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Coinbase's Market Cap Is Too Huge for Competitors to Ignore It Any Longer

Yes, COIN is only one company, one stock, but it's a mountain of emotion right now.

I've Got Wine and Baseball Cards on My Mind

Two new IPOs are on my radar.

Southeast Asian Superapp Grab Could Set SPAC Record

The deal for Grab would involve U.S. tech venture capital firm Altimeter Capital Management.

Now There's an Opportunity for Trading IPOs

I've watched new issue after new issue open lower, then bounce hard.

Shark Bites: Using Game Theory to Trade the New Soaring Eagle SPAC

This game being widely played right now is part of the reason it is so easy for new SPACs to keep raising money.

Churchill Capital IV's Candlestick Chart Nailed the Top in the SPAC

There were bearish signs in the stock late last week, with the shares plunging Tuesday after a go-public deal with Lucid Motors.

SPAC Mania, My Short-Sale Rule, Inflation, Bumble IPO, Rivian, Trading Nvidia

Who knew high finance was so easy? And why the heck was I working so hard? Fundamental analysis is so 1980s.

TikTok Competitor Kuaishou Sees Shares Triple in Debut

With its listing in Hong Kong, Kuaishou Technology has beaten short-video competitor ByteDance to the punch in selling shares to a demanding public

Vaping Company First Major Chinese Listing on U.S. Markets This Year

The maker of the RELX brand of vape pens and e-cigarettes - the market leader in China - hopes to take the company global.

A Buy and Hold Play With Hennessy Capital V

HCICU hit the public markets today.

ContextLogic Is a Recent IPO Without Love, but Here's How I'm Trading It

The fundamentals and analyst rah-rah isn't there right now.

Cash Flow Never Lies

The numbers tell the story and not the other way around. Don't forget that.

I See a Window of Opportunity in This Dividend Stock

Here's a quick study on why SuRo Capital could reward investors -- but you'll have to make your move before this time closes.

Hong Kong Makes Run at Ousting Nasdaq for Biotech Dominance

A flurry of healthcare IPOs in Hong Kong since a rule change in 2018 has been impressive.

Jim Cramer: How Can You Put a Number on These IPOs?

With these huge initial public offerings in Airbnb, DoorDash and Snowflake, we have to think about how much sense their valuations make; the logic behind them might surprise you.

Season of the Witch, Indices Run Wild, Enter Moderna, FedEx Delivers

Plus, Coinbase files for an eventual initial public offering that should draw a ton of interest.

Toss a Bitcoin Into the Mix, and Make a WISH

Despite a holiday drop off looming, we still have movement in bitcoin-related names, the Robinhood folks keep going, and check out ContextLogic's offering.

Momentum Continues to Run Even as Bulls Grow Nervous

There is some concern about the formation of a bubble, which makes keeping an eye on individual holdings critical.

Fishing for Individual Stocks Remains the Way to Go in This Market

Some markets are index-driven, but not this one, which makes finding good stock picks the approach to take in navigating it.

Jim Cramer: History Will Repeat Itself If We Don't Fix the IPO Market

Let me tell you what happened in 1999-2000 and what's happening now, and how it doesn't have to happen again.

Recent Flurry of Stock Offerings Provides Excuse for Corrective Action

Both IPOs and secondary offerings sopped up some excess liquidity and are contributing to a market pause as Friday trading begins.

Market Absorbs Big IPO Moves, but With a Few Hiccups

Indexes hold steady after several offerings eclipse opening prices in the past two days.

IPO Jitters Aside, I See No Change in Market Character

Here's how I see the action now, and my take on new public offerings and the current worry of some investors.

DoorDash and Other Offerings Trigger Some Corrective Action

Despite negative volatility, at this point it looks like a pause in the uptrend and not a major top.

3 Reasons Not to Be Aggressive, IPO Jenga, Facebook Sued, Disney's Big Night

Long-term investors need to understand that an over-reliance upon tracking funds will ultimately exacerbate volatility, and once everyone is standing on the same side of the ship, destabilize financial systems.

I See More Speculative Action on the Way

IPOs will continue to suck up more liquidity, but it appears that buyers are lurking under the surface and are just waiting for some entry points.

Jim Cramer: The Market Looks Like a Giant Game of Jenga

... And the DoorDash IPO pulled out a block from it, bringing the whole thing down. Here's what to look for as two more major offerings are coming.

Here's Where to Look Amid This Mad DASH on the Market

As the DoorDash IPO and Thursday's Airbnb offering get all the eyes, I'm watching special purpose acquisition companies, and here's why.

Small Investors Feast on SPACs as They're Shut Out of DoorDash

The action in the SPAC names is classic 'hot sector' trading.

How Confident Are Investors? Covid Vaccine Headway, DoorDash IPO, Trading Pfizer

There is little to no fear in the air, relative to what we as investors, and we as a people, have been through.