A Strong Dollar Could Undermine These 3 Stocks With Massive Overseas Revenue

Two are household names, and the entire trio could see their results dinged by a greenback that continues to rise against foreign currencies.

Rumors of the Euro's Death Are Greatly Exaggerated

Nobody thinks the euro can recover, but in the big picture, a $1.00 euro is probably as unsustainable as the $1.60 euro was in 2008.

Recession-Bound Japan Aided by Weak Yen on Exports

With the yen testing ¥137 and stubbornly staying above ¥135 to the U.S. dollar, Japanese exporters will benefit from a currency-exchange boon to the bottom line.

The Japanese Yen Is Like a Pressure Cooker and the Lid's About to Blow Off

Most do not look at the Yen but it has been the source of great pain in past systemic collapses.

Yen Breaks ¥135 to Hit 24-Year Low

The Japanese currency has broken through the resistance experienced in recent periods of weakness, leaving at its lowest levels against the U.S. dollar since 1998.

It All Comes Down to Jobs and Prices

As the battle against inflation rages on, we're now up against Friday's jobs report. Here's my take on both.

Bettin' a Buck on Devon

Here's where I see Devon Energy going and how to play it.

Fundamentals? It Has All Been About Central Bank Liquidity!

All eyes will be on the Fed this Wednesday to see if this 'weakness' will or can cause them to reverse their policy.

The Dollar's Parabolic Rise Is Hard to Ignore

This is a massive move in the world of currencies.

Trading Dollar Strength Through 2 Funds

I'm thinking this may be a time when the old K.I.S.S. principle comes into play.