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Here's How to Play Palantir -- Even Through the Election

A slew of analysts started coverage on PLTR, and it's generated some buzz for the stock.

U.S. Investors Could Be Shut Out from Third Blockbuster IPO

TikTok's parent reportedly is looking to list the Chinese version of its app in Hong Kong, with U.S. investors also missing out on Ant Group's initial public offering.

MultiPlan Can Plod Along With Slow, but Consistent Growth

The decline of the healthcare firm's stock offers the opportunity to sell out-of-the-money puts for an attractive premium.

How to Play Social Capital III's Purchase of Clover Health

It's not the merits of the deal from a long-term perspective I want to trade. It's the beat down of the stock from above $13 to under $11.

GoodRx Hasn't Been Public Long But Here's What We Know

GDRX will not stay in a tight range for long.

The Emotion of Traders Can Overwhelm Even the Most Efficient of Markets

It's not a terrible time to step away from a sector you view irrational to the upside or downside.

I See Fuel Left for Rocket Companies

RKT has an upside target of around $24.50 to $25. Here's how to play it.

Investing in SPACs? Then Up Your Due Diligence

Are founders/sponsors incentivized to do a bad deal rather than no deal at all? I'd posit that they are.

The Great SPAC Debate

We need to examine the idea of a SPAC pre-merger and post-merger.

2 Dinged Biotech Stocks That Could Reward Investors in the Months Ahead

Shares of Heron Therapeutics and Myovant Sciences have taken hits but both companies still show promise.

My Crystal Ball Sees Palantir's Opening as Shaking Up This Stock

We'll witness some action in Suro Capital, which has an ownership stake dating back to when Palantir was private.

Chipmakers in China and Japan Jolted by U.S. Security Restrictions

SMIC and Toshiba affiliate hurt by further export curbs on chipmakers dealing with China.

U.S. Investors to Get Easy ETF Access to Ant Group and China's Nasdaq

Ant Group has passed muster for a Shanghai IPO on the STAR Market, which soon should see its first index-tracking exchange traded funds.

Compass Pathways Takes Investors on a Trip to Higher Prices

Fresh off IPO, company sees mushrooming opportunity in psilocybin.

TikTok and WeChat Spared Trump's Wrath at Last Minute

Newly formed TikTok Global will remain a Chinese subsidiary, but plans an IPO, while WeChat is spared a U.S. ban by court action.

U.S. Investors May Be Offered TikTok Stock Within a Year

An IPO on U.S. markets is in the cards if a proposal to form TikTok Global wins approval in Washington and Beijing.

Capital Raising in Cannabis Falls 67%

Only five companies went public during the first half of 2020 versus 13 in the first half of 2019.

The Fed's Message, Market Reaction, Snowflake's Blizzard, JFrog, TikTok/Oracle

At least part of the market's negative reaction to the Fed on Wednesday may be tied to two factors.

Full Plate for the Market: Fed, FATMAAN, JFrog, Snowflake

A little of everything was offered up on Wednesday, but still we lack clarity on where we might be heading.

Jim Cramer: This Is What's Chilling About Snowflake's IPO

We're seeing the potential start of an epic deluge of new stock from companies that are private and eager to cash out, and guess who will be the losers?

Market Still Looks Healthy as Fed Stays Steady

While those with a bearish bent often look for a 'sell the news' reaction to the Fed, that usually doesn't happen, but let's keep watch.

Energy Moves, Party City May Soon Celebrate, Keeping a Close Eye on Snowflake

I would consider rotating some big tech gains into energy, that is if you have tech gains.

Snowflake's IPO, Fed Day, Trading Adobe, Cut Kraft?: Market Recon

The FOMC, and Powell himself, will have to address the central bank's plan to target average consumer level inflation over time.

Yum China to Sell Hong Kong Shares at a 6% Discount to U.S. Price

The fast-food purveyor is part of a trend of Hong Kong stock offerings, with potentially the largest stock sale in history waiting in the wings.

I've Found 4 SPACtacular Places to Invest Now

'Experts' can talk about how the current SPAC wave is unhealthy or broken, but the system has been broken for a long time.

Ant Group Plans What May Prove World's Largest Ever IPO

The operator of Alipay could raise as much as US$30 billion when it skips U.S. markets with same-time listings in Hong Kong, Shanghai.

Different Name, Same Great Dividend Opportunity

Sutter Rock Capital Corp. is now called SuRo Capital Corp., but still offers investors a way to play the pre-IPO market and collect a yield of 4.2%.

Lemonade Is in Balance but Could Squeeze Out an Upside Breakout Soon

What to look out for at the recent IPO that's disrupting the insurance industry.

Sour or Sweet? A Look at Recent IPO Lemonade

Two candlestick charts provide us with some clues to work with.

Covid-19 Complications, Grocery Store-y, More on Moderna: Market Recon

Plus, a closer look at Thursday's late-day rally and at actions impacting the nation's big banks.