Even an Energy Security Can Be a Security Blanket

The apple of my eye is still the 10% Series A Cumulative Preferred Stock issued by Callon Petroleum.

Oil Prices Can Rise Further -- Plus ULTA and Cloud Stocks to Watch: Market Recon

This recent oil price surge in price is not over, and not priced in. Here is how I am playing it.

We're in the Middle of a Sucker Rally Right Now

In a market full of noise it pays to focus on individual fundamentals. One of my favorite phrases is 'cash flow never lies.'

Does the Market Have the Right Type of Oil?

It appears it may not, as supplies of heavy oil are becoming short even as there is an excess of light sweet oil.

Defense Stocks May Have Bumpy Ride Amid Boeing News: Market Recon

After the Ethiopian Airlines crash, watch your Aerospace and Defense stocks.

Is Oil Cheap or Expensive Right Now?

Crude oil is a highly emotional market and will always surpass a reasonably fair price to reach levels the market has no fundamental justification for.

Two Months Into 2019, It's Time To Take Stock of My Winners and Losers

And the winners so far outnumber the losers among the six stocks that include a cannabis company, a couple financial giants and two oil plays.

Beware the Ides of March -- Maybe Shakespeare Was an Investor?

Between options expiry and seasonality, March is a tricky month to navigate.

Kass: 10 Surprises That Could Cause Stocks to Drop 5%+ in One Market Session

I continue to be of the view that 2018 marked the beginning of the end of the 10-year Bull Market.

Stick to Larger E&P Outfits for an Oil Play, Plus a Trade on PLNT: Market Recon

And stay away from under-capitalized, over-indebted shale producers that face pressure to limit capital expenditures.