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Mergers and Acquisitions  

Can Instagram Survive Independent From Facebook?

Is breaking up big tech just another big headache?

United Natural Foods Is Gathering Ingredients For Opportunity

Appetite is growing for UNFI as the company is cutting debt and surpassing consensus earnings' estimates.

I See Green for Bluegreen, Red for Blue Apron Shareholders

Bass Pro Shops deal should boost BXG, reverse-stock split should be ugly for existing APRN shareholders, and Biglari could bounce.

Jim Cramer: Unpacking a Bottom's Tough Work

FedEx's rise on bad news and Facebook's fall on the same are two examples of how it's hard to figure out when enough's enough.

2 Small Biotechs With Sagging Shares but Promising Prospects

The stocks of these two developmental concerns have slid recently, but there are reasons to believe they will improve.

Jim Cramer: Why It Makes Sense for Salesforce to Buy Tableau Software

And why the stock will recover from this hammering on the merger news.

Pension Problems Come With Raytheon, United Technologies Deal

Pensions may not be the sexiest aspect of the merger but it doesn't make them any less important.

Trump Comments Highlight Regulatory Risk for Raytheon, United Technologies

The President voiced concerns about industry consolidation in the defense sector and the prospects for competitively priced government contracts, adding a headache for shareholders on both ends of the deal.

Here's How I'm Playing Salesforce.com Stock Now

I am no longer as eager to sell these shares as when I discussed this merger pre-opening.

This Is a Market Driven More by Price Action Than Headlines

I'm not looking for this market to suddenly reverse to the downside unless it is hit with some surprise news.

Stay Long United Technologies in Midst of Raytheon Deal

United Technologies' plans to hook up with Raytheon could give UTX shares a nice technical boost.

United Technologies Stock Jumps After Defense Deal With Raytheon

United Technologies and Raytheon look to control the aerospace and defense industry with their mega-merger.

I'm Selling Raytheon, Labor Market, Trading Risks: Market Recon

Our brewing Cold War over regional and global spheres of influence with China, has forced some merger activity across the aerospace and defense industry.

Jim Cramer: Why I Like the Proposed United Technologies/Raytheon Merger

Whether it passes antitrust muster or not, it's a good move for UTX.

Wait on Pioneer Natural Resources for a Better Buying Opportunity

The technical action of the oil-and-gas company's shares isn't favorable as it points to further declines in its stock price.

A Bigger Threat to FedEx Than Huawei? U.S. E-Commerce Integration

Retailers with their own courier services and supply chains could cut out a large chunk of FedEx revenue.

Jim Cramer: Global Payments-TSYS, Apple Card-Goldman: It's All About PayPal

Every time you see competitors trying to team up to catch PayPal it just reminds you how PayPal is the undisputed worldwide leader.

SolarCity Isn't Helping Tesla's Energy Ambitions

SolarCity could weigh on TSLA for some time.

Former Dividend Aristocrat HCP Is On the Mend

The REIT that specializes in healthcare properties hit a rough patch that meant cutting its dividend, but it appears to be righting the ship.

Apple Buying Tesla for $240 a Share? I Don't Think So

The headlines I keep seeing talk about if Tesla becomes 'cheap enough' it might get bought.

Watching Huawei's Stay of Execution and Telco Consolidation: Market Recon

Is the temporary license granted for U.S. exports to Huawei part of the ongoing attempt to reach a trade deal -- or is it early stages of what might end up as a protracted cold war?

Huawei Ban Might Offer Opportunity to Non-U.S. Semiconductor Companies

Given the sidestepping of trade restrictions for the European chipmakers, they could be poised to fill the void left by larger U.S. competitors that have long been dominant in the region.

Why an Etsy, Pinterest Partnership Makes Sense

If Pinterest is pinning its hopes of profitability on e-commerce, Etsy would be an excellent choice.

Do the Latest Trade Tensions Put Nvidia's Mellanox Acquisition at Risk?

Nvidia's biggest acquisition is in the hands of Chinese regulators at an inopportune time.

A Review of the Regulatory Hurdles Remaining for the CVS Aetna Acquisition

Aetna's additive effects on CVS's earnings might be front and center, but it isn't fully actualized just yet.

News Surrounds 3 Small Biotechs, With a Merger Claiming One

Two companies in pet pharmaceuticals plan to combine, while two other concerns are worth a look based on developments in their respective spaces.

These 4 Stocks Are Potential Acquisition Candidates

They're cheap, have lots of cash, and/or have fairly strong brand names.

A Tough Week for Biotech, the Candidates' Whipping Boy Again

Talk among a mammoth field of presidential candidates about drug price controls and an expansion of Medicare isn't helping biotech and health care stocks.

Canopy Growth Now Has to be Considered the Leader in the Canadian Cannabis Space

CGC has the best chance to transition to broader success should the U.S. ever go the route of legalization beyond the state level.

Who Might the Oil Majors Acquire Next After Chevron's Anadarko Deal?

A rundown of several oil companies that could soon be on the block.