What Is the Bloomberg Commodity Index Telling Us?

Commodities are all about whether they are in surplus or deficit given the demand/supply projections. Choose wisely.

Updating Rio Tinto - The Tide Has Turned

Let's take a look.

We Hear Whispers of a Supercycle, but Is the Reflation Trade Capitulating?

It is too early to completely disregard the idea of an imminent commodity supercycle, but I don't see a repeat of the previous commodity boom. Here's why.

MP Materials Could Trade Higher but Be Careful and Raise Stops

I would take a more cautious approach with MP.

Silver Isn't Glistening but Does Have Potential

The charts of the iShares Silver Trust ETF offer a mixed picture, though it's possible the metal could rally big given the right conditions.

Saudi Arabia Has Only One Objective: Higher Oil Prices at Any Cost!

For now, they have achieved their objective, showing President Biden firmly who is in charge.

Hits and Misses From the Early Days of What Would Become the Pandemic

Booking a cruise a year ago wasn't a great idea, but buying a discounted small-cap fund was; so was buying physical silver.

Here's Some Food for Thought on the Commodity Bull Market

Usually commodity bull markets start with a supply shock, but maybe this time is different. Let's compare the 1970s to what we're seeing today.

What's Next for Bonds, TLT and Interest Rates?

Thoughts and observations on Treasuries and the direction of interest rates.

MP Materials Looks Bullish But a Pause Would Be Good

The producer of rare earth materials has only had a short history as a public company, but volume in the shares has been strong.