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The Dollar and Interest Rates Are Taking Gold for a Ride

Here are the price levels to watch on the yellow metal, how seasonality is supportive now, and why what happens this week will be critical.

Treasury Capitulation Is a Necessary Evil

It is clear that interest rates are driving the ship, but that ship could be on the cusp of taking a major turn. If so, we can expect trend changes in other assets.

The Dollar Is Weighing Down Gold, but Here's the Good News for Investors

Let's see why the yellow metal has been so soft and what could cause it to firm up a bit.

It's Time for Newmont to Pan Out for Investors

Shares of the gold mining name have been showing improvement under the surface.

Are Investors Sleeping on Gold?

Here's why any potential significant dip in the price of the yellow metal in the coming weeks will likely prove to be attractive opportunities for gold bulls.

I Still Like This Gold ETF, but Prudence Calls for a Bit of Profit Taking

The fund has broken out over the last five trading session, and cashing in on some of those gains isn't the worst idea in the world.

Gold Finally Has Its Shining Moment

GLD breaks above a key technical threshold, so we'll see if the gold bulls can keep the momentum going.

The U.S. Dollar Is Tumbling: What's Next?

What does this mean for commodities and precious metals?

How Tech, Small-Caps and Gold Are Setting Up for Traders Right Now

Here's how to approach the QQQ, IWM and GLD as the second half of the year begins.

Let's See How 3 Popular ETFs Are Progressing as We Head Into a Holiday Week

It's a mixed bag for where these funds that cover homebuilders, gold and small-caps stand.

Think Small-Caps and Gold Look Bearish? Not So Fast...

There's an interesting setup comparison between IWM and GLD going on right now.

Here's How to Play What Could Be the Long-Awaited Bottom in Regional Banks

Wednesday's powerful move in a popular regional banking ETF may set it up for more gains to come.

Another Precious Metal Stock Is Emerging From a Base Pattern

Here's how to play this name very familiar to precious metals bulls.

Frigid PPI, Jobless Claims Climb, Money Market Mania, Charting Gold's Course

Plus, market participants ignore harbingers of recession for at least one day as stocks rise Thursday, though on muted volume.

There's Still Gold in Them Thar Hills

With the market spinning its wheels and waiting for a directional catalyst, here's how the QQQ, SPY and GLD are lining up.

How High Will Gold Fly?

Higher than it is now, especially if the U.S. dollar breaks to the downside.

Gold Soon May Take a Rest From Its Bull Run

The charts indicate the yellow metal could correct this month, though how much of a correction it would be is hard to pin down.

Will the U.S. Dollar Index Continue to Fade?

Let's check the charts to see if it can buck the current trend.

Endeavor Silver Shares Are Breaking Out on the Upside

Here's when to consider buying.

Put the Pedal to This Precious Metal Stock

To be or not B2Gold? Let's answer that question as this stock gets a quantitative upgrade.

I Trust This Silver Trust as the 'Poor Man's Gold' Starts Shining Again

The closed-end Sprott Physical Silver Trust is one way to gain exposure to the silver market.

As Gold Begins to Gain Some Luster, Here Are a Few Plays to Consider

They include ETFs as well as gold miners and royalty companies.

Here's an ETF That's as Good as Gold

Let's take a look at the charts and indicators.

Add This 'Best Idea' to Your Precious Metals Portfolio

Shares of this Canada-based company could rise more than 30% from here.

Here's an Investment That Could Shine in the Months Ahead

This one 'fits the bill.'

Gold Finally Steps Up to the Plate

For years the precious metal showed a lackluster performance, but not any more.

Why It's Gold for the Win -- And How You Can Profit

The banking crisis is just adding fuel to the move higher in gold that was already taking place.

The Markets Are Flashing Yellow -- as in the Precious Yellow Metal

Let's see why gold is shining brightly as a diversifier.

10 'Precious' Gold and Silver Stocks, ETFs for Your Portfolio

Experts are optimistic that better days lie ahead for precious metals.

Wheaton Precious Metals Could Double Over the Long Term

Buyers of the precious metals company's stock have been more aggressive than sellers for a few months.