Uncomfortable Markets, 4 Questions, Oil Production Cuts, Trading 3 Stocks

Become comfortable with being uncomfortable. Learn this, and you will be able to adjust to anything. Anything. I promise.

Chevron Shows No Signs of Beginning a Bottoming Process

The oil giant may be best in show in an out-of-favor industry, but would-be buyers of its shares should be patient.

This Oil Name Is Sinking, and That Makes It a Bargain

HollyFrontier got hit on Wednesday on a court ruling, and here's how to play it at a great price.

Jim Cramer: When There's No News, Take Your Cue From Rates and Oil

This is why I always say you should not pay up after a gigantic decline the day before.

3 U.S. Shale Stocks to Buy: It's All About the Permian

As Chinese factories move back to production and with other stimulus in place, the oil sector is increasingly attractive, but be selective.

Deflation to Reflation to Deflation: What's Next?

With central banks cutting rates aggressively and China and the U.S. pumping even more liquidity, be careful of being too bearish.

Coronavirus Spreads, Reducing 'Big Oil', 4 Stocks to Watch, Adding Store Capital

Newly confirmed cases of the Covid-19 virus spiked from Hubei Province in China, where the city of Wuhan is located. The number of related deaths increased as well.

Have I Warmed Up to BP? Let's Just Say I'll Give It a Chance

Joining the ranks of BlackRock and Microsoft, BP has come out with a plan to address climate change, and that gives it added appeal.

U.S. Shale: Once Bitten, Twice Shy

Shale producers have only one choice now -- to be capital disciplined.

Could We Be Past the Peak in Coronavirus Cases?

The PBOC is taking measures to make sure the economy is insulated from any long-lasting effects from the virus slowdown. But how much ammunition does China really have?