The Easy Trade Was Too Easy to Work

It looked like the play on Monday morning was to cover shorts and buy into a big gap-down open, but then President Trump tweeted about China and the dynamics changed.

U.S.-China Trade War: Things Will Get Worse Before They Get Better

I start this week in risk-off mode and want to sell every rally in risk.

Jim Cramer: A Cold War With China Is Worth Avoiding

I wish I could say buy this dip. But the dip is one that's not necessarily going to have an ending today.

Trump's Trade Tweets Thump the Market

The Chinese purposely timed their response to occur in front of Powell's speech to create as much market disruption as possible.

Broader Market Drags Affecting Salesforce Could Drive Buying Opportunity

CRM shouldn't be sagging with the broader tech sector.

Hong Kong's Richest Man Follows the Pound and Political Chaos to Britain

Is Li Ka-shing being unpatriotic by selling down assets in China and redeploying the capital in Britain?

Doctor Copper Confirms the Global Economic Slowdown

Freeport-McMoRan is always going to be my first call on the health of copper.

Will China's Tariff Retaliation Bust Market Support Levels?

Resistance levels were tested again but failed to breach to the upside.

Jim Cramer: The Economic Worldview of a Recession Deserves a Hearing

The Fed has more than enough reason to be preemptive in a way it's never been, preemptively positive.

Nordstrom Continues Run as Retail Optimism Accelerates

Nordstrom is turning the ship around from its 52 week lows. As retail foments its rift, is the company now a winner?