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Different Name, Same Great Dividend Opportunity

Sutter Rock Capital Corp. is now called SuRo Capital Corp., but still offers investors a way to play the pre-IPO market and collect a yield of 4.2%.

Lemonade Is in Balance but Could Squeeze Out an Upside Breakout Soon

What to look out for at the recent IPO that's disrupting the insurance industry.

Sour or Sweet? A Look at Recent IPO Lemonade

Two candlestick charts provide us with some clues to work with.

Covid-19 Complications, Grocery Store-y, More on Moderna: Market Recon

Plus, a closer look at Thursday's late-day rally and at actions impacting the nation's big banks.

Bill Ackman Jumps Into the SPAC Fray

The question we'll need answered is: will taking a stake in an already traded large company offer a premium return? The answer: it depends.

Royalty Pharma Charts Require a Little Creativity With Initial IPO Trading

The sample size is small, but it appears traders are bullish on the biotech stock.

Cannabis SPACs Are the Only Game in Town

With over $2.5 billion raised by SPACs in the cannabis industry, there is more buying power in the market that is fueling new M&A activity.

Jim Cramer: We're at a Crossroads With China

What's the plan? It's anybody's guess, which is really, in the end, what matters.

Playing for Profits With Video Gaming Stocks

Video gaming has been a beneficiary of the 'stay-at-home' theme during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Thai Surgical Glove Maker Uses Surge in Demand to Go Public

Sri Trang Gloves, a subsidiary of the world's largest producer of natural rubber, is in the process of getting its initial public offering off the ground in Bangkok.

Let This IPO-Maker Make You Some Dividend Cash

Sutter Rock is a rare find worth checking out for dividend seekers -- and it's got a 13% dividend yield.

Luckin Coffee: The Luck Runs Out

I warned when Luckin Coffee went public in May 2019 that the story was too good to be true. It was.

Jim Cramer: Thank Casper, the Unfriendly IPO, for Keeping the Market in Check

The mattress maker's dismal IPO should discourage other money-losing unicorns from going public and should promote a more disciplined environment.

Jim Cramer: Uber and Pinterest Step Up, Casper Not So Much

UBER and PINS make me feel that they have pivoted from unicorn status and are now about showing Wall Street that they can make a lot of money if they want to.

Pinterest Has Regained My Interest: Here's Why

There's a theme in play here on several levels.

This Cosmetic Surgery Play Looks Attractive for 2020

A solid fourth-quarter report could bring momentum players back to this Israeli company with great growth potential.

3 Busted IPOs That Could Be Good Investments

This unloved part of the market has frequently produced some of the biggest gainers within my personal portfolio over the years.

This Sleeper Name Could Wake Up in 2020

I see attractive potential for this recent IPO if it can nail down a few new customers.

This 'Dog' Could Have Its Day in 2020

Want another pick for this year? A recent IPO is in a good position to be a top momentum name.

Last Year Was One to Hold Your Nose When It Came to IPOs

Despite the strength in equities in 2019, several high-profile initial public offerings landed with large thuds and have struggled since.

The Broken IPO Strategy

I'll be looking harder for some January effect plays and one of the prime areas for that is the broken IPOs that are trading near lows.

Fashion a Trade for 2020 in This Unicorn

Look for Revolve to have a great 2020.

With Saudi Aramco IPO, Saudis Have Another, Huge Reason to Support Oil's Price

And we could be in the middle of the perfect storm for oil markets, where prices can rise aggressively through the first quarter.

3 Tech Themes That Played Out In 2019

The trio involves unicorns, the FAANG stocks and blockchain.

When Duty Calls: How to Play Recent IPO PagerDuty

PD could rally further after a retest of the November low.

2 Biotech Stocks to Check Out After Karuna Therapeutics' Rocket-Like Surge

Like Karuna, Sage Therapeutics and Intra-Cellular Therapies also deal in treatments in the mental health arena.

InMode Has Tripled Since Its IPO: Here's How to Play It Now

Let's check out the charts of this medical technologies company.

Can RealReal Stock Defy the Shorts?

Let's check out the charts of this recent IPO.

From the Frontlines of a Hong Kong in a Manufactured 'Total Collapse'

The police in Hong Kong are being encouraged to crack down harder and harder on pro-democracy demonstrators that Beijing dubs "terrorists." Cracking down is not working.

Grocery Outlet Shares Are Poised to Rally

Technical analysis and trading strategy on this seller of mostly close out or seasonal merchandise and food staples.