When China Sneezes, the U.S. Will Catch a Cold

The market is all about technicals now. The real buying will only come once the virus is contained or Fed goes all in, as China seems to be willing to do so at all costs.

Financial Transaction Tax: The Elephant in the Room for Commodity Markets

If applied to derivatives as has been suggested, the tax would eliminate most speculators and liquidity would implode.

Deflation to Reflation to Deflation: What's Next?

With central banks cutting rates aggressively and China and the U.S. pumping even more liquidity, be careful of being too bearish.

Could We Be Past the Peak in Coronavirus Cases?

The PBOC is taking measures to make sure the economy is insulated from any long-lasting effects from the virus slowdown. But how much ammunition does China really have?

Will It Matter? The Spread Between Stocks and Commodities Is Overstretched

We are currently witnessing both markets stretched to extremes.

They're Not Doctors, but They Play One When Trading

There is no way economic costs won't be felt from the coronavirus, but stocks are acting like the economy is booming.

Cheap Can Always Get Cheaper

And that is exactly the problem for commodities as the Wuhan coronavirus rages through China and beyond with no clear end in sight.

Energy Stocks Are Due for a Face-Saving Rally

After all, it is nearly impossible to find a positive analyst on natural gas or oil.

Fears of Coronavirus Could Make Market Selloff a Self-Fulfilling Prophecy

All stocks related to global economic growth, especially China, will get hit as expected demand is perceived to be hit.