Jim Cramer: Short Sellers Are Coming Up Short

Much of Tuesday's rally is on the backs of hedge funds who -- poorly positioned for the Wuhan coronavirus -- started shorting virus-related stocks right into Friday.

Market Players Afraid of Missing Out on the Upside

This is not a market acting like it is fearful of a sudden collapse.

Takeaways From These Markets, Oil Is a Bear, Gambling on Tesla: Market Recon

I don't think any of the takeaways have to do with the political mess in Iowa, nor the 'State of the Union' address scheduled for Tuesday night.

Here's a 'Safe' Place in a Time of Uncertainty

Locked away from travel and China, Webster Financial still fell on Friday, creating an opportunity for investors.

Taking Stock of the Coronavirus Threat

How bad could this get and how should investors should respond? Let's take a step back to find out.

In the Markets, 'It's Always Something!' Isn't It?

While there's panic now over the coronavirus, when the news comes that the crisis is over, money will come back in.

Coronavirus Triggers a Buying Opportunity

My first trading move in February will be to do some buy-write orders Monday using just out of the money call options on the Energy Select Sector SPDR ETF.

Coronavirus Continues to Slow Economic Activity, Trading 7 Stocks: Market Recon

How will Chinese demand for goods and services as well as dramatically reduced Chinese production impact U.S. corporate performance?

Chinese Stocks Plummet as Retail Investors Run Scared

Hong Kong stocks surprisingly advanced a bit on Monday, but many stocks in mainland markets sold off by the 10% maximum.

Real Money Post Industrial Average Leads, but Coronavirus Adds Uncertainty

RMPIA ended January up 0.8%, but now the damage from the Wuhan virus is weighing on the future.