Please Sit Down as We Take a Closer Look at the Energy Market

We need to look at the charts of the XLE and crude oil futures.

Worse Before Better, Longer Than Shorter

Rising food prices could be a bigger story, from a negative perspective, than energy issues.

The Fog of War Besets the Market

The great challenge for market participants right now is that there is no safety in individual stocks.

We're Taking Another Look at the Soaring Charts of Alcoa

Here's our next price target area.

It's Ugly Out There, and It's About to Get Uglier

It's hard to see how Russia's invasion of Ukraine and the world's response to it don't have big negative consequences for markets and the world economy.

Commodities Are in a Vicious Cycle -- Don't Get Sucked In

As the worst is feared in Russia's invasion of Ukraine, widespread volatility in commodities is feeding on itself. Here are two rules to remember and my take on what we're seeing now.

Traders Wait on the Headlines for Direction

The worst stocks in the market have bottomed and are now holding above support levels.

A Look at 2 Energy Picks as Oil Reaches a Big Round Number

Occidental Petroleum and the VanEck Oil Services ETF are included in our BOOSTER portfolio.

The Fog of War Hits the Market Hard

Buying in the face of the outbreak of war and extreme emotions is tough to do.

Markets Ablaze, Ukraine Invasion, Neon Nightmare, What If? Gold and Silver

Thought the semiconductor shortage had already been severe? That's where the cards currently lie.