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Mergers and Acquisitions  

2 Dinged Biotech Stocks That Could Reward Investors in the Months Ahead

Shares of Heron Therapeutics and Myovant Sciences have taken hits but both companies still show promise.

Let's 'Shift' Away From the Bumpy SPAC Action and Turn to INSU

I don't see volatility issues for Insurance Acquisition Corp., which is set to vote on its merger with Shift in mid-October.

'Unstoppable' Nvidia Should Be Watched Closely Near-Term

Now that NVDA stock has gotten caught up in the stock-market pullback, let's see what the charts reveal.

I Think Thursday's Lows Will Offer Downside Support for LCA Holdings II

The October bullish put spread sale opportunity here presents an attractive risk vs. reward.

Nikola Drama Drags Other SPAC Names Downhill, Too

The popularity of special purpose acquisition companies has gotten the attention of the SEC, and now we have questions over FMCI's merger.

I'm Spying a Play on Graf Industrial via the Company's Warrants

The warrants are trading at a fairly heavy discount.

Traders Should Be Careful With DiamondPeak Holdings

Let's review the charts and indicators.

Be Patient and SPACs Will Reward

Here are two plays on special purpose acquisition companies I'm watching right now.

U.S. Investors May Be Offered TikTok Stock Within a Year

An IPO on U.S. markets is in the cards if a proposal to form TikTok Global wins approval in Washington and Beijing.

Capital Raising in Cannabis Falls 67%

Only five companies went public during the first half of 2020 versus 13 in the first half of 2019.

Biotech M&A Picks Up: Lessons for Investors and Potential Targets

The euphoria in biotech stocks Monday was a nice change of pace. It also brought to the forefront some lessons about M&A in this industry.

Nvidia Could Reach New Highs as We Move Into Autumn

NVDA has been a great performer for investors.

Is It Safe Now? Wall Street Bets on Science, Joy in Metville, Citi's Selloff

Electoral risk remains the monster under the bed, and it only grows as our legislators intentionally choose the blame game over honest cooperation.

TikTok Ditches Microsoft, Tries Ties with Oracle

TikTok tries to satisfy the Gordian Knot of Trump push and Chinese pull through partnership deal with Larry Ellison's Oracle.

Spate of Deal News Juices Start of This Week's Trading

We've become accustomed lately to gap-up opens on Mondays, but some fresh acquisition agreements are helping drive this Monday's action.

I See an 'Opendoor' to a Special Investment Strategy

Let's look at the trading opportunities offered by special purpose acquisition companies -- or SPACs.

Hold the Champagne, Big Nuke News, My Adobe Miscue: Market Recon

Plus, Kansas City Southern rejects a reported takeover overture.

Here's Where I'm Seeing Solid Breakouts

As this healthy bounce boosts the market, I'm seeing opportunities in these special purpose acquisition companies.

SPAC Stocks Are a Little Slice of Safe Haven

Look beyond the large-cap technology stocks to find good trades right now.

2 Candidates to Consider as Biotech Buyout Activity Picks Up

A handful of deals have been announced this week alone and they give rise to expectations of more acquisitions to come.

Insurance Acquisition Is Breaking Out to the Upside

If you're looking for something that could work outside of the bigger influences over the next few weeks, INSU could be it.

New Price Targets for Walmart as the Stock Surges on TikTok Bid

Go long WMT or add to longs.

TikTok Is Correct to Sue the U.S. Government

The forced sale of TikTok as a purported national-security threat is simply a move by U.S. politicians to cash in on parental concern, and votes.

PR Blunders Can Also Move Stocks

Let's look at a merger announcement misstep by Net Element and what followed.

What to Expect From Livongo Health Now

Livongo recently agreed to merge with Teladoc Health.

Look for an Eventual Upside Breakout on Analog Devices

Here's our strategy on trading ADI.

After Smoke Clears, Pot Industry Could See M&A Activity Light Up

Real Money tapped an industry expert to discuss the outlook for buying and selling of cannabis companies.

What's the Deal With Net Element?

I'd really love to see management step up and remove the confusion around the upcoming merger with Mullen Technologies.

These 2 Stocks Can Double From Their Current Prices

Both Net Element and Spartan Energy are related to the EV market.

This Stock Is Now Right in My Element: Electric Vehicles

Here's my approach on Net Element as it enters a reverse merger agreement with EV company Mullen Technologies.