Market Winning Streaks, Pretty Darned Hawkish, China Rate Cut, The Week Ahead

The market is especially susceptible to the onslaught of Fed speakers that now come our way. Once they open the cage and let them run wild, these markets will react.

Japan's Nikkei Doubles From Pandemic Lows, Giving Buffett Boost

Big-cap Tokyo stocks are leading the charge as investors rotate out of China, where interest rates are being cut, and into Japan.

Will the 14.4% Rally in Chinese Property Shares Continue?

There are multiple warnings -- the latest coming from Goldman Sachs -- that the June rally in Chinese real-estate developers may be getting ahead of reality on the ground.

Bull Market Baloney, Eurozone in Recession, Squeeze Plays, Arming Ukraine

Plus, a report says the Chinese will pay Cuba billions to set up an eavesdropping station on the island.

These 11 Chinese Property Stocks Risk Deadly Delisting

Beware Chinese property stocks that have turned into penny shares, since their trading price could force a disastrous delisting.

Service Sector Driving Sentiment in Japan and China

Japan's service sector is growing at a record rate, according to recent data, while services are also the saving grace in China, where manufacturing has begun to lag.

Hong Kong Leader Unable to Say If It's Legal to Remember Tiananmen Massacre

Investor uncertainty is mounting in China as 'red lines' shift on Communist Party sand.

With China's Economy Showing Signs of Softening, Here's How I'd Play the FXI

I believe in the old saying that 'news follows the tape.'

China Trumpets Elon Musk's Trip as Stocks, Economic Data Disappoint

Chinese stocks are approaching bear territory, with the Hong Kong market at its lows for the year as Telsa's CEO gets the star treatment in Beijing and Shanghai.

Cautious Market, Debt Bill, Struggling Economy, Oil Prices, China PMI

Plus, HP expects to have PCs with a built in AI program available by 2024.