Foot Locker Strikes Out, but Wait, There's More

Today's reaction is not only about China, or the missed expectations... it's also about lowered guidance for profitability.

Will Buyers Load Up on Positions in Front of a Long Weekend?

I don't see a lot of reason to trust there will be sustained upside action at this point.

Foot Locker Stock Slumps as First Quarter Earnings Fall Short

FL's sneakers aren't selling up to expectations.

Will an Oversold Bounce Into a Long Weekend Attract Sustained Buying?

The action we are seeing is very similar to what occurred back on May 13 and 14.

Jim Cramer: Trump and Xi Are the Best of Frenemies

Don't buy any upbeat presidential tweets, the likelihood of a trade deal is receding fast.

Jim Cramer: This Market May Have to Go Down a Great Deal More Than It Has

Why have things gotten so grim? Oh, let me count the ways.

Novice Trade: Apple

This is a play on a long-term, not a short-term directional trade I normally like.

For Tesla, China Offers as Many Challenges as Opportunities

Musk's move into China faces pressing macro concerns.

Binge Watching Survivor to Understand President Trump

China trade is the president's 'immunity idol.'

I Like Best Buy but Would Wait to Buy the Stock

This is not the worst stock to own in my opinion, and may be worthy of a small purchase on a discount on a different day.