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Market Eats Up Pinterest and Zoom IPOs and Yawns at Mueller Report

The current picture of mixed action for a market still very close to its all-time highs is something to watch.

Jim Cramer: Zoom, Pinterest and the Irrational Exuberance of This Market

These stocks are too hot. There's just not enough money chasing hotness.

IPO Investors Should Take Note of Pinterest's Dual Class Share Structure

Pinterest isn't exactly bringing the power to the people.

A Primer for the Pinterest Public Offering on Thursday

The company is a total ROI story, but can it share positive returns with IPO investors?

Lyft Is Way Oversold: Play It With Options for a Bounce

Lyft's big selloff has been silly.

FOMC, Q1 Earnings, Brexit, IPOs, Disney Investor Day: Market Recon

Nations will never abandon the debt super-cycle that they have created unless there is a public loss of faith in fiat.

Levi Strauss Results Show Solid Macro Footing for V.F. Corp. Spinoff

The global denim jeans market in the U.S. is set to grow from $66 billion in 2018 to over $85 billion in 2025.

I Don't Understand the Excitement About Levi Strauss

When you break down the net income number it really isn't that impressive.

Levi Strauss Leaps as Growth Story Gains Traction

The apparel maker is convincing investors that its growth thesis might be a comfortable fit.

Hope May Be Misplaced in General Electric's Turnaround as Recession Risk Looms

Time could run out before Larry Culp can complete his turnaround plan at GE.

Stepping Carefully Into the Second Quarter

The potential for so-so earnings results among the S&P 500 and an initial lackluster response to IPOs could cause investors to pause a bit after a strong first three months of 2019.

GE Stock Jolted as Key Analyst Cuts Target Price

GE stock hasn't solved its free cash flow conundrum, and might not for some time, says a key analyst.

2 Key Earnings Reports I'm Watching This Week

This week is shaping up to be a big one for these names.

Short-Seller Says Only Amateurs Would Bet Against Lyft

Don't get carried away with bearish bets before enough information arises.

Secondary Offerings and IPOs Are Causing Painful Rotations

They seem to have sucked up a lot of capital in this market.

The Power of Trade Headlines Is Diminishing

There are a few signs of problems so don't get too comfortable with long positions.

Jim Cramer: Lyft Was Cooler Than Being Cool Until It Turned Ice Cold

I have had to think long and hard about Lyft, the stock, not the ride-sharing company.

Lyft's Aggressive IPO Pricing Was a Mistake

Poor trading action in Lyft will likely create some distrust of upcoming IPOs, and Uber in particular.

Markets End the Quarter on a High Note, Even as Lyft IPO Runs Out of Gas

While this may have been the best quarter since 2009, we are heading into a weaker period of time seasonally.

Uber vs. Lyft: The Tale of the Titanic IPO Tape

Who you gonna call for a ride?

Jim Cramer: I Regard Lyft's $87 Opening as a Win for the System

Lyft will have to grow into this market cap. I think it will do it.

Lyft and the IPO Casino

Forget the NCAA tournament, it's all about the IPO casino.

The Best Approach to Trading Lyft

Valuation and all the other issues that are being discussed are secondary to the price action.

Warren Buffett Hasn't Bought an IPO Since 1955: Should You Invest in Lyft Now?

Here's how I approach IPOs and what I think about Lyft.

Investors Are Eager to Ride With Lyft IPO on Friday

Lyft's IPO is looking like a party bus, but how long can the sentiment stay strong?

Lyft IPO and Quarter-End Asset Allocation Maneuvers Will Come Into Play Friday

The bulls may not be doing much but the bears are doing even less.

Jim Cramer: The Goodness of Owning Stocks With Your Mad Money

Starting with Lyft, individual stocks are going to make a comeback. I sense the excitement and the possibilities. But don't leave it to just the IPOs.

Jim Cramer: Lyft, IPOs, Supply and Demand

All of the semis, the cloud kings, software, all for sale.

Jim Cramer: Here Comes the Lyft IPO

I am going to lay it all out for you so you understand what happened today and what will continue to happen now that we are in the IPO gauntlet.

Unimpressive and Lackluster Trading Action

Right now it is time for some patience and vigilance.