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Jim Cramer: Here Are the Quarter's Winners, Losers

The five best performing and worst performing stocks in the S&P 500 in the previous quarter pretty much tells the tale of the tape, so here goes.

March 2020 Is Gone With the Wind

'The Fed has just put the economy in an induced coma, attaching it on fiscal and monetary life support, hoping that when the time passes it can be brought back to life.'

Crude Oil Futures Look Ready to Rally Despite News Backdrop

Have stories about today's prices and not tomorrow's supply/demand possibilities set the stage for a rebound?

The Stock Market Should Take Its Cue From the Oil Market

The excess inventory in oil will dry up, and the market will be forever changed. It is harsh in the short term, but could ultimately be beneficial.

We May Be Entering a New Paradigm Shift in Asset Allocation

We will enter a hyper inflationary world at some point. In that environment bonds and equities will move together in the same direction, and the 60-40 model will not work anymore.

When It Comes to Oil Amid Covid-19 Crisis: It's a Real Minefield Out There

Demand is collapsing from global lockdowns, just as supply is surging from all the major, battle-ready producers, who refuse to blink first amid the price war.

Fed's Latest Actions Scream Why Markets Have Lost Faith in It

Dramatically slashing interest rates to zero and promising huge asset purchases are instilling fear, not confidence, in market participants.

Protect Your Dividend Earnings From Oil Slips

Occidental's dividend cut should serve as a warning.

The Speed of This Market Collapse Is the Most Alarming Part

Coronavirus is the catalyst that rocked a very delicate boat, which came across an oil tornado's path. Commodities will be the biggest beneficiary of the turnaround, once it comes.

Jim Cramer: Here's a Commonsensical 5 Part Plan So We Don't Beat Ourselves

If we don't do this plan we will have a financial emergency as certain as we will have a health care one.

Jim Cramer: A Recession Might Be Good Medicine Right Now

A bear market, if it gets us all to slow down, may be necessary to slow the coronavirus' spread -- but this doesn't mean I'm giving up. To the contrary.

That Was Humbling

We are looking to the charts in oil and gas to see what might lie ahead for these out of favor commodities.

Is Oil Too Big to Fail?

The U.S. energy sector is the heart and soul of the U.S. economy. The next few weeks will be critical.

Waiting for the S&P 500's Capitulation Phase

If we want to see this selloff end, one way to make that happen is to see a frightening drop that will shake out any remaining weak hands.

Occidental Petroleum Could Sink to Levels Not Seen in 20 Years

The oil company has been in a sustained downtrend and the latest news from the oil patch will not help.

The Biggest Bounces Occur in the Worst Markets

Finally, some decisive policy effort to tackle Covid-19. Watch for a relief bounce in the market, but stay cautious.

Jim Cramer: What to Buy and What to Sell Now, Part 1

In a 3-part series, Jim Cramer goes through all 30 Dow stocks to evaluate what is safe to buy and what you should sell or avoid (like the plague).

Jim Cramer: Once Again, Oil Stocks Time Has Come and Gone

So what do you do if you own these stocks?

Are You Making Dramatic Market Predictions or Are You Making Money?

It is the execution at the right time in the right conditions that makes money.

Oil Prices Plunge: So Where Is the XLE ETF Headed Now?

It looks like oil prices and energy companies are getting hit by a 'perfect storm.'

An Oil Price War Is Born but I'm Not Selling BP Today

Perhaps investors would be wise to invoke the Jim Cramer 'three day rule' where energy is concerned.

Kass: Who Will Have the Guts to Capitalize on Market Opportunities?

An evolving market structure, dominated by products and strategies that know everything about price and nothing about value, will now be tested.

Jim Cramer: The 4 Biggest Risks, and 3 Big Solutions, Facing the U.S.

It is time for the Administration to step up and lead the assault on Covid-19.

Global Markets Clobbered by a One-Two Punch of Coronavirus Fears and Oil Wars

While a bounce could come soon, recession fears and massive uncertainty will stop a quick recovery.

Saudi Arabia's Oil Market Bombshell and Its Widespread Impact

This could be the end of the Kissinger/Nixon petrodollar system, which has been in place since the 1970s.

Oil's Fate Now Depends on Travel, Tourism and Self-Isolation

As bond yields are cratering, signifying deflation, there will be margin calls and de-risking, and the oil price and energy sector will be hit the hardest.

Uncomfortable Markets, 4 Questions, Oil Production Cuts, Trading 3 Stocks

Become comfortable with being uncomfortable. Learn this, and you will be able to adjust to anything. Anything. I promise.

Chevron Shows No Signs of Beginning a Bottoming Process

The oil giant may be best in show in an out-of-favor industry, but would-be buyers of its shares should be patient.

This Oil Name Is Sinking, and That Makes It a Bargain

HollyFrontier got hit on Wednesday on a court ruling, and here's how to play it at a great price.

Jim Cramer: When There's No News, Take Your Cue From Rates and Oil

This is why I always say you should not pay up after a gigantic decline the day before.