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Bears Have the Edge on Wednesday

I've been a net seller but I have added a few things.

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I continue to be of the view that 2018 marked the beginning of the end of the 10-year Bull Market.

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Jim Cramer: The Semiconductors Break Out

It's the group to buy every time you hear that trade talks might falter simply because it has much more going for it than just China or cellphones.

China and Biotech Stocks Are Running Hot

If you are an index trader it is a tough call, but for stock-pickers it remains a very good trading market.

Chinese Stocks Race Into Bull Territory on Trillion-Yuan Trading

With tariffs pushed back indefinitely and talks set this weekend between Donald Trump and Xi Jinping, trading was frenzied on Chinese exchanges.

U.S./China Trade Deal, Fed's Powell Goes to Congress, HD Earnings: Market Recon

In the end, everything really boils down to growth, or at least setting the stage for increased growth.