2 Charts That Shouldn't Be Ignored

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No Rotation, No Panic, Nasdaq's Crucial Line, Tesla's Truly Bad Day, Apple Stung

We must see equity markets, the Nasdaq Composite and Nasdaq 100 in particular, fight back this week to keep on believing in this market.

Weakening Dollar, Fiscal Relief Gridlock, Walmart+, Trading Albemarle

Also, interpreting Tuesday's market, Covid-19 vaccine update, and manufacturing growth.

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What Did the Fed Really Tell Us at Jackson Hole - Implications for the Dollar?

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There's Not a Single Dollar Bull Left!

Make no mistake, we're at the beginning of the demise of the dollar, but we're still years away from a total collapse.

A Day Late and a Dollar Short?

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Is It Inflation or Deflation? You Can't Have Both

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