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Try on This Revolve Trade for More Upside

RVLV has had a really nice run since its IPO and should continue to dig into Nordstrom's market share.

Alibaba Listing Would Brighten a Hong Kong Darkened by Mainland's Clouds

Alibaba Group appears to be prepping a Hong Kong stock offering that could be worth $20 billion, and give a vote of confidence at a time of great tumult.

It's All About the Fed This Week

The most important thing to know right now is that the technical conditions are very good for a big move on the Fed news this Wednesday.

Time to Get Back to What I Do Best: Shorting Stocks

After a five-year hiatus I'm ready to start throwing whammies in several directions.

Chewy: Why I'm an Enthusiastic Customer but Not a Stockholder

Comparisons between Chewy and dot.com flop Pets.com are fun for nostalgia, but that's where it ends.

As Market Unfazed by Broadcom Drop, IPOs Keep It Hot

Worries of slowing economic growth, trade wars and political problems not seen in today's trading.

Not Ready to Bite into Chewy

Trading today would just be a gamble, and at this price, it's a hard bet.

Chewy's Dual-Class Structure Isn't Ideal for Investors

Chewy is challenging strong criticism with its disparate dual-class structure.

Chewy Aims to Take a Bite Out of the Pet Market on IPO Day

Chewy's initial public offering document has a lot of information for investors to gnaw on, such as its large ongoing losses and its ownership structure.

Go Long on Revolve Group, but Wait for a Better Entry

At 90x earnings, this stock is far too pricey right now.

Can Beyond Meat Beat the Significant Competition Bearing Down on It?

Competition may not be healthy for Beyond Meat's long-term bull case.

Beyond Meat's Sizzle Begins to Cool as Wall Street Warns on Valuation

Beyond Meat has plagued short-sellers post-IPO, but the tide may be turning.

Jim Cramer: There Are Clear Signs of Froth, but Is This Market Out of Control?

The incredible trajectory of Beyond Meat is daunting to those of us who fear a toppy market and the run in the stock is a slap in the face of those who care about too much enthusiasm.

The IPO Market's Staggering Run to Bubble-Like Heights

What happens when the buyers fueling the IPO fervor run out of steam?

Zoom Video's Gains Set the Stage for Slack Technologies Listing

Zoom's gangbusters post-IPO performance should set up Slack's listing nicely.

Zoom Video Will Gap Higher at Friday's Open, So Let's Zoom In on the Charts

Though there isn't much technical data yet for the recent IPO, a key chart indicates more upside could be ahead for the web conferencing service.

Bang! Zoom Video to the Moon on Excellent Earnings

Zoom Video Communications is soaring Friday morning after reporting a very bullish book of business in its first ever public earnings release.

Uber Stock Shifts Upward as Analysts Shout 'Buy' After Quiet Period Expires

Uber is rising as analysts push bullish price targets.

Uber Showing Signs of a Modest Rally, but the Risk/Reward Setup Is Not the Best

A number of recommendations from the sell-side might influence some traders.

Betting Luckin Coffee's Luck Will Run Out

IPO investors might want to cash out on the big gains they've made on Luckin Coffee, the biggest listing of a Chinese company this year. Others shouldn't get in.

Jim Cramer: Uber Caused Uber to Be a Loser

The real culprit? The Process. The process that took too long, and would have led to losses anywhere near these levels.

The Race to Full Self-Driving Is the Real Finish Line for Uber

Uber's IPO move could be a blip on the road to autonomous driving.

The Overhang Caused By This Giant Uber IPO Is Now Mostly Out of the Way

Capital can now reallocate to where it will be treated best.

Uber IPO: Sit Back and Enjoy the Volatile Ride

One has to think if Uber finds a way to rally off its IPO, Softbank may look to hedge some of its position once options open.

Eric Jhonsa Answers Your Questions About Uber, Other Tech Stocks: Live Blog

The tech columnist for RealMoney and TheStreet fields questions about the ridehailing giant's massive IPO and the prospects for a whole host of other technology issues.

Is the Market Ready to Ride With Uber?

Uber is generating both excitement and anxiety on Friday.

The Market Is No Longer Surprised by China Trade News but Can It Find Support?

If Uber breaches the IPO price it is going to have an impact on the broader market.

Uber's IPO Will Tell Us a Lot About This Market

There is good reason to proceed with a high level of caution as the trade issue is sorted out and the market looks for positive catalysts.

'Amazon of Africa' Is More Like a Nigerian Prince Scam, Says This Shortseller

Shortseller Andrew Left says Jumia's post IPO stock jump is built on fraud.

Jim Cramer: Here Are My 'Silent' Thoughts of Wisdom

If you have raised some cash as I told you to, then you will be ready to buy the stocks of high quality companies if they come raining down on you.