Brazil's Consumers Are a Natural Target for China Inc

Buying a country ETF like Brazil's EWZ is a good way to play that.

Australia Reportedly Faces Secret Trade Ban by China

Beijing appears to be punishing Australia over its calls for an investigation into the coronavirus by imposing a ban on several categories of Aussie goods.

Alibaba: Buy, Sell, or Hold?

The risks of ownership have gone up.

Last-Minute Ant IPO Suspension Is a Communist Show of Strength

Despite gaining regulatory approval, it's a message to management that it only operates at the behest of the Communist Party.

Cult of Xi at Center of China's New Self-Sufficiency Plan

China's new five-year plan and 15-year goals chart a course to developing a home-grown tech industry.

Dr. Copper Is Seeing China Right Now

While traditionally a gauge of global health, copper is now weighted toward the Chinese economy.

Red Monday, Virus Rattles Market, Political Picture, Aerospace & Defense Stocks

This is a major earnings week, electoral risk is real, the virus is already slowing velocity, and the cavalry (fiscal policy) is not coming. Sometimes, circling the wagons is not the worst idea.

U.S. Investors Could Be Shut Out from Third Blockbuster IPO

TikTok's parent reportedly is looking to list the Chinese version of its app in Hong Kong, with U.S. investors also missing out on Ant Group's initial public offering.

Volkswagen Is Fast Becoming Tesla's Biggest Competitor

As a car guy, let me tell you that Volkswagen is already there.

Five Asian 5G Tech Stocks to Watch

Apple's new iPhone points the way forward with 5G, which caught on first in Asia. So, investors should look to these five stocks.