Yen at Lowest Levels Since New Kids on the Block Were New

The Japanese currency is not far off ¥150 to the U.S. dollar, with another surge based on the discrepancy between tame price changes at home and rampant U.S. inflation.

The US Dollar: What Goes Up Must Come Down

With the greenback at all-time highs it doesn't make sense to try and play catch up right now.

Fed in Overdrive, Economic Hardship, Technical Rally?, Credit Suisse, OPEC+

In the here and now, it does appear to me, at least the broader US equity markets are potentially set up for a technical rally this week.

Wham Bam Thursday, Fed Hammer, Currency Warriors, Tradeable Bottom Near?

Plus, Meta Platforms plans to cut back on staffing levels, and PepsiCo reportedly may do the same.

Don't Central Banks Get That They Are Making the Problem Worse?

Their moves threaten to make inflation a problem for years to come.

The Dollar Doesn't Matter to Most Traders Until It Does… and It Matters Now

That's why I have my eyes on a bullish dollar ETF in hopes of spotting a bearish reversal.

Believe in a Soft Landing ... Yeah, and That Inflation Was 'Transitory'

Let's look at just how much lower we can go, how much higher rates can rise and what's flying in the U.K. and Japan.

Currency Check: The Chinese Yuan Flirts With a New Low

Let's look at the movement in the yuan.

The Fed Is Coming Hard, and We Should Be Relieved

The central bank needs to restore price stability while preserving the strength of the US dollar for the long-term good of the economy.

London Calling: U.K.'s 10-Year Gilt Shocks the System

Let's check out the dumpster fire in the United Kingdom -- just as we were turning to Japan's yen move.