Jerome Powell Steps Up to the Plate and 4 Other Stories You Must Know Wednesday

As Jerome Powell prepares to take the bat at 2 p.m. today, here are the other stories you need to prep for a snowy day on Wall Street.

Why Does Tesla Have Such a Hard Time Making Cars?

Tesla bulls can't avoid the company's existential problem.

Nike Brand President Resigns and 4 Other Stories You Must Know Friday Morning

Are you ready for the weekend? Stock futures were mixed on more White House turmoil.

Video: Goldman Sachs Shares Are Up 80% Since Lloyd Blankfein Started as CEO

Goldman Sachs, a holding of Jim Cramer's charitable trust Action Alerts PLUS, are up 80% since Lloyd Blankfein started as CEO in June 2006.

Jim Cramer: Salesforce Quarter Wows, Showing the Power of Ohana

I struggle to remember when I have seen a company grow like this, even one with one-tenth, no, one-twentieth the size.

Don't Blame Powell for Stocks Selling Off

The machines didn't care, they just wanted movement.

Advanced Trade: General Electric

GE sets up nicely as a long-premium options trading candidate.

GE Is Now Just a Bad News Machine With an Inflated Dividend

The fact that GE just nominated three new candidates for its board can only muddy the waters.

This Week's Market Wisdom: Know Your Team and Have Their Backs

The week is over, but the lessons are still coming. Here's what you need to learn from Gap, Ford and even Warren Buffett.

Dip Into This Chipotle Trade, Not the Queso

CMG is ripe for a risk reversal here supported by cash.