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Exxon Mobil Is Still Not a Buying Opportunity

It may be better to do some selling and ask questions later.

Here's Why Oil Is Unable to Rally Despite Low Inventories

The oil market is not only about supply but it is also about demand.

Oil Shipper Euronav Has Broken Out of a Large Base Pattern

As traders check the fundamental story, here are my price targets.

Oil Will Bubble Up and Spill: Make Sure You Time a Trade Right

Trends are relative to time frame, and energy traders must decide which bet to make -- and when to make it -- as I see a big swing ahead.

The Day After, Energized By APA, 3-Day Rule, On the Rails, 'Checking' on Walmart

How alarming is it that six months after inflation had apparently peaked, we now see prices heating up in parts of the economy that had not been as hot as others?

Occidental Petroleum Continues Its Upward Movement

Here's how to trade it.

Keep One Eye on the Fed, the Other on Europe

As we worry about rate hikes from the Fed, the lights are flickering in Europe. Here are the tough questions investors need to consider now.

As Russia Plays Game of Chicken, Oil Could Spill in Any Direction

Be careful when listening to those who make assumptions about what will happen with energy amid the war on Ukraine.

The Market Machine Is Making Noises, and Investors Should Listen

As we head into the fall, here are the problems I see in the greater global economy and the markets -- and my take on how to be positioned.

These 3 Events Could Impact Your Portfolio

OPEC+, European gas prices and the UK's new PM could have repercussions for investors worldwide.

Europe's Winter of Discontent Is Fast Approaching

An energy crisis is sweeping across the continent with notable ramifications for our economy and market.

Market Losing Streak, Tradable If Not Investable, Jobs and the Fed, Eyeing Apple

The market did need a three-day weekend, but beware beware of the old Wall Street adage, 'Short weeks are always long.'

The 'Refiner' Things in Life: 3 Oil Dividend Stocks With High Yields

These energy companies are benefitting from high demand and tight supply.

Don't Get Left Holding the Bag After Central Bankers Run Amok

Let's shine a light on the evils of easy money and how to invest now that the spigot is turned down.

Serious Fed, Traders More Than Investors, Top Dog Energy, 3M, Trading Belite Bio

The Fed was too easy for far too long and now will be too tight, probably for far too long.

As Oil's Set to Slip, I See a Play in Schlumberger

Let me show you how to trade SLB as I see WTI crude closing below $95.

The Dollar Is Whispering to Investors, So Listen

Let's look at the euro, dollar and yuan and see what a Fed pivot could do to the buck.

Small-Cap Oil Stocks Are Working Well in This Short-Term Trading Market

I'm taking positions for quick trades and nibbling on long-term favorites.

Summer Beatdown, Run for the Hills? SOX Socked, Hedge Fund Bets, Monday's Buys

Sellers went into Friday with huge six-to eight-week profits, and came out of Monday with cash in hand.

With Oil, Keep Your Eyes on the Prize by Focusing on Supply

The earth's oil supply is only going in one direction -- down -- and here's what that means for investors.

You Bet Your BP I'd Be a Buyer

With oil down over the last two days, BP's stock has held up.

The Pendulum Swings Back, but Don't Look for Things to Stabilize

It could swing past the point where things look normal or OK to a point where things look bad again.

Inflation May Be Slowing, but That Doesn't Mean the Fed Is

Investors are cheering the slowing pace of inflation's increase, but prices are still way up, which means the Fed is going to continue to take liquidity out of the system.

This New Energy Fund Sounds Dirty, But Could Help Investors Clean Up

The Strive U.S. Energy exchange-traded fund is billed as an anti-ESG ETF. Let's see how it stacks up against the similar Energy Select SPDR Fund.

CorEnergy Is a Pipeline to High Yield

It's the best of both worlds, a hydrocarbon company that also has a green component.

The World Gets Worse as Inflation Gets Better?

Here's the shift in the narrative I expect over the coming days.

I Don't Mean to Be Crude, but Those Bullish Oil Forecasts Are Bull

Oil demand appears to be slipping as supply picks up, which indicates lower prices are ahead.

OPEC+ Knows Which Way the Oil Wind Blows

The commodity has fallen back into the pre-war trading pattern.

3 High Yield Energy Stocks With Attractive Growth Tailwinds

These names are are growing their earnings and dividends thanks to $90+ oil.

July Jobs Data, Tesla's Ambitions, Boring Big Board, Nasdaq Shines, Oil Slips

We'll be focused in particular on the underemployment numbers.