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Oil's on the Front Burner, and It's Getting Overcooked

Let me show you with one simple chart why the moves in this energy commodity are overhyped.

My Energy for Energy Stocks Is Waning

There are several reasons why I am not nearly as optimistic about this area of the market as the fourth quarter begins.

I'm Watching the Relationship Between Semis and Energy -- And You Should Too

It's possible these are just blips, but along with the dollar, bonds, oil itself and the Transports, this is where my focus is.

This Market Faces a Lot of Problems, But the Fed Isn't One of Them

Nothing that Powell says this week should be earth-shattering, though he likely is continue to drive home his 'higher for longer' inflation-fighting message.

Weakest Week of the Year, Where Markets Stand, Whole Bunch of Ugly, Fed Meeting

The week following the September 'triple-witching' expirations event, which was this past Friday, is often the worst week for U.S. market performance for the entire year.

With So Much to Be Scared About, Why Isn't Everyone Scared?

The week after options expiration (this week) is a notorious one for the market. And that's just the half of it. Plus, what GM and UPS stock can tell us about strikes and stocks.

Will Occidental Petroleum Finally Make an Upside Breakout?

Let's see how convincing the charts look.

Economic Uncertainty Leads to a Muddled and Messy Market

While many economists are optimistic, some of the news hitting individuals is very sobering.

The Smart Money Might Finally Put Their Money Where Their Mouths Are on Oil

The spread between the market sentiment of industry insiders and the net long futures position held in crude oil is unsustainably wide.

What Are the Saudis Up to With Their Oil Production Cuts?

It's not just about supply as demand is the more important driver in today's market.

The Market Is Struggling to Discount Deteriorating Economic Conditions

Opportunities will develop, but it is going to take time to sort out the economic mess that is developing.

Fighting Inflation Will Be a Tough and Slow Grind

I see two scenarios playing out over the next few quarters.

Tom Lee: September Is Off to a Weak Start, But Key Data Are Still to Come

In terms of the inflation trajectory, it really is housing and autos that matter most. Bottoming of US PMIs strengthens the case for Industrials.

Debt Piles Up, Fed Hawks, Crude Oil Cutback, Germany's Economy, Markets

A survey of bankers forecasts that a total of $120B in new debt will hit this market for the month of September.

Economic Headwinds Are Swirling and a Dangerous September Is Lurking

One of the most worrisome things about this market is that the economic bulls are becoming so complacent.

Okta and My Favorite Energy ETF Are Set Up for Interesting Trades

One looks primed for a possible squeeze while the other is on the brink of a breakout.

OPEC Is Breaking This Wall Street Rule

Let's see what happens when the group of oil exporting nations decides to 'fight the Fed.' It won't be pretty.

Saudi Arabia Can Play Its Oil-Supply Game, but Demand Will Make the Rules

The Saudis may sugar coat a production cut as providing stability for the market, but here's what they fail to realize.

Mixed Inflation Signals, Treasury Bonds, China's Economy, Hot Oil, Week Ahead

It's still earnings season, and we do have some significant names reporting this week.

Keep a Close Eye on Oil for a Chance to Buy

A temporary selloff is likely, so the bulls should stay ready.

Support Is Holding, but the Risk of More Downside Is Building

One of the biggest negatives right now is seasonality, as August and September are typically the worst two months of the year.

China's Economic Woes, Crude Oil, Bond Auctions, Prime Day 2, Trading Lilly

Plus, Disney's ESPN agreed to a deal that would allow the brand name to be used by PENN Entertainment.

Here's Why Exxon and Chevron Shares Keep Rising

And why we keep reaping the benefits in our portfolios.

What Exactly Is Saudi Arabia Doing Extending Oil Production Cuts?

Perhaps they should remember a famous Wall Street adage.

The Future Is Here but I'm Not Rushing to Buy This Low-Cost Stock Just Yet

A look at a producer and distributor of renewable energy whose shares are trading below $10.

Here's My Plan to Invest in Exxon With an Assist From Chevron

XOM continues to execute at a high level, even if on the way down from temporarily inflated asset prices.

Looking for Energy Exposure? This Undiscovered Stock May Be What You Need

The four charts here look promising.

An Oil Discovery on Wall Street

It felt like investors suddenly found oil on Monday -- but is energy too hot?

Chevron Pre-Announces Earnings and Shakes Up Management: Here's the Trade

CVX is looking at performance in line to slightly better than the industry is looking at broadly.

Oil Analysts Need to Get With the Times

The oil market is very different today than what it was prior to 2012.