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3 Oil & Gas Royalty Trusts For $100 Oil

For investors looking to take advantage of lofty oil and gas prices, we like these investment vehicles.

Exxon Mobil Nears an Historic Upside Breakout on the Charts

Here's my advice for traders.

Oil, War and Inflation: Here's Where Prices Are Likely Headed

Oil has a war and inflation hedge premium, but those aren't permanent.

Occidental Petroleum Continues to Target Higher Prices

Here's our first price target and our long term objective.

Supply and Demand Are Critical, but Remember: Timing Is Still Everything

Econ 101 suggests that at some point, either the supply side catches up, or demand falls to get prices back in equilibrium. Let's see what this means for oil -- and a potential recession.

Pump the Real Energy From the Market With This Trade

I would be a buyer of these calls looking for a strong move higher.

The Great Wake-Up Call

Right now, the only one that believes the Fed can engineer a soft landing is Jerome Powell.

Will the Fed Save Us?

It seems all the talk of capitulation hasn't been backed by positioning and the market is ripe for a further pullback.

Exxon Mobil Is Gassed Up and Poised to Trade higher

Here are our updated price targets for the energy giant.

Commodity Stocks Weaken as Supply Chain and Growth Fears Grow

Supply chain snarls could exacerbate inflation and lead to slower economic growth, which would reduce demand for commodities such as oil and copper.

Energy and Gold Are Worth Tracking, but Not Putting Money on Just Yet

I'm monitoring an energy ETF and a gold ETF, too, though I'm waiting for both to display more basing action.

With Energy Stocks Running Out of Gas, Here's My Strategy for Trading Them

And if you want a stock that has bucked the broad market decline, consider Jackson Financial.

My Mea Culpa for Thursday's QQQ Boo-Boo as Even Oil Stocks Slip and Slide

The bulls could be in for a world of hurt if Thursday's price action is any indication.

This Major Oil Name Has the Wind Under Its Sails: Here's My Play

I would be a buyer of these calls.

Watching for the Netflix Effect on QQQ and SPY

Tuesday's rally in the Nasdaq and S&P 500 could prove to be short-lived thanks to disappointing subscriber numbers from Netflix.

It's Hard to Have Confidence in Chip Stocks Even With a Bounce in a Few

Nearly all the stocks that make up the VanEck Vectors Semiconductor ETF are below a key moving average, and that doesn't signal strength.

Oil Drips on Wall Street

Everyone seems more focused on bonds and tech than oil, but here's why I'm watching the chart. Also, let's check selling in the QQQs, bonds, and the Oscillators.

The Market Is No Longer Ignoring a Slew of Negatives

The mood has shifted sharply in the past week.

When Europe Runs Tight on Energy, Several U.S. Companies Gasp

How would Russia's invasion of Ukraine impact the bottom-lines of companies like Starbucks or Marriott? Let's see how Europe's energy woes can have major implications for U.S. businesses.

Firmer Footing, China and India Play Nice with Russia, Under O'Reilly's Hood

The indexes manage to register a mixed day on Thursday as St. Louis Fed President James Bullard speaks on the fed funds rate.

Oil's Sprung a Leak: Demand Destruction

For those who think this commodity can go higher and higher, remember that elusive part of the equation: demand.

Inflation Is No Joke, So I'm Creating HOAX 2.0 for Commodity Names

Prices for real assets -- including crude oil and manure -- are rising; here's how I plan to benefit, and how you can, too.

How Crude Can the Market Be?

While everyone is talking bonds, liquidity and inflation, let's take a look at oil and whether it can break that line -- and then we'll clean the dipstick and pop open the hood.

Land Mines Abound as the Second Quarter Begins

From rising interest and mortgage rates to high food and fuel prices, there are reasons for investors to be concerned.

Charting Oil Services Stocks as Reserves to Get Tapped

As the president promises to tap into the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, let's review three energy names.

Will the Release of Oil From the SPR Make a Dent in Prices?

Past SPR releases have proved quite futile in cooling oil price strength.

Oil Is in Focus as a Rotational Correction Gains Traction

Although the market is extended after the huge bounce, I don't think this was just a run-of-the-mill counter-trend rally.

Overbought Markets, SPR Release, Fund Rebalancing, EV Batteries, Trading MMC

Impacting today's trade will be the forced flow of capital related to pension funds, on top of the usual window-dressing that comes with quarterly round-ups.

Two Top Commodity Picks for the Rest of 2022

Here's a long and short play in mining and energy to make the best of volatile prices and high demand.

Ukraine War, Treasuries, Markets, Oil, Economy, Trading Redwire

Expanded economic hardship if not outright contraction in two to three years is exactly what Treasury markets are signaling.