Charting Gold, Copper, and Natural Gas

Let's see what we can learn about the future price direction of these commodities.

There's ALWAYS an Alternative!

Certainly you can diversify around stocks, but to completely discount other asset classes is just foolhardy.

WTI Bulls Will Likely Be Disappointed

The buying power deployable by the bulls could be moderate at best.

4 Key Lessons Crude Oil Traders Should Learn From This Week

Recent events in the Middle East and the oil market's reaction dramatically changes the landscape.

Will a New Saudi Energy Minister Affect Oil Prices?

The new oil minister has his hands full in maximizing oil export revenue and prepping for the IPO of Saudi Aramco.

Here's a Nugget of Wisdom: Go Long on GLD

The lower the yields on treasuries go, the more this exchange-traded fund for gold will glitter -- and a close below $140 is probably a good bet for recent longs.

Trump's Tough Talk Tanks Asian Markets

Uncertainty spreads as it's never clear what the U.S. president will say or tweet next in the tariff spat with China.

Doctor Copper Confirms the Global Economic Slowdown

Freeport-McMoRan is always going to be my first call on the health of copper.

For Gold Bugs, the Fun May Soon Be Over

Gold has had a good run, but the bulls are likely running out of money.

OPEC Won't Let On, but Oil's Price Scares the Cartel

OPEC has no idea how much oil prices can fall, but current prices are not acceptable to the organization.