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Global Economic Softness, Stormy September? Dollar Strength, Charting the Market

The overall economy may not be in an overt recession, but there is no denying that S&P 500 companies are now in a nine-month-long earnings recession.

Free Fallin' China, Ruble Rubble, Bank Ratings Warning, Nvidia and the Semis

What a solution. If the numbers really, really stink, they just no longer exist.

National Debt, Real Jobs, US Dollar Index, Charting the Markets, Inflation Watch

Earnings season is winding down. Better than expected, as it always seems to be, but still not good.

Dollar Index Movement Is More Important Than Belated News

The Fitch downgrade will only give a bigger audience a reason to move away from the greenback.

Are Investors Sleeping on Gold?

Here's why any potential significant dip in the price of the yellow metal in the coming weeks will likely prove to be attractive opportunities for gold bulls.

Investors Should Brace for a Case of the Summertime Blues

Some of the biggest corrections occur between the summer and Santa Claus rallies -- and late July has a particularly nasty history.

A Chart That Can't Be Ignored

Why does the U.S. dollar exert so much influence on commodities, stocks, and bonds? Let me show you.

The U.S. Dollar Is Tumbling: What's Next?

What does this mean for commodities and precious metals?

This Could Prove to Be One of the Best Times in History to Be a U.S. Bondholder

When investors recalibrate expectations, Treasuries will look attractive.

The Fed, Treasury Yield Curve, Banks, Earnings Growth, Macro, Week Ahead

After his speeches in Europe, Powell was as he always is, a master at leaving room for plenty of optionality.

A Weak and Sluggish Dollar Is Good News for the S&P 500 and Commodities

If the dollar index melts through support, the path of least resistance for most U.S.-denominated assets will be higher.

Asian Stocks Drop But Currencies Gain Ahead of Fed

With trading disrupted by Golden Weeks in China and Japan, investors have cast their gaze to Washington, sending Asian currencies higher and stocks down.

While Stocks Spin Their Wheels, Bonds and Buck Move

Let's look at the overbought condition, bonds, and the dollar vs. the yen.

What's Really Going to Light a Fire Under This Market?

There's a lot to think about between T-bills, the debt ceiling, 0DTE VIX, geopolitical risks, the demise of the dollar and earnings, but are any worthy of a 'rant'?

This Commodities ETF Is Showing Sweet Upside Potential

Sugar is just one of the commodities powering the index tracking fund higher.

Is the U.S. Dollar Index Starting a New Leg Lower?

The DXY has a big influence on trade flows and the price of commodities.

How High Will Gold Fly?

Higher than it is now, especially if the U.S. dollar breaks to the downside.

Will the U.S. Dollar Index Continue to Fade?

Let's check the charts to see if it can buck the current trend.

3 International Stocks With Strong Dividends and Long-Term Growth Potential

There is considerable value to be found among international names at the moment.

UBS Buys Credit Suisse, Regional Banks, Central Banks, Fed, Bonds, Week Ahead

What does the Fed do this Wednesday afternoon? Do they commit to keep on fighting inflation? Or do they try to prevent some kind of economic catastrophe?

The Cure for High Treasury Yields Is High Treasury Yields

A lower dollar and lower yields will encourage money to flow into equities, precious metals, and even most commodities. Here's a way to play it all.

U.S. Businesses Lead Exodus Out of Hong Kong

Hong Kong's role as a hub for financial trading and for Asia-focused operations for multinationals is under threat, a new report finds, requiring a political response from companies.

Traders Shocked as Academic Set to Head Japan's Central Bank

Economist Kazuo Ueda would be the first BOJ Governor not to come from the central bank itself or the finance ministry.

Calm, Collected Change in Sentiment

We're not yet seeing much panic or selling, but did you see that rally in the buck? Let's break it down.

10 'Precious' Gold and Silver Stocks, ETFs for Your Portfolio

Experts are optimistic that better days lie ahead for precious metals.

Gold Is Now Shining Over Bitcoin

The crypto collapse and FTX fiasco has been a good reminder that the grass isn't always greener on the other side of the fence.

Crude Oil's Next Move Is to the Upside as Dollar Weakens

A weaker dollar is likely to put a bid under oil prices.

Traders Get It Wrong With Central Bank Call in Japan

Japanese equities rallied and the yen suddenly sold off as punters who predicted the end of easy money in Japan had their fingers singed.

Has the U.S. Dollar Index Peaked? Time to Revisit My Thoughts

I am increasingly accepting of the idea that we are witnessing the end of fiat currencies and the beginning of commodity-backed currencies.

Reign of 'King Dollar' to End in 2023

Check out these five currency plays, four of them in Asia, as ways to make the most of the weakening U.S. dollar and greater interest in emerging-market stocks.