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Cautious Market, Debt Bill, Struggling Economy, Oil Prices, China PMI

Plus, HP expects to have PCs with a built in AI program available by 2024.

Here's the Truth About Oil No One Saw, as OPEC+ Takes the Stage

Let's look at what many observers failed to notice about oil, and what could happen when the oil exporting nations -- including Russia -- meet on June 4.

OPEC: To Cut or Not to Cut Production?

Oil market dynamics in 2023 are a far cry from what was seen in 2022.

A Weak and Sluggish Dollar Is Good News for the S&P 500 and Commodities

If the dollar index melts through support, the path of least resistance for most U.S.-denominated assets will be higher.

I Know the Curse That Is Dragging Down Oil

It's been weeks since OPEC cut production and look how oil prices have spilled. Here's who to blame -- and why the devil is in the ETFs.

Hey OPEC, Who Is Saying 'Ouch' Now?

OPEC members must be scratching their heads wondering why oil is collapsing after they took about 1 million barrels per day out of the market.

Forget 'Sell in May and Go Away,' There's a More Common S&P 500 Pattern Now

We always cringe when everyone has the same expectations.

I've Got a Slick Oil Trade Idea

Let's see how to play Occidental Petroleum.

The Largest Net Short Position Since 2007 Is Fuel for a Stock Market Rally

What the majority believes will happen and what the market is capable of pricing in are two different things.

Energy Suddenly Merits Short-Term Trading Attention Along With Tech

And there are pair of ETFs that can provide a way to trade the two sectors while minimizing risk.

Does the Popular XLE ETF Still Have Energy?

Let's review the charts.

This Stock Is a Bright Spot in the Energy Sector

There are several things that make oil producers attractive on a longer-term basis.

Here's the Problem (and My Strategy) If You're Playing the Game of Risk

Analysts are often reluctant to update forecasts, or just don't bother to update them, so they have a built-in 'lag' effect.

Pioneer Natural Resources Rallies as Exxon Considers a Takeover

Look for higher prices for PXD in the near future.

Big Tech Has Ruled the Roost in 2023, but I'm Putting Some Cash to Work in Oil

And there is one particular stock that has gained my attention in what could become a strong sector.

Commercial Real Estate Elephant, Future of Crude, Oh, Atlanta, Trading Eli Lilly

News that broke late Monday afternoon, though unrelated to oil, might be just as important to an economy struggling to maintain a trajectory of growth as any fertile environment for a re-acceleration of headline level consumer inflation.

OPEC Gives an Oil ETF a Boost, but It Still Doesn't Look Bullish to Me

Even after Monday's advance the oil bulls may need some time and consolidation before trying to make their next move.

OPEC+ Is Playing Chess While Others Are Playing Checkers

This is bad news for consumers, but it could be good news for U.S. oil companies looking for signs of price, and ideally political, stabilization to step up their game.

Why Occidental Can Be a Winner in the Volatile, 'Manipulated' Oil Market

This Buffett-supported name is stands out in the space.

OPEC Blinked Before the Fed!

Will the Fed follow suit and give the addict (market) its next opioid (QE) fix or stand its ground?

OPEC-Plus' Production 'Bomb' Means Oil Could Explode -- So I'm Buying

Here's how I'm playing stocks as this group of oil-producing nations -- including Russia -- says they're cutting production.

Here's What I'm Watching as the Second Quarter Begins

Whether the Fed pauses interest rate hikes when they meet again in May is likely to be a dominant conversation in the month ahead.

Stick With Exxon as the U.S. Gets Smacked by Foreign Oil Producers

This may be seen as early steps toward moving at least some part of the oil trade away from trading in U.S. dollars.

Oil Output Reductions, Regional Banks, Treasuries, Fed Stress Tests, Week Ahead

Will reconfiguring of Fed stress tests force some consolidation across the small to mid-sized banking space? I think that's likely.

The Technical Bulls Are Winning, But the Economic Bears Are Not Giving Up

Can the bulls keep things running and squeeze the bears?

Have We Moved Past the Peak of the Petrodollar?

The wheels of change are in motion as global alliances are shifting.

Crude Oil: Let's Get to the Bottom of Where Prices Are Headed

Oil is breaking downward from a three-month sideways consolidation pattern. Here's what it means for the commodity and energy stocks.

OPEC and the Fed Have Their Hands Tied When It Comes to Impacting Markets

In the case of OPEC, cutting back on oil supplies doesn't do much for boosting prices when demand isn't there.

Debunk This: The Very Real Demand for Oil

Let's look at the real prices for Brent and why I would never, ever sell Exxon or Chevron.

The China Reopening: Not Quite 'Zero' to 100

Here's why we can't expect China to save the global economy -- and a reminder that commodities are a two-way street, supply and demand.