Oil Bounces and Big-Picture Pundits Grow Louder as Their Guesswork Continues

It can be enlightening to embrace the idea that no one really knows what will happen next and to approach the market from that standpoint.

Is OPEC Now Running Scared?

Be patient on oil names, as June brings a trifecta of macro events -- the Fed FOMC meeting, OPEC meeting and the all-important G-20 meeting.

Hitting Singles With Energy Stocks

My primary way to add some additional 'dry powder' to energy on declines is via buy-write option orders.

Schizophrenic Markets Require Miyagi-Like Investment Strategy

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The Market Seems to Agree a Mexico Tariff Agreement Will Be Reached

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Will 'Sell in May' Lead to a 'Swoon in June'?

What is undeniable is that the S&P 500 reached an intraday six-month high the morning of May 1, and then began to slide.

LEAPing Into Exxon Mobil With an Options Trade

As stocks rally after ignoring the trade wars for a fourth time some money should find names such as XOM.

Trump Goes on the Offensive With Iran

As global growth is slowing down, the last thing American consumers need is a spike in oil prices.