The Ramifications of China's Currency Maneuvers

Is China willing to risk a global recession to hurt Trump's chances in 2020?

Jim Cramer: Does Anyone Really Think China Isn't a Currency Manipulator?

It would help if our allies -- particularly the Germans -- were to agree with our Treasury Secretary, because they have much more to lose from a devaluation of the yuan than we do.

Trade War Reignited: 6 Reasons Why It's Worse This Time

Markets got hit hard in May when trade talks broke down and the president instituted new tariffs, but things are different now.

Hong Kong's Stocks and China's Yuan Weaken, for Very Different Reasons

A general strike on Monday in Hong Kong finally has hit its stock market, while the yuan has fallen past 7.0 to the U.S. dollar thanks to trade woes.

Trade War, Currency War or Cold War?: Market Recon

The Chinese currency, the yuan, was permitted on Monday to smash through what has been considered to be the important psychological level of 7 to 1.

Powell Wishing on a Crystal Ball as Fed Cuts Rates

There is a real risk brewing in global financial markets.

Jim Cramer: Don't Fight the Fed

With the backdrop of an expected rate cut, Boeing wavering, retailers scrambling, and an ongoing tariff war with China, understand that your playbook is to buy stocks and hold them for as long as your homework shows that their businesses remain strong.

Prepare for a Potential Currency Market Shakeup

We've been doing this long enough to know quiet currency markets are temporary.

Market Touches 3000 on Fed Talk, But Will Powell's Words Lose Power?

The market has been running on hopes of a dovish Fed, but when will the market stop celebrating the same news over and over?

Enter Chinese Currency Policy 7.0

China will likely soon allow the yuan to fall past 7.0 to the U.S. dollar, and the move's effects will spillover as the rest of Asia weakens.