The Best of Both Worlds in 2023

In a recession, we want to own consumer staples. In a weak-dollar scenario, we want to own U.S. companies that earn a substantial portion of their income overseas. One name accomplishes both.

Do Precious Metals Know Something the Equity Markets Do Not?

We shall see as 2023 begins to unfold, with the movement of the dollar being a key factor for how various asset classes will move.

Surprise Central Bank Change Makes Case for Unhedged Japan Stocks

The Bank of Japan shocked world markets with a tweak of its super-easy monetary policy, pushing yen gains that are likely to be sustained in 2023.

Don't Push the Dow Too Hard

The index is looking fragile. Also, let's check bonds, the buck, volatility and new highs.

As the Market Cheers the Soft Data, Let the Hedge Funds Play Their Games

When positions get too one-sided, they can snap back in the opposite way -- but that may not mean there is a change in trend.

Every Hang Seng Component Rises as Hong Kong Market Follows Wall Street's Lead

The hint of easing inflation has produced a spike in Asia's most-battered market, with a tweak of China's Covid quarantine rules thrown in for good measure.

FTX Crypto Debacle Shows Again How You Can Be Slaughtered Following the Herd

The likelihood that big-name celebrities and investment firms will suffer significant losses due to FTX's troubles illustrates why it's always best to do your own due diligence before investing.

Buck-ing a Trendline?

Let's look at the Dollar Index, the emerging markets exchange-traded fund and the bout of volatility.

Overhyped Overbought, Yield Inversion, Fed Forecast, Oil, Biden and Windfalls

The tradable bottom of October 13 stands firm for now. At least until Jay and the gang re-emerge from their caves.

Big-Cap Tech and Broader Market Square Off in a Tug of War Yet to Be Resolved

This is a very unusual divergence and is likely to be a very messy and volatile process.