who picked members of the special committee that will review his proposal?

Did Musk Stack the Deck on His Tesla Plan?

Who picked members of the special committee that will review his take-private proposal?

Did Musk Inadvertently Admit a Top PE Firm Doesn't Want Tesla?

CEO's latest tweet might reveal more than he realizes.

Brink's Doesn't Look Secure at Current Level

The security company's shares look like they're heading lower in the weeks and maybe months ahead based on its charts.

Jim Cramer: Elon Musk Hasn't Given Tesla Bears Their 'Gotcha' Moment Yet

Skeptics of Musk's go-private chatter should realize that any potential government inquiry into what he has said would talk a long time.

Rite Aid Shareholders Cheer Merger Failure, Call on CEO to 'Put House In Order'

Rite Aid CEO John Standley faces shareholders's scrutiny after the merger flop.

Will Rite Aid End Up Like Blockbuster?

After a failed merger with Albertsons, Rite Aid faces a difficult time on its own in a changing landscape.

Rite Aid's Rotten Week: How Will It Now Compete Against Walgreens, CVS?

A week of bad news for Ride Aid may be good news for its competitors Walgreens and CVS.

Reaction to the Failure of the Rite Aid, Albertsons Deal Is Not Positive

RAD suffers not only from concerns that Amazon is taking business but it has no growth and is barely breaking even.

Jim Cramer: Rite Aid Doesn't Have the Balance Sheet to Be Independent

They pulled the plus on the Rite Aid-Alberstons merger ahead of the vote -- listen to Cramer react to that now!

Rite Aid Traders Had It Right

The charts of Rite Aid have been stalled for months leading up to the Albertsons' merger falling through.

$420 for Tesla? Elon Musk Be Smoking Something

No one in his right mind would pay this valuation for a company that makes cars.

Musk's 'Going Private' Tweets Raise Big Legal Questions

Elon Musk's tweets that he's considering taking Tesla private at $420 a share raise significant legal questions.

GrowForce Raises $29 Million for Cannabis M&A

The spinoff of U.S.-based cannabis company MJardin Group is on track to list its shares in Canada later this year.