Getting in the Right Position Is What Matters Most Right Now

Let's look at whether we're seeing a bear market bounce and if money is still chasing too few assets, as well as what could trigger the 'Mother of All Squeezes.'

Inflation May Be Slowing, but That Doesn't Mean the Fed Is

Investors are cheering the slowing pace of inflation's increase, but prices are still way up, which means the Fed is going to continue to take liquidity out of the system.

Where Are Crude Prices Heading, and Could They Clog Up a Recovery?

Let's check the charts to see where we can expect oil prices to flow.

I Don't Mean to Be Crude, but Those Bullish Oil Forecasts Are Bull

Oil demand appears to be slipping as supply picks up, which indicates lower prices are ahead.

OPEC+ Knows Which Way the Oil Wind Blows

The commodity has fallen back into the pre-war trading pattern.

Why Gold Isn't Protecting Investors Against Inflation (Or Is It?)

Let's check on gold and its move relative to the U.S. dollar.

Kass: 10 Reasons I'm Ignoring the 'Cassandras' and Expect Just a Mild Recession

It is important to note the strong position of the U.S. consumer.

As Oil Continues to Fall, What Does That Mean for the XLE?

Watch these key price levels.

Looking at Copper and Freeport-McMoRan, Everyone Is Ignoring a Huge Issue

Every media outlet has written about the 'rapid demand destruction in commodities' but they are missing a key conclusion.

Rumors of the Euro's Death Are Greatly Exaggerated

Nobody thinks the euro can recover, but in the big picture, a $1.00 euro is probably as unsustainable as the $1.60 euro was in 2008.