Kinross Gold's Charts Are Showing Lots of Upside Shine

It may be a good time to buy KGC on this return to strength.

Stay Calm and Stay Long the GLD Gold Shares ETF

The gold rally is still in early stages. The charts are saying to stay with it for the long haul.

Warren Buffett Shows Investors That Nothing Lasts Forever

With the $6 billion Japanese deal, Buffett, now 90, hasn't stayed away from venturing outside of America.

Tune in for a Golden Opportunity: Triggers for GLD, NFLX

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Buffett's Gold Move Shows Why We Must Be Willing to Change

Economic conditions change, investment opportunities evolve, and risk versus reward fluctuates.

A Gold Rush in Omaha?

Let's check out the charts of Barrick Gold, after news of Warren Buffett's investment in the company.

A Walk on the Wild Side, the Fed, Emerging Risk, Buffett's Gold: Market Recon

Markets are possibly fine until either growth or inflation force the Fed to change guidance on interest rates.

The Bearish Arguments Grow Louder but Bulls Refuse to Relent

Good stock picking continues as market participants shrug off a host of negatives.

The Gold-to-Silver Ratio Has Normalized, Nothing Left to See Here

The dips we are seeing might not be buying opportunities at proceed with caution.

Silver and Gold Should Be Hedges Against Uncertainty, Not an Investment

It's understandable why precious metals are in vogue in our Covid-19 world, but remember that their prices can turn on a dime.