Bet Your Bottom Dollar (That Few People Are Watching the U.S. Dollar)

Yet the buck finds itself testing support for the second time in a week and the fifth time this year. Here's what that means for investors.

Powell, How Would You Rate Inflation Now?

As real inflation ticks higher and much faster than actual GDP growth momentum, then it starts to become a real scare, an inflation scare.

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The Hour Glass Phenomena, Oh Canada, Portfolio Haircut, Earth Day, ESG Investing

Canada made the developed world's first moves toward normalizing monetary policy coming out of the pandemic, despite the fact that Canada does not seem to be flattening its own curve.

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I would look for the dollar rally to begin to reverse direction by the latter part of the second quarter of 2021.

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Speculative longs have liquidated most of their holdings, suggesting there could be plenty of pent-up buying if sentiment changes.

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The Nasdaq Composite and Nasdaq 100 remain in negative trends.