Earnings and Oil Create a Headwind for the Market

The negative reaction to earnings combined with a market that is technically extended and hitting resistance levels is causing a drop into the open.

'Sell' Shrieks Heard Across the Oil Floor

Investors need to focus on the long-term prices of oil, as well as the near-term, to make their investment decisions.

When Oil's Leaking and the Market's a Mess, Check Under the Hood

We are still short-term overbought, but not yet intermediate-term overbought and breadth is a bit better -- it's time to look at the statistics.

Jim Cramer: Oil Tanked, and We're in Uncharted Waters

Oil isn't really worthless and Amazon isn't the only retailer that will survive, but we are in a mixed up market thanks to Covid-19.

As Market Falls on Oil Slip, Traders Get Tripped Up

Investors struggle to reconcile some positive action with economic issues that are looming -- but remember that price action outweighs the headlines.

The Physical Oil Market Is in Dire Straits

The May oil futures contract is in free fall as the excessive supply of crude amid diminished demand threatens to create ongoing chaos for the market.

Jim Cramer: I'm Very Concerned About a Breakdown in Oil Here

I have to believe that a few more weeks of lower oil prices and we will see more bankruptcy filings.

Schlumberger May Have Discounted the Bad News for Now and Could Bounce From Here

Let's review the charts and indicators.

The ETF-ization of U.S. Markets, and My Macro View of Oil

The vast majority of the universe of ETFs are vulnerable to market dislocations.

This Market Has Been Rangebound on Derivatives Exposure

Friday is the April expiration for S&P 500 index options -- and that can explain more or less why the market has been so tightly pinned.