The Dollar Index Continues to Strengthen

I would look for the dollar rally to begin to reverse direction by the latter part of the second quarter of 2021.

Can Gold Regain Its Luster?

Speculative longs have liquidated most of their holdings, suggesting there could be plenty of pent-up buying if sentiment changes.

3 Reasons Why We Have Raised Our Market Outlook

The Nasdaq Composite and Nasdaq 100 remain in negative trends.

Unconvincing Rally, U.S. Dollar, Friday's 800-Pound Gorilla, Playing Pepper

Everything came up roses Monday -- except for what matters most, broad participation.

Clues for When the Speculative Party in Commodities and Stocks May End

Fundamentals are failing us; it is all about the greenback, "green" bets and easy-money policies.

Time to Take Some Bitcoin Chips Off the Table

Here's what has me nervous now.

Bitcoin Stampede, Buying Gold and Silver, Buffett's Stock Moves, Palantir

The acceptance by corporate America and the rest of corporate earth certainly makes knocking bitcoin off of its pedestal more difficult.

Tesla, Bitcoin, and Gold

For those who have not gone the extra mile of investing in bitcoin directly, investing in TSLA could be a semi-covert way of doing so.

New to the Dollar Menu: This UUP Trade

In the near term, look for the greenback to move higher.

Wednesday's Woe, Biden's Plan, U.S. Dollar, J&J Vaccine, Trading Intel

We are going to live again. You will dance in the aisle at some concert whose performer I have never heard of, and you will cheer for your favorite team in person again.