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Why Is Today the Big Day? Dividends

The Fed has once again unwittingly unleashed the power of compounding.

I'm Making Small Bets With These 2 Stocks

While I remain cautious on the overall market, I continue to act upon the limited opportunities I'm finding in the current market.

Chevron Is Not Only Greasing the Wheels, It's Turbocharging Them

Let's look at why CVX's buyback news is a big deal for investors.

Overcoming Microsoft, S&P Levels Off, Bank of Canada Wisdom, Mucho Data on Tap

Plus, a look at Wednesday's wishy-washy market action, the Treasury yield curve, Chevron's coming earnings and Lael Brainard's possible exit from the Fed.

Valero Energy Has a Huge Upside Price Target

A breakout could soon be at hand for the oil refiner.

Why Are Insiders Buying These 2 Stocks?

An oncology and a oil & gas concern, new names on my list, have my attention.

Halliburton May Soon Face Price Weakness

The energy sector has been a bright spot in the stock market for the past year or so but let's see what HAL's charts are telling us.

Crude Oil's Next Move Is to the Upside as Dollar Weakens

A weaker dollar is likely to put a bid under oil prices.

Inflation, Crude Oil, Big Mac(ro) Attack, Tough Market, Defense Stocks, Pharma

Wednesday morning will bring traders, investors, Romans, and countrymen more macroeconomic results than they could ever wanted to peruse at one time.

Hess Gets a Fundamental Supporter: Our Updated Technical Strategy

Here's what traders should do now with this energy play.

A Dog Sometimes Is Better Than an Index

That's when the dog is one of the Dogs of the Dow, but let's see whether those dogs can outperform the Dow Jones Industrial Average again in 2023.

3 Oil & Gas Royalty Trusts With Exceptionally High Yields

Thanks to their exceptionally high distribution yields, these vehicles are attractive candidates for income-oriented investors.

Knot Offshore Partners Is a Terrific Alternative Energy Trade

KNOP has an incredibly strong sponsor in shipping giant Knutsen NYK.

2022 Was All About Extremes in Commodities

Over the past 12 months, the boom and bust tendency for wheat, oil and gas was put on full display, but will 2023 go back to the fundamentals?

Tale of 2 Markets, Treasury Yields, Trading Halliburton, Tesla's Decline

The move higher for yields put some pressure on the technology sector and growth type names that have lost the right to be called 'growth' types in 2022.

This Weekend's Assignment: A Study on Gas, Sugar Trades

Here are two 'paper trades' I've put together to learn about how commodities work and to get the swing of trading them -- safely.

Santa Might Have Passed Us, but I Found a 'Stocking Stuffer' Stock

Let's see how the Grinch is stealing Christmastime -- and a stock I'm betting on.

Oil Bulls Face a Slippery Trade

With all eyes on supply and not demand, this commodity has been a tough play, but lets see which wheels oil is greasing and which it's locking up.

Why Oil Speculators Throwing in the Towel Is a Bullish Sign for Crude

Speculators have been slowly liquidating their long positions to the smallest seen in at least five years.

Can China Save the Global Economy?

As China continues to loosen Covid restrictions and gets ready to celebrate its New Year starting Jan. 22, let's look at commodity prices.

Big Oil Has Produced Big Payoffs, but Beware the Storm That Cometh

The charts are warning that the party may be nearing an end for oil-related stocks as a recessionary economy looms on the horizon.

Bonds as Capital Magnets, Indifferent Equities, Scary Putin, Carvana Crashes

Plus, a look at Chevron's capex plans and the winners of a big military cloud computing contract.

Take Profits ASAP in the Strongest Sector of 2022

Indications are that equity values in this group have peaked and a decline could accelerate from here as recession fears grow.

China and Oil Boost the Indexes, But the Economic Debate Intensifies

There isn't much economic news due this week, but CPI and the next Fed interest rate decision are looming.

Recession or No Recession in 2023? That's the Question

A big part of the answer depends on the price of oil.

Oil Has a Crude History on Thanksgiving Week

Thanksgiving holidays are known for oil market collapses.

These 3 Dividend Energy Stocks Can Help Protect Against High Inflation

As prices run up, these stocks could create a buffer for investors.

Here's How I'm Electing to Look at Post-Election Scenarios

Even a small win for the Democrats could be reason to buy.

At Last, Favorable Currents Push These Shipping Dividend Stocks Ahead

Here's how to navigate these three high-yield stocks.

Delek US Holdings Should Continue to Go With the Upside Flow

A breakout should come soon based on the downstream energy company's charts.