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The Smart Money Might Finally Put Their Money Where Their Mouths Are on Oil

The spread between the market sentiment of industry insiders and the net long futures position held in crude oil is unsustainably wide.

What Are the Saudis Up to With Their Oil Production Cuts?

It's not just about supply as demand is the more important driver in today's market.

As Crude Prices Surge, Let's 'Check the Oil' on This Energy ETF

The stock has recently produced a bullish golden cross buy signal.

The Economist Who Cried Recession

The villagers ultimately lost their flock because they didn't listen when they should have.

Should We Start Shopping Amid This Summer Slump?

Liquidity is still abundant, and the pre-election year timing is favorable, so let's see whether we should buy the dip -- and make a trading strategy for the season.

Doug Kass: Why a 2023 Stock Market Top Has Likely Already Been Established

I remain negative on stocks and am raising the probability that we have already seen a top in the S&P 500.

China's Economic Woes, Crude Oil, Bond Auctions, Prime Day 2, Trading Lilly

Plus, Disney's ESPN agreed to a deal that would allow the brand name to be used by PENN Entertainment.

What Exactly Is Saudi Arabia Doing Extending Oil Production Cuts?

Perhaps they should remember a famous Wall Street adage.

Correction Conundrum: Traders Want a Pullback, But Will They Buy It?

Let's look at the call for a pullback, the confounding consensus view that commodities are hot but inflation is not, and energy and biotech.

Are Investors Sleeping on Gold?

Here's why any potential significant dip in the price of the yellow metal in the coming weeks will likely prove to be attractive opportunities for gold bulls.

Here's My Plan to Invest in Exxon With an Assist From Chevron

XOM continues to execute at a high level, even if on the way down from temporarily inflated asset prices.

Southern Copper Continues to Head North and So Do Our Price Targets

Copper prices are still well below their February highs but SCCO just made a new 52-week high. What gives?

Oil Analysts Need to Get With the Times

The oil market is very different today than what it was prior to 2012.

A Chart That Can't Be Ignored

Why does the U.S. dollar exert so much influence on commodities, stocks, and bonds? Let me show you.

You Should Pocket More Than Spare Change on This Nickel Play

Let's check BHP Group Limited's charts after the hype over Glencore's deal with automakers.

Investors May Very Well Be Blindsided by China

As the days go by and China's data gets even more deflationary, the hopes of a second half recovery look ever dimmer.

Batten Down the Hatches: This Market Can Quickly Go From Risk-On to Risk-Off

Rising interest rates will hit every company, and with the yield curve still massively inverted, those impacts are magnified.

What If China Can't 'Lend' the World a Hand?

As the market is close to new highs, the U.S. economy is going through a severe lending crisis, and if China is not able to recover as everyone wants it to, then we'll have a whole new problem.

It May Be Brazil's Turn to Separate the Wheat from the Chaff

As South American farmers give the U.S. a run for its money, here's why investors, growers and policymakers might soon learn there's more than a 'grain' of truth to the saying, Complacency kills.

Why Isn't Shell Giving Us Any Clear Technical Signals?

Let's delve into the charts and indicators.

Is Something 'Fishy' Going on in the Soybean Market?

Let's check the charts -- and look back to the anchovy collapse of the 1970s.

I Don't See Greener Pastures Ahead for Cattle Futures

As cattle futures have stampeded to a new all-time high, I'm getting flashbacks -- here's why and how to position your portfolio.

Here's How Investors Can Get in on Soaring Uranium Prices

The charts of this fund are giving off a positive glow.

OPEC: To Cut or Not to Cut Production?

Oil market dynamics in 2023 are a far cry from what was seen in 2022.

EQT Could Rally on Latest Natural Gas Prices

Let's check the charts and indicators.

A Weak and Sluggish Dollar Is Good News for the S&P 500 and Commodities

If the dollar index melts through support, the path of least resistance for most U.S.-denominated assets will be higher.

If Copper Is the Go-To Metal in a Clean Energy World, Why Is Its Price Stagnant?

Perhaps it's because demand at present, especially from China, isn't all that strong as the world braces for a recessionary environment.

Hey OPEC, Who Is Saying 'Ouch' Now?

OPEC members must be scratching their heads wondering why oil is collapsing after they took about 1 million barrels per day out of the market.

Forget 'Sell in May and Go Away,' There's a More Common S&P 500 Pattern Now

We always cringe when everyone has the same expectations.

First Quantum Minerals' Charts Are Bending Upward

Let's see if this Canadian copper stock can make a leap forward.