Wuhan Virus Doctor's Death Demonstrates Leadership Downfall

Investors should continue to be suspicious of any rally in Asian shares, and beware false dawns from official Chinese figures that the WARS epidemic is under control.

Don't Chicken Out on Tyson Foods

Tyson is in a great position to have an outlier second half of 2020 as greater clarity develops on China.

Let's Test a Plausible Market Theory About the Coronavirus' Impact

Some believe small-cap stocks that are less exposed to business overseas should outperform large-cap stocks now; let's check the charts and see.

I'm Not Really Sure of Anything Regarding Tesla's Stock These Days

The shares remain wildly overvalued and you should not buy them.

The Easy Trade Isn't Always the Smartest

Betting that the indexes can't continue to run higher makes sense, but...

They're Not Doctors, but They Play One When Trading

There is no way economic costs won't be felt from the coronavirus, but stocks are acting like the economy is booming.

Even if the Market Is Irrational That Doesn't Mean It Won't Go Higher

The current market action presents a dilemma for investors.

Jim Cramer: The Sellers Just Won't Come Out

On the one hand and on the other... back and forth goes the market.

A Two-Day Rally in Chinese Markets That Can't Be Believed

Investors in Asia appear to be clinging to the hopes of stimulus flooding China's markets. But with one-third of WARS cases outside the epicenter, the new coronavirus threatens to get out of control.

Uncertainties Remain After Tuesday's Rally

With the coronavirus worries shunted suddenly, and maybe even unjustifiably, there was no place for stocks to go but up -- but let's see if the trend continues.