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2 Slumping IPOs With Charts Worth Checking Out

Revolve Group and The RealReal have had a few rough weeks, but let's see what their charts may say about the road ahead.

Here's a Strategy to Put Slack to WORK

Following its recent initial public offering, Slack has marched downward, but a close above $32 would place it above its resistance level for the first time since it opened for trading.

Why Wall Street Is Still Riding With Uber

Uber's crash on earnings does not mean the stock is totaled according to analysts covering the stock.

Uber Crashes on Earnings as Losses Accelerate, Erasing Early Optimism

Uber Technologies is taking longer than anticipated to reach profitability as the differences between its business and Lyft become more pronounced.

Lyft Drives Higher as Strong Earnings Outlook Outweighs Lockup Concerns

Lyft is beginning to drive towards profitability as duopoly dynamics set in.

Beyond Meat Chewed Up as Secondary Offering Takes Bite Out of Bullishness

The secondary offering of the producer of plant-based meat substitutes is priced well below its Wednesday's close.

Beyond Meat Is Still on the Menu, For Now

This high-flying IPO is experiencing the effects of gravity.

Pinterest: Pin This Aggressive Trade on Your Board

Sometimes you need to be a little aggressive to get the names that appeal to you.

Ironman Owner Has False Start With Nasdaq Listing

The tepid response shown to Wanda Sports Group is at odds with the strong performance of Chinese stock markets, suggesting U.S. listings are not the way for Chinese companies to go.

Spinoff Kontoor Brands Isn't Off to a Rousing Start

The maker of Wranger and Lee jeans has lost about one-fifth of its value since it came to market in late May.

You Can't Wrangle Over Levi's Coolness, but You Can Over Its Earnings

Levi Strauss & Co. missed expectations, but the iconic brand has history and an aggressive strategy, so here's how loyalists can play the stock.

Levi Strauss Pullback Has More to Do With an Inflated IPO

Now that things have corrected, LEVI stock might be offering some opportunities.

Wall Street Still Won Over By Levi Strauss Stock Story Amid Steep Slide

Levi's could get another lift in coming months if analyst advice is accurate.

Levi Strauss Could Droop Near Term, and We'll See If It Shapes Up From There

The jeans maker went public in March and doesn't offer much price action to work with, so it's challenging to draw conclusions about the stock's direction post-earnings.

Levi Strauss Sags as Earnings Results Don't Fit Expectations

The second post-IPO quarterly report of the jeans maker disappoints.

Jim Cramer: Be Aware of Possible IPO-O, aka Initial Public Offering Overload

Do we finally have too many new stocks, and are we running out of ammunition to buy them without wholesale liquidation of other stocks?

Jitters Not Justified

Despite steady selling Thursday the markets are not on the verge of disaster -- and thanks to several IPOs, opportunities are here.

Tencent-Backed WeDoctor Scraps International Listing for Shanghai

The healthcare app creator reportedly shelves a Hong Kong listing in favor of "China's Nasdaq" due to data privacy and transparency concerns.

Jim Cramer: Beware the Second Coming of the 'Red Hots'

Stocks that rip higher in parabolic fashion are incredible until they are terrible.

Slack Marches to the Beat of a Different Drum in Unicorn Parade

Will Slack help set a new trend for IPO strategy among red-hot technology companies?

Try on This Revolve Trade for More Upside

RVLV has had a really nice run since its IPO and should continue to dig into Nordstrom's market share.

Alibaba Listing Would Brighten a Hong Kong Darkened by Mainland's Clouds

Alibaba Group appears to be prepping a Hong Kong stock offering that could be worth $20 billion, and give a vote of confidence at a time of great tumult.

It's All About the Fed This Week

The most important thing to know right now is that the technical conditions are very good for a big move on the Fed news this Wednesday.

Time to Get Back to What I Do Best: Shorting Stocks

After a five-year hiatus I'm ready to start throwing whammies in several directions.

Chewy: Why I'm an Enthusiastic Customer but Not a Stockholder

Comparisons between Chewy and dot.com flop Pets.com are fun for nostalgia, but that's where it ends.

As Market Unfazed by Broadcom Drop, IPOs Keep It Hot

Worries of slowing economic growth, trade wars and political problems not seen in today's trading.

Not Ready to Bite into Chewy

Trading today would just be a gamble, and at this price, it's a hard bet.

Chewy's Dual-Class Structure Isn't Ideal for Investors

Chewy is challenging strong criticism with its disparate dual-class structure.

Chewy Aims to Take a Bite Out of the Pet Market on IPO Day

Chewy's initial public offering document has a lot of information for investors to gnaw on, such as its large ongoing losses and its ownership structure.

Go Long on Revolve Group, but Wait for a Better Entry

At 90x earnings, this stock is far too pricey right now.