5 Global Stock Plays on Electric and Self-Driving Vehicles

What makes Nio interesting is its huge potential, likelihood of favorable attention from the Chinese government, and its influential investors.

Hot Trade War Transitions Into a Long, Cold Peace With Friday's Talks

Both the United States and China want their trade war to end, but that hardly would mean the end of trade tensions between the two nations.

No Reason to Bail on Nike After Basketball Sneaker Blunder

Analysts and investors aren't overly concerned about Nike's Duke debacle.

There's No Reason to Blow Last Night's Duke-Nike Story Out of Proportion

I'm more interested in how NKE continues to perform in China along with the current technical picture on the weekly chart.

I Continue to Like the Stock Picking Opportunities in This Market

It is never a bad idea to take some partial profits when you have the opportunity.

A Market That's Neither Black nor White Baffles Participants

The market is in a grey area as technical conditions suggest a pullback would be in order but hopes of a trade deal with China prevent aggressive selling.

Walmart Stock Closes at Highest Level Since Mid-November After Earnings Beat

Walmart was a big winner on earnings.

Macro Movements Mean a Great Deal for Walmart

Walmart's widening focus across the globe necessitates a widened focus from investors.

Walmart Soars Over the Century Mark on Strong Earnings

Walmart is firing on all cylinders in the U.S., in store and online.

Hope of a China Trade Deal Is Still Providing Strong Market Support

Market players are still looking to put capital to work and are focusing more on sectors and individual stocks than straight index plays.