Valuations of Cash-Burning Companies Are Just Unsustainable, Especially Now

You can put your capital out there and hope that other investors are willing to pay more for it later, or you can buy streams of cash flow and reinvest them. Guess which one I would do.

Parsley Energy Charts Don't Offer Much Promise for a Rally

More basing needs to be done in the stock of the oil and natural gas producer before a turnaround is signaled.

Schlumberger Should Continue to Build a New Base Pattern

Oil bears have been in control of oil prices for a long time but a turnaround is finally taking hold.

The Virus Remains in Control, Unrealistic V-Shaped Recovery, Trading 2 Stocks

I do think the key to reopening this economy is one of greatly expanded testing for Covid-19, once a reliable treatment has made it past clinical testing, and into mass production.

Surreal Markets Demand Surreal Investing Tactics

It's time to put on your thinking cap and reject the group think investment strategies that have dominated the market for the past three years.

The Saudi Wealth Fund Is Messing With the Market for Oil Stocks

Are you willing to pay a 20x-plus multiple for European oil majors that do not and cannot grow?

Some Optimism, Watching Oil, Trading Hain, Updating 4 Stocks: Market Recon

The presidential task force wasn't going to address the media Sunday. Then, they did. Actual news? Futures markets opened ahead of that, in the green, and went higher. That's interesting.

Kass: The Week That Was - Positives and Negatives

The positives and negatives of this week.

Indonesia Approaches Crisis Level Despite Mystery of Missing Covid-19 Cases

The world's 4th largest population has under 2,000 confirmed coronavirus cases. Yet the Indonesian rupiah has breached 16,000, a level not seen since the Asian financial crisis over 20 years ago.

Trump, Luckin Coffee and Walgreens Don't Make Trading Any Easier

One act by Luckin will call into question virtually every Chinese company listed on the NYSE and Nasdaq.