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Quick Trade for Crude

Here's a short-term trade for crude, as the longer-term trend in oil remains bearish.

Jim Cramer: REITs and Utilities Have the Right Kind of Yield

Wise investors should stick with those equities and stay away from high-yielders with no protection, like the MLPs.

Ecuador Is Leaving OPEC, Is It a Sign of Things to Come?

Ecuador had asked OPEC for permission to produce above its quota, but it was never answered. It matters little to OPEC -- but for Ecuador, it no longer serves its interests to be part of this bigger organization.

Time to Take Another Look at Exxon Mobil

There are several things that bug me right now about this stock.

Houston, We Have a Problem: We Are in a Recession

The structure of your portfolio can change dramatically when you are managing through a recession. How to view the current economic picture and how it will affect the markets.

These Fresh Signs Point to a Slowdown

German manufacturing appears to be falling off of a cliff, which could be a precursor to a recession.

WTI Bulls Will Likely Be Disappointed

The buying power deployable by the bulls could be moderate at best.

Gloom and Doom Could Lead to Several Positive Surprises

it seems that consensus is to interpret anything that can be viewed as bad, as actually bad, and anything that could be good, as an aberration that will soon become bad.

Jim Cramer: A Predictable, Giant, IPO Travesty

I railed against it broken-record like for months on end. It's here now, it's hurting the market, and it's only going to get worse.

Pseudo QE, Essent Group's Essence and Datadog-Cisco Intrique: Market Recon

Plus, defense contractors remain stocks to own as geopolitical risk isn't going away.

Buy This 6% Dividend Stock on Rising Oil Prices

This big oil giant pumps out big dividends.

Jim Cramer: Here's Why Oil Stocks Have Become Pariahs

If they didn't move after the Middle East burned, I don't know what they will do if the economy keeps slowing.

Fed's Liquidity Quandary and Flying Over Northrop Grumman: Market Recon

Plus, here's a strategy for investing in oil that even the retail investor can employ.

The Fed Will Likely Cut Interest Rates Wednesday, but Will the Market Care?

Over the past decade, not fighting the Fed has been the single best piece of advice any market strategist could offer.

4 Key Lessons Crude Oil Traders Should Learn From This Week

Recent events in the Middle East and the oil market's reaction dramatically changes the landscape.

Jim Cramer: We Can't Trade Like We're the 'Old' United States

That the market didn't plummet following the strikes on Saudi oil facilities shows big differences in our economy and reliance on foreign oil compared with just a decade ago.

I Certainly Won't Be Filling Up on BP

Chevron and Exxon Mobil appear more attractive than this stock right now, and the oil sector as a whole should be watched for at least the next couple days.

What Would It Take to Shake Up Market?

Despite big news headlines recently and the looming Fed rate decision, market players appear to show little emotion.

Expect More to Come Following Saudi Oil Attacks, but All Is Not Dire

I would add, but not aggressively, to energy holdings, following the developments in the Middle East and signs that the potential for the global economy is not as bad off as previously believed.

Nothing Wrong With Taking Some BP Profits Now, But...

Remember that 'gaps always fill,' and while I would avoid entering the name on Monday if you haven't already, here's how and why to look for a way in at the right time.

Let's See Whether Small-Cap Resurgence Continues

The Russell 2000 had a strong week last week, but whether smaller names can outperform their large-cap brethren going forward remains to be seen.

Oil Attack's Ripple Effects and the Case for Defense Stocks: Market Recon

The drone attacks on Saudi oil operations even could influence the Fed's thinking on inflation and rates.

Jim Cramer: Here Are the Real Winners and Losers From the Saudi Oil Attacks

Algorithmic traders, along with the Chinese and the Saudis, will feel the outcome of the oil attacks.

A Resilient Market Shrugs Off a Trio of Dramatic Events

The news on momentum stocks, bonds and oil has not roiled the market as many would expect.

Brent Oil Went Up on Saudi Attacks, But Where Does It Go Now?

The problem with the oil market is not one of supply, it is one of demand.

Market Tries Surfing a Sideways Chop

But the short-term overbought reading should lead to a market pullback, and that should be followed by another rally attempt.

Oil Is in a Hot Spot: 9 Ways to Generate High Yields in Energy

This weekend's attack on Saudi refineries adds one more variable to bolster prices.

Here's a Crude Idea: Price Is Sentiment

The risks around oil have changed with the drone strikes in Saudi Arabia -- but while disruption in supply should be easily absorbed by the rest of the market, sentiment changed before price.

Thick Skin for These Markets, Saudi Aramco IPO, Trading Zscaler: Market Recon

A market repricing...which are the 'true' growth stocks now?