Jim Cramer: Here's Why This Market's Headed to the Clouds

As the Wuhan coronavirus shakes up the global economy and growth outlook for China, there seems to be only one theme that's resonating right now.

Coronavirus Data, Chinese Tourism and Supply Chains

During SARS, China was 75% less important to the global economy than it is today.

There's a Worm in the Apple

And it's called the coronavirus, which is throwing uncertainty into how to trade -- or not -- this name.

Could We Be Past the Peak in Coronavirus Cases?

The PBOC is taking measures to make sure the economy is insulated from any long-lasting effects from the virus slowdown. But how much ammunition does China really have?

'Parasite' and 'Contagion': Must-Watch Movies and China Investment Themes

Here in greater China, we are staying home and binge-watching dramas, ordering everything we can online. 'Parasite's' best-movie Oscar is a victory for Asia at a time it's looking for winners.

Apple Traders and Investors Must Decide What Time Frame They're Focused On

Some short-term traders may be sellers of Apple based on its charts, but it is hard to make the technical case for a meaningful correction or pullback.

Jim Cramer: Bernie Sanders Is China's Worst Economic Nightmare

I know it seems odd when President Trump says Xi is a great friend. But maybe it shouldn't be.

Threats to the Marketplace, Dollar Demand, Upcoming Alibaba Earnings

China-based Alibaba reports quarterly performance Thursday morning. While one might think that an e-commerce type operation could do well in a quarantined environment, it's not quite that easy.

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Hyster-Yale saw its share price fall on Friday on fear over the coronavirus, but it now has lots to gain.

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Let's check out the latest charts and indicators of YUMC.