As Market Unfazed by Broadcom Drop, IPOs Keep It Hot

Worries of slowing economic growth, trade wars and political problems not seen in today's trading.

Tiffany's Little Blue Boxes Are Sending Out Mixed Technical Signals

Shares of Tiffany have reached a downside price target, but the jeweler's stock price is still in a downtrend.

Shut Out the News And Things Still Look Bad

Follow the technical analysis rule of blocking out the headlines, and things still look awful -- the charts, the number of stocks making new 52-week lows, exchange-traded funds to be long high yield bond and junk bonds, and more.

Is the U.S. Dollar Index Poised to Weaken?

A weaker dollar would give the gold market a push.

Economic Storm Clouds Over Europe

The main concern for investors remains escalating trade tensions between the U.S. and China.

This Is a Market Under Stress

This could either be a brilliant buying opportunity or a value trap. If a trade deal is not reached by the end of June, this selloff can get a lot worse.

Is This Market Bearish or Indecisive?

It depends on whether you see the S&P 500 chart as 'triangle' or a 'flag' -- but either way, let's just hope the market starts to move and gets out of its malaise.

What Comes First, a Trade Deal or Stagflation?

It seems the market has not learned its lesson.

A Tale of Two Markets

Individual stock charts show that in this rally, one set of stocks -- the haves -- is moving up big-time, while another set -- the have-nots -- is barely budging.

Walmart's International Expansion Encourages Analysts

Despite trade tensions, Walmart's global business shows solid growth.