The Market Is Trying to Front Run the Fed Amid Multiple Variables

Expect the Fed to continue sharply raising interest rates as the August CPI inflation reading was higher than expected.

Yen Set to Weaken Further From 24-Year Low

Although Japanese central bankers say they are watching the currency, they show no sign of intervention -- probably because intervention is unlikely to work.

4 Retailers to Consider to Avoid the Decimated Euro's Downer Effect on Earnings

These companies are shielded from the euro's sharp drop against the U.S. dollar as they have no locations in Europe.

Being Long the U.S. Dollar Isn't as 'Easy' as Some Say

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The Dollar Is Whispering to Investors, So Listen

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Stock Traders Need to Be Currency Conscious as the Euro Is Crushed

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Summer Beatdown, Run for the Hills? SOX Socked, Hedge Fund Bets, Monday's Buys

Sellers went into Friday with huge six-to eight-week profits, and came out of Monday with cash in hand.

Japan Rises Above Pre-Covid Levels, Set for 3 Years of Growth

The tortoise of Japan may be far behind the hare in the West, but Tokyo is pacing itself for steady multiyear growth.

Lessons of 'Big Short' Apply Now: Read the Warning Signs, Stay Agile

This notable Wall Street trader refuses to see the glass as half full right now, and a key SEC filing shows a potential play for fast traders.

Getting in the Right Position Is What Matters Most Right Now

Let's look at whether we're seeing a bear market bounce and if money is still chasing too few assets, as well as what could trigger the 'Mother of All Squeezes.'