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Are We Heading for a Recession? Let's Check Out Oil and Copper for Clues

The two commodities are in downtrends, which when combined with an economic expansion that is long in the tooth could indicate a recession is on the horizon.

Could Rise in Oil Get Caterpillar's Gears Turning?

Oil prices -- as well as other energy, transportation and a resolution on tariffs on Chinese goods -- could affect CAT's future.

3 Reasons to Buy Oil Field Servicers on This Energy Market Tension

Servicers can benefit from scenarios at either extreme, unlike energy companies.

Jim Cramer: 4 Reasons Why Oil Has Not Recovered

Oil is perceived as being an unavoidable loser as long as trade tensions rage.

Here's How I Know What Makes Callon Petroleum Tick

In addition to the Callon preferreds, I also own Callon's 10/24 senior notes, but not the stock.

Play Cheap Volatility in USO

Crude oil is hanging around $60 a barrel mid-summer with no real demand uptick coming on.

Rethinking Monetary Policy, Oil Rises and an Amazon Options Rush: Market Recon

But trading calls and puts in Amazon requires you to know your risk tolerance big-time.

Where Is the Value in the Oil Sector?

The best way to play this is via refining sector companies with the best earnings leverage.

Late Buying Saves Day, But Get Ready for Slow End of Week

Last-hour buying sent the indexes into positive territory, but breadth remained negative, oil-related stocks were brutalized as money flowed into precious metals, bitcoin and bonds.

Hess Corp Could Back Up More in the Weeks Ahead

Let's review the charts.

Trump Creates Wild Card for OPEC

Petroleum producing nations know supply, but can't figure out demand as U.S. shale, the China trade war and international dealing by Saudi Arabia and Russia come into play.

Jim Cramer: I Think You Buy What Is Down

The recession story off of oil? I am not buying that.

BP Looks Capable of a Rally to $46 and Maybe $47-$48 After That

Let's check the latest charts and indicators.

Jim Cramer: Why Can't the Oil Stocks Catch a Serious Bid?

There are a whole lot of forces going on in our country to explain this stubborn resistance by the oil stocks to the moves we used to expect.

Jim Cramer: There Were Huge Surprises at G-20

Is this the best of all possible worlds? Is it better than expected?

Why Investors Should Load Up on Energy Stocks

There are four things that are favoring energy stocks right now.

Commodities Are Intimidating: Here Are 2 Slower Ways to Play These Markets

Options enable traders to express their opinions in market pricing without the stress and risk of buying or selling futures contracts outright.

Powell Nailed FOMC Press Conference, Ball Is Back in Trump's Court

The market is cheering for rates to be cut, but forgets they are being cut on the back of global growth collapsing, which is negative for risk assets.

Give These Energy Names a Closer Look After Insider Buys

Recent insider buys in Occidental Petroleum and Flotek Industries during the energy dip may be sign of potential investment opportunities.

Oil Keeps Slipping, a Broadcom Broadside and a Disney Thumbs Up: Market Recon

Jamie Dimon also expresses concern about the impact of China tariffs and a fresh GDP estimate is at hand.

Despite Tanker Attacks, Markets See Healthy Action

Contrary to logic, breadth was strong Thursday, bonds rose, metals were bought and even Walt Disney rose by more than 4%.

Oil Prices Spiking on Potential Terror Attacks Is Never Positive for Equities

Product demand remains tepid at best and OPEC has downgraded its oil demand growth for 2019.

Oil Bounces and Big-Picture Pundits Grow Louder as Their Guesswork Continues

It can be enlightening to embrace the idea that no one really knows what will happen next and to approach the market from that standpoint.

Is OPEC Now Running Scared?

Be patient on oil names, as June brings a trifecta of macro events -- the Fed FOMC meeting, OPEC meeting and the all-important G-20 meeting.

Hitting Singles With Energy Stocks

My primary way to add some additional 'dry powder' to energy on declines is via buy-write option orders.

Schizophrenic Markets Require Miyagi-Like Investment Strategy

Here's how I'm trading the oil and energy markets amid the collateral damage from risk-off sentiment.

Best (and Worst) Airline Stocks

3 ways to play United Continental and American Airlines.

The Market Is in Wait-and-See Mode on Trade and Interest Rates

It is tough to build a position in this murky market.

The Market Seems to Agree a Mexico Tariff Agreement Will Be Reached

No one wants to be fighting the market when that headline appears.

Will 'Sell in May' Lead to a 'Swoon in June'?

What is undeniable is that the S&P 500 reached an intraday six-month high the morning of May 1, and then began to slide.