Burlington Stores Stock Surges on Earnings Beat, Guidance

Burlington stock is bouncing big after a big earnings beat, capitalizing on the chaos in the retail sector.

Bears Have a Point, But Timing Is Everything

The bear argument has seldom been more obvious and the challenges facing the market are clear, but trying to predict what will happen is futile --so just be ready to act.

Why Bulls Are Raising Targets on Okta Into Earnings

Here's why Okta could accelerate, and what could derail the optimism.

Market of Misery

With China trade, Fed and slowdown worries already in the mix, the inverted-yield curve news offered no comfort to investors Tuesday.

Cash Looks Better and Better in This Market

With no positive news on China trade, the economy or the Fed, the dreary action on Tuesday makes for miserable stock picking.

Dull the Day May Be, Better Stay Ready to React

Watch how the action develops from here and stay ready to move accordingly -- surprise news could to determine how the market breaks out of its current trading range.

Jim Cramer: For Trump, Trade War's a Zero-Sum Game

This is going to be a long slog as the president thinks the longer he holds out for a deal with China, the better -- so get used to more selloffs.

Trump's Tough Talk Tanks Asian Markets

Uncertainty spreads as it's never clear what the U.S. president will say or tweet next in the tariff spat with China.

Trade War's End Looks Increasingly Elusive

President Donald Trump claims that China wants to 'make a deal,' but it's hard to see how that would happen any time soon.

Game of Retail Roulette Continues

A cornucopia of specialty retailers took it on the chin on Friday after the group showed signs of life on Thursday.