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15 Ways to Invest in Gold

You can't print gold. You can't devalue it. It is always a good idea to have some gold in your portfolio.

It's Time to Diversify Away From Financial Assets to Hard Assets

Powell and Mnuchin have created a bubble in their response to the Covid-19 crisis. It's difficult to see one when inside one.

Seabridge Gold Is Ready to Climb Much Higher

The charts and indicators of SA are bullish.

Gold Continues to Shine With Historic Highs in Sight and No Speculative Frenzy

The spot market is above the $1,800 threshold.

How Will Gold's Mighty Rally Pan Out This Time? Here's a Trading Strategy

If you are confused about what to do with prices above $1,800, you aren't alone.

Don't Wait for Round Numbers to Go Long the Gold Miners ETF

The miners have been leading gold prices for a long time.

China's Kingold Jewelry Allegedly Used Fake Gold to Secure Huge Loans

Lenders to the Nasdaq-listed jewelry maker reportedly have discoverd that 83 tons of gold used to borrow billions appear to be copper alloy bars.

There's Quite a Bit of Random Action in Small-Caps Today

The market trend is up and that's all that matters in the short term.

Mining for Gold on Newmont's Charts

A new technical strategy for NEM shares.

Jim Cramer: What's Normalcy in This Country?

We're cheering what may be an aberration, a bullish employment number. We'll take what it brings - a wholesale shift in what we're buying and what we're selling to fund it.

How and Where to Invest In a World Like This

There is no doubt we will be entering a period of hyper- or stagflation. Buy commodities, but be choosy.

The Trend Is Higher in Gold, but the Downside Risk Is Substantial

Those looking to either remain long or get long the precious metal from these levels should do so in a skeptical manner.

The Return of the Day Traders

What is interesting for traders is the increased movement in some of these secondary stocks.

Add Glitter to Your Portfolio With These 10 Gold Stocks

These gold-related names are a great hedge against tail risk amid Covid-19.

Let's Mine for Opportunities in Newmont Corp.

I'm not a fan of catching a falling knife, but I see some intriguing aspects on the daily view of Newmont.

A Balanced Portfolio Gives You the Best Chance of Success

Consider spreading your risk in the following 5 ways.

Wheaton Precious Metals Could Be Set for an Historic Breakout

Let's review the charts and indicators.

The Gold and Gold Mining Group Is Acting as a Safe Haven

My overall market thesis is that a trading range will develop but the indices are still hunting to find support.

The Gold-to-Silver Ratio Suggests Silver Is a Long-Term Bargain

The silver market appears to be a place speculators should look to get bullish on dips in anticipation of firmer prices.

5 Gold Mining Stocks With the Strongest Relative Performance

Investors should consider exposure to gold through some of the biggest and best-performing gold mining stocks. Here's a starting point.

I'm Taking a Shine to Gold Miner Franco-Nevada: How to Play the Stock

Technical analysis and strategy on FNV.

5 Leading Experts Make the Case for Gold

Gold has always been, and still is the world's favorite safe haven.

Watching Setups in the June Gold Contract

Looking out for a resumption of the rally in Gold. Let's see if the bullish pattern continues.

This Is Now a Market Ripe for Some 'Repositioning'

If you are holding substantial longs, the prudent move is to reduce risk into the strength and look for another entry point down the road.

10 Ways to Invest in Gold

You do not want to wait until it is clear the market has turned before buying.

Bonds: We Are in a Brave New World

Given recent actions, the way we view fixed income may be changed forever.

Timing a Tradable Low in the Gold Market

Price support and Fibonacci timing cycles suggest a gold bounce is due in the next time window.

I Think It's Time to Start Considering Dipping Your Toes Long

I'm still not sure a bottom is in play in the market yet, but I do feel like we have the setup for a bounce.

Panicked Selling Even Strikes the Gold Market

GLD longs should protect their positions right now.

Good News for Gold Bugs

When markets become excessively volatile, it's a good idea to look at charts from a longer-term perspective.