Market Touches 3000 on Fed Talk, But Will Powell's Words Lose Power?

The market has been running on hopes of a dovish Fed, but when will the market stop celebrating the same news over and over?

Enter Chinese Currency Policy 7.0

China will likely soon allow the yuan to fall past 7.0 to the U.S. dollar, and the move's effects will spillover as the rest of Asia weakens.

The Weak Dollar Is the Main Force in the Market Right Now

Gold continues to run higher as the dollar continues to collapse.

Watch the Worriers in the Rear-View Mirror

This is a market that is trending and hitting new highs, and it's better to fret about what might go right rather than what may go wrong.

Stocks and Bonds Won't Be the Only Assets Reacting to the Fed: Watch Commodities

Commodity prices are highly influenced by action in the currency markets which will undoubtedly have something to say about the Federal Reserve meeting.

Is Facebook's Blockchain Bet the Next Big Thing in Big Tech?

Is Libra the next tectonic shift in tech? Is it even a cryptocurrency at all?

Libra: What You Need to Know About Facebook's New Cryptocurrency

Facebook's first blockchain-backed payment initiative is here. Here's what investors and crypto enthusiasts need to know.

Dawn of the Fed

Try if you will to mute out the news, but the indicators are heading into the Fed-meeting in no man's land.

The One Geopolitical Event That Could Surprise Markets the Most

There's a lot going on right now and the markets (and media) have difficulty latching on to more than three or four stories at a time.

Market and Trump Forcing Powell to Make a Decision

The Fed needs the justification from the data to be able to cut -- it does not have that green light yet.