Is a Correction Looming Ahead?

If we get to giddy and the number of stocks making new highs is still low and breadth has not expanded, then we'll be set up for a correction.

Soybeans, Oil and Other Indicators Say a Trade Deal Isn't a Done Deal

Something is amiss, as macro asset classes are pricing a slower-growth, risk-averse environment ahead.

Dollar and Yield Curve Rise -- But Is Anyone Looking?

The 10-year and 2-year Treasury yield curve is on the verge of hitting a four-month high and no one seems to care, nor do they that the dollar is rising. Blame it on complacency.

Cryptocurrency Comeback Could Be Benefiting Semi Stocks

Crypto could be carrying, rather than crashing semi stocks once again.

Don't Fight the People's Bank of China

With both the Fed and PBC providing cheap capital, the market has a wind at its back.

How to Play the Fed's Gift to the Markets (One Way Is With Netflix)

Wednesday was the first day that Netflix traded on above-average volume since Jan. 24.

Stocks Rattled By Growth, Trade Woes - Where Can Investors Find Value? Podcast

U.S. stocks closed out their worst week of the year Friday as investors shed risk around the world following a collapse in China exports, a sharp downgrade for European economic growth and a dismal reading for American job creation in the month of February.

Jim Cramer: The Global Rout Story

How did our stock market do during these endless global routs? Better than everyone else.

A Possible Saucer Bottom Pattern in the Chart of Gold Bullion

I think you should consider that gold prices and mining companies could be considerably higher later in 2019 and 2020.

Does the Fed Know Something We Don't?

The Fed is bending over backward to be dovish.